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Brittany Furlan's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Brittany Furlan, the famous Vine Personality; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriend, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdaySeptember 5, 1986
FamousSocial Media Stars, Viners, YouTubers
Birth PlacePhiladelphia, USA
Sun SignVirgo
Born inPhiladelphia, USA
Famous asViner

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Who is Brittany Furlan?

Brittany Furlan is one of the most popular Viners of this generation with almost 10 million followers to her credit. Now, when tons have made a career out of this 6-second app, Brittany has made a career and fortune of a lifetime with most of her videos crossing the four million views mark. With utterly hilarious-yet-awkwardly-relatable sketches, her videos were bound to strike a chord among the viewers! Furlan’s stardom isn’t confined to the walls of Vine, she is also quite the star on other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Her ingenious video content creativity has been the talk of the town for a while now, and looking at the pace at which she’s rising, fame is here to stay! This is your cue to go on and fall in love with her top-notch sketches. You’re welcome!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

For Brittany Furlan, the golden ticket to fame came in the form of a casting director during a usual night out with friends. After being offered roles in television shows, Furlan stepped into the world of glam by appearing on ‘Reality Hell’, and ‘Prank My Mom.’ It was then that she realized just how much she loved comedy sketches and hoped that one day she could create her own comedy sketches. Enter ‘Vine’ that later went on to change her world for the better! Miss Furlan grabbed this opportunity and decided to try her hand at the 6-second video app, uploading her own humor-induced relatable sketches. And before long, she found herself in a cloud of fame. Now with almost 10 million followers on Vine, Brittany Furlan is one of the most followed Viners and was declared the most influential person on the internet by ‘Time’s Magazine’ in 2015. It’s no shocker that Brittany found such great favor in the eyes of her viewers; her Vines generally range between highly relatable situations and over-the-top dramatic scenarios that one can’t help but laugh out loud. Brittany’s most popular Vines like ‘Me the whole month of October’, and ‘Pop singer tries to hide from killer’ have gotten over a whopping 25 million views. In fact, her one-liners like ‘Goodwill's Where the Party's At’ and ‘Puhhhfect’ are something that the fans just can’t get enough of!

Brittany’s list of enviable achievements doesn’t end there; her irreverently funny sketches are also on full display on her YouTube (Yes, she is also a YouTuber!) channel, where she now has over 272K subs. She is also quite popular on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Not just social media, Brittany’s fame has also won her invites to appear on MTV’s ‘Ridiculousness’ and E!’s ‘The Soup’. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, she has even worked in mainstream Hollywood, with movies like ‘We Are Your Friends.’ No room for doubt, Miss Furlan’s fame is here to stay for the ages to come!

What Makes Brittany Furlan So Special

Her wittiness and sassiness just does not seem to come with an expiry date- her candid interview with Tribeca Films stands as testament to that. Brittany might be one of the names that are associated with fame and fortune—thanks to the brilliance of social media—but she proves that fame hasn’t gotten the best of her. She might be all about the fun things in life, but she is also the biggest environmentalist and is part of the Project Mermaid organization. Brittany has even done a charity photoshoot to bring awareness about keeping the oceans and the beaches clean and healthy for the aquatic creatures.

Beyond Fame

Brittany has been in a long time relationship with director Randal Kirk, who sometimes even features in her videos. The pair is now engaged, and she credits her fiancé for the inspiration and joy he brings during her bleak days.

Behind The Curtains

Brittany Furlan was born on September 5, 1986, in Philadelphia, USA, but now resides in LA to pursue acting. There isn’t much information regarding her childhood or personal life shared on the social media. She aspires of becoming a game changer one day, inspiring people to be themselves in anything they do. Brittany Furlan is also the proud winner of the 2014 Streamy Award for Viner of the Year. She surely deserves all the praise and recognition coming her way!

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Brittany Furlan's FAQ

  • What is Brittany Furlan birthday?

    Brittany Furlan was born at 1986-09-05

  • Where is Brittany Furlan's birth place?

    Brittany Furlan was born in Philadelphia, USA

  • What is Brittany Furlan nationalities?

    Brittany Furlan's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Brittany Furlan?

    Brittany Furlan's height is 168

  • What is Brittany Furlan's sun sign?

    Brittany Furlan is Virgo

  • How famous is Brittany Furlan?

    Brittany Furlan is famouse as Viner

  • What is Brittany Furlan's facebook?

    Brittany Furlan's facebook is

  • What is Brittany Furlan's twitter?

    Brittany Furlan's twitter is

  • What is Brittany Furlan's youtube?

    Brittany Furlan's youtube is

  • What is Brittany Furlan's instagram?

    Brittany Furlan's instagram is