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Casey Lavere Butler's Personal Details

Casey Lavere Butler is a famous American web personality and famous video blogger

BirthdayJuly 27, 1981
FamousVloggers, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
SpousesKayli Butler
SiblingsShay Carl
Birth PlaceLogan, Utah, USA
FatherCarl Butler
MotherLaurie Butler
Sun SignLeo
Born inLogan, Utah, USA
Famous asYouTuber, vlogger

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Who is Casey Lavere Butler?

Casey Lavere Butler is a famous American web personality and famous video blogger. His web properties have an estimated value of $103 bn. Second of the four Butler siblings, Casey is the younger brother of internet sensation, Shay Carl. His other two younger siblings are Carli and Logan Butler. While all the Butler siblings are very popular in the YouTube video bloggers community, his elder brother Shay Carl tops the popularity charts with a combined subscriber base of 5 million. Casey and wife Kayli, on the other hand, have over 50,000 subscribers on their YouTube channels - CaseyLavere and HeyKayli respectively.Casey owns two immensely popular video channels on YouTube. His first channel streams day-to-day vlogs of the Casey Lavere family and has received 163,479,725 views till date. The second channel Hushin was launched in 2011, and streams videos of Casey and friends hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure trips. Casey also posts videos on how to cook game meat on this channel. The channel has 166,763 active subscribers and 28,543,521 views so far.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Believe it or not, before becoming a mainstream YouTube personality, Casey was a humble steel mill worker but his love for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities never dipped. However, the idea of monetizing his passion for the rugged outdoor escapades did not come till 2009 when he launched his first YouTube “caseylavere”. Casey was introduced to YouTube by brother, Shay Carl Butler, who encouraged him to post videos of his family online.

Launched in 2009, Casey’s family videos of “the daily life in of a Midwest family” instantly struck a chord with many Americans. In a matter of years, his channel became popular and has 661k subscribers with over 163 million views till now.

While ‘caseylavere’ was a self-started channel, Hushin was founded by Casey and his 2 friends, Eric Chesser & Brian McElrea, who share Casey’s passion for hunting, fishing and cooking game meat. The trio’s quest for the search of antelope and elk in New Mexico was an instant hit amongst their subscribers. Hushin currently has 166,663 subscribers and 28,514,392 views. In addition to the outdoor videos, Casey also posts many How-to Videos about hunting and cooking game (meat).

So, if you are an amateur seeking to learn the tricks of hunting or a pro looking for some advanced information and skills, or a simply someone who loves his game meat; Hushin is the channel to subscribe to.

Launched in 2011, Hushin released its first full length movie titled #HUSHLIFE in 2016. The 90-minute film is a visual treat for those who love nature, adventure and hunting. The movie, takes its viewers through a picturesque journey of camping in the mid-west. From setting up camp in some of the most unexplored terrains, this movie leaves all adventure buffs reeling for more. Besides being a famous and busy video blogger, Casey is a successful entrepreneur. He has founded and co-owns the popular brands like Casey LaVere, HUSH, Trixin Clothing Co.

Controversies & Scandals

Although Casey and Kayli have been known to be doting parents who believe in nurturing family ties, the couple did receive some flak for encouraging their children to pick up guns, learn shooting with high-caliber rifles, at a very early age. The Butlers were accused of exposing their children to something as deadly and dangerous as shooting rifles and guns. In defense, Casey’s wife Kayli said that they have been very responsible and respectful of guns. As put by Kayli, a lot of things happening around the world should not be happening in the first place. Casey and Kayli have always maintained that they have never exposed their children to violent video games where killing a fellow human being, is a mark of success.

Casey maintained that hunting & fishing has been a family tradition that he inherited as a child and will pass on to his children. According to Casey, these shooting sessions are more of a constructive, fun and family bonding exercise. It is further known that this Butler family keeps around 12 guns inside the house, which is kept unloaded and locked inside a glass case, safe and out of reach from the children. The Butler kids already know that it is not an item of play. No wonder even 8 year Brailee, who owned a shooting rifle from the age of 4, reiterates her parent’s sentiments. Brailee said she and her siblings never thought of using their guns without the supervision or permission of their parents.

Behind the Curtains

Born on 27th July 1981 in Logan, Utah, Casey Lavere Butler is the second of the four children of Carl and Laurie Butler. His other siblings are Shay Carl (Shaytards), Carli, Logan. Casey married his long time sweetheart, Kayli, and they have been living in Utah since 2009. They have 4 children - Brailee (12 yrs) Gage (9 yrs), Winston (3 yrs), Layla (1 yr)

Casey spent his growing years in Phoenix, Arizona. Soon after graduation, he moved to Pocatello, Idaho.

Casey spent his childhood growing up in Logan (Utah) and Phoenix (Arizona) while Carl Butler was studying for a degree in electrical engineering. The family soon moved to Pocatello (Idaho) thereafter. It was here that Casey developed an interest in something every mid-westner American does; hunting and fishing.

He married his long-time sweetheart, Kayli Butler on 16th August 2003, after a courtship of 3 years and moved to LA in 2005. However, after spending a few years in LA, Casey and Kayli decided to move back to Idaho, where Casey and his elder brother Shay’s families currently reside. They couple felt more “at home” being near to the forests, mountains and rivers.

Though his exact earnings through YouTube is not known, it has helped him buy a 300-acre ranch in Idaho. His entrepreneurial ventures also definitely contribute to his net earnings. Casey is also known to contribute to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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Casey Lavere Butler's FAQ

  • What is Casey Lavere Butler birthday?

    Casey Lavere Butler was born at 1981-07-27

  • Where is Casey Lavere Butler's birth place?

    Casey Lavere Butler was born in Logan, Utah, USA

  • What is Casey Lavere Butler nationalities?

    Casey Lavere Butler's nationalities is American

  • Who is Casey Lavere Butler spouses?

    Casey Lavere Butler's spouses is Kayli Butler

  • Who is Casey Lavere Butler siblings?

    Casey Lavere Butler's siblings is Shay Carl

  • Who is Casey Lavere Butler's father?

    Casey Lavere Butler's father is Carl Butler

  • Who is Casey Lavere Butler's mother?

    Casey Lavere Butler's mother is Laurie Butler

  • What is Casey Lavere Butler's sun sign?

    Casey Lavere Butler is Leo

  • How famous is Casey Lavere Butler?

    Casey Lavere Butler is famouse as YouTuber, vlogger

  • What is Casey Lavere Butler's facebook?

    Casey Lavere Butler's facebook is

  • What is Casey Lavere Butler's twitter?

    Casey Lavere Butler's twitter is

  • What is Casey Lavere Butler's youtube?

    Casey Lavere Butler's youtube is

  • What is Casey Lavere Butler's instagram?

    Casey Lavere Butler's instagram is