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Ariana Renee Trejos's Personal Details

Ariana Renee aka TheyLoveArii is a content creator and social media star

BirthdayOctober 23, 2000
NationalityAmerican Stars, Models, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars
SiblingsAngelica Renee, Azaia Renee, Jenessa Renee
Known asTheyLoveArii
  • Walter C. Young Middle School
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida
Sun SignLibra
Born inMiami, Florida
Famous Star, Model

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Who is Ariana Renee Trejos?

Ariana Renee, popularly known as TheyLoveArii is an upcoming social media star and sensation. She is well known for her music videos. She is extremely expressive and inventive in her musical performances. She often lip-syncs to popular songs. A lot of planning and organization go into the making of her videos. She collaborates with other stars and is particularly close to Baby Ariel. Her vivacious nature and enthusiasm is evident in her videos, which include music videos, travelogues, vlogs and more. She is very interested in fashion, and sometimes posts her own makeup tutorials.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

TheyLoveArii or Ariana Renee began her career on in 2015. Her mother is of Cuban descent born in New York while her father is from Nicaragua. She is among the most popular stars. She has over 5 million fans on TheyLoveArii is also a model and wears many different brands and styles. She is an inspirational figure to many of the youth, and keeps in close touch with her fans. She has launched a clothing line and a nail polish line. She also owns a record label.

What Makes TheyLoveArii So Special

TheyLoveArii creates videos which use innovative lighting and effects. They also feature some very inventive organization of the footage, to create a collage. Many personalities feature in her videos. She puts a lot of thought into the choreography in her videos, which carefully match the lyrics of the song. She sometimes uses exaggerated gestures and mannerisms to covey the meaning of the song. She often changes her hairstyle and makeup to match the type of song or look she wants to convey. She is an avid photographer. She likes interacting with her fans, and posts insightful comments on social media. She is very friendly and tries to stay in touch with her viewers. Her videos also include challenges, pranks and humorous situations. She likes to travel and often hosts public events.

Beyond Fame

TheyLoveArii has a strong interest in sports and athletics. She used to be a cheerleader. She also likes skateboarding. She currently lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida. She wants to experiment and try new things in fashion, makeup, music and travel. She has a strong desire to reach out to other youth, and often meets her fans on different occasions.

Behind the Curtains

TheyLoveArii lives with her family and is quite close to them. She admires Beyonce. She was close friends with Baby Ariel even before joining, and they both go to the same school. She was introduced to by Baby Ariel. She likes to DJ, and is studying aspects of music like beats and blending.

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Ariana Renee Trejos's FAQ

  • What is Ariana Renee Trejos birthday?

    Ariana Renee Trejos was born at 2000-10-23

  • Where is Ariana Renee Trejos's birth place?

    Ariana Renee Trejos was born in Miami, Florida

  • What is Ariana Renee Trejos nationalities?

    Ariana Renee Trejos's nationalities is American

  • Who is Ariana Renee Trejos siblings?

    Ariana Renee Trejos's siblings is Angelica Renee, Azaia Renee, Jenessa Renee

  • What was Ariana Renee Trejos universities?

    Ariana Renee Trejos studied at Walter C. Young Middle School

  • What is Ariana Renee Trejos's sun sign?

    Ariana Renee Trejos is Libra

  • How famous is Ariana Renee Trejos?

    Ariana Renee Trejos is famouse as Star, Model

  • What is Ariana Renee Trejos's facebook?

    Ariana Renee Trejos's facebook is

  • What is Ariana Renee Trejos's twitter?

    Ariana Renee Trejos's twitter is

  • What is Ariana Renee Trejos's instagram?

    Ariana Renee Trejos's instagram is