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Carter Reynolds's Personal Details

Carter Reynolds is a huge Vine star and YouTube personality

BirthdayMay 24, 1996
FamousVine Star, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, Viners, YouTubers
  • Jimmy C. Draughn High School
Birth PlaceNorth Carolina
FatherJerimie Reynolds
MotherJeanie Reynolds
Sun SignGemini
Born inNorth Carolina
Famous asVine Star, YouTuber

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Who is Carter Reynolds?

Carter Reynolds is a well-known American Social Media Personality, YouTuber and Vine Star most popular for his Vine videos. This teenage cute guy with the boy-next-door looks shot to fame for his Vine videos and as a member of ‘Magcon’. He specially executed a Twitter follower campaign, #CarterTo200k, which aided him to garner 200,000 followers by January 2014 and within four months the count reached one million. His Vine account ‘Mr_Carterr’ has over 4.6 million followers. He left ‘Magcon’ in April 2014 and after a couple of months launched ‘The Carter Tour’. That year he started dating fellow video star Maggie Lindemann but broke up later. Everything seemed to be hunky-dory in his glorious life until June 2015 when the meteoric rise of Reynolds received a jolt when he and Lindemann came to national spotlight following a scandal that erupted after a private sex video of the two surfaced on Tumblr. He was highly condemned for his action in the video. He later apologised for such action and although he did not lose much of his fan following, the fact remains that he has a long way to go winning back the hearts!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

He shot to fame for his Vine videos and as a member of ‘Magcon’ that stands for ‘Meet and Greet Convention’, a tour or convention of Vine famous boys that was created in 2013 by Bart Bordelon. Reynolds would travel to cities across the county with the convention and meet thousands of fans who would die to get a glimpse of and meet their favourite Vine stars. His videos that mostly fascinated young girls primarily consist of wacky and goofy stuffs that display his humorous and playful side as also his friendship with fellow Vine stars. He soon climbed up the popularity chart with leaps and bounds evident from the incredible count of 4.6 million of his Vine followers, more than 3.3 million followers in his Instagram account and 2.5 million followers in his Twitter account.

His rise eventually made him sign contracts with big companies to promote their products. By 2014 he was getting big bucks from companies like Coca-Cola, Aeropostale, Audible and Airheads for sponsored ad deals on YouTube and Vine. He was also getting a lucrative pay from Magcon Tour. The Magcon Tour tickets would range from $32 for general tickets to $150 for VIP tickets that gave fans chance to get a position in the front row and also an opportunity to take selfies with their stars. He along with Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier and Nash Grier left ‘Magcon’ in April 2014 and after a couple of months he started ‘The Carter Tour’. The tour that also featured other stars like Maggie Lindemann and Alyssa Shouse would charge $75 for VIP tickets. ‘DigiTour Media’ that produced the first social media tour of the world also invited Reynolds to be part of their ‘DigiFest’ along with other renowned Vine stars like Matt Espinosa and Lohanthy among others.

Beyond Fame

In early 2014 he met Maggie Lindemann, a fellow Vine star and talented singer and songwriter who by that time had garnered around 200,000 fans on Instagram. Gradually they started dating and it is a known fact that fans were only too eager to have a sneak peak on the lives of these star love birds. Eventually the two started posting their selfies together at Coachella and also produced and posted YouTube videos to share with their fans. One such video showcased them kissing each other.

The duo broke up much to the dismay of their fans, which came to light in December 2014. The fans were so much upset that many accused Lindemann for such breakup and some even sent her death threats. The two reunited in March 2015 only to breakup after a couple of months. Although in today’s world social media fame is a big thing for any star and sharing personal drama with fans has also become a fashion, but if not handled with care and sensibility it might turn detrimental for one’s career. The same happened with Reynolds when a private video of the two stars was leaked. From the video it seemed that he was trying to force Lindemann to undergo oral sex with him, while he was filming it. He was severely condemned and many even tagged him as ‘rapist.’ Reynolds apologised for such action in writing to his Twitter followers who numbered more than 2.38 million at that time. However he again got involved in a heated spat with Lindemann on Twitter. He not only lost contracts of the companies he campaigned for but also some of his fans.

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Carter Reynolds's FAQ

  • What is Carter Reynolds birthday?

    Carter Reynolds was born at 1996-05-24

  • Where is Carter Reynolds's birth place?

    Carter Reynolds was born in North Carolina

  • What is Carter Reynolds nationalities?

    Carter Reynolds's nationalities is American

  • Who is Carter Reynolds siblings?

    Carter Reynolds's siblings is Kealia

  • What was Carter Reynolds universities?

    Carter Reynolds studied at Jimmy C. Draughn High School

  • How tall is Carter Reynolds?

    Carter Reynolds's height is 173

  • Who is Carter Reynolds's father?

    Carter Reynolds's father is Jerimie Reynolds

  • Who is Carter Reynolds's mother?

    Carter Reynolds's mother is Jeanie Reynolds

  • What is Carter Reynolds's sun sign?

    Carter Reynolds is Gemini

  • How famous is Carter Reynolds?

    Carter Reynolds is famouse as Vine Star, YouTuber

  • What is Carter Reynolds's facebook?

    Carter Reynolds's facebook is

  • What is Carter Reynolds's twitter?

    Carter Reynolds's twitter is

  • What is Carter Reynolds's youtube?

    Carter Reynolds's youtube is

  • What is Carter Reynolds's instagram?

    Carter Reynolds's instagram is