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Aaron Burriss's Personal Details

Aaron Burriss is an American YouTuber, who is known for his YouTube channel 'Lazyron Studios'

BirthdayFebruary 4, 1989
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Comedy YouTubers, YouTube Pranksters
Nick namesRon, Lazyron
SiblingsAlex, and a sister, Andrew
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Birth PlaceClark Air Base Hospital in the Philippines
Born CountryPhilippines
Net Worth$80,000 as on July 05,2016
Sun SignAquarius
Born inClark Air Base Hospital in the Philippines
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Aaron Burriss?

Aaron Burriss is a Philippines born American YouTuber, who is known for his YouTube channel 'Lazyron Studios'. He generally creates funny videos including, parodies, pranks, sketches and challenges, and also posts vlogs. He started his YouTube channel by posting a few random humorous videos, and gained over 100k subscribers in just two years. As his fan base grew, he started to post more frequently and currently uploads one video every day. The videos on his channel featuring his brothers are the most popular ones. He also features regularly on his younger brother Alex's channel 'Wassabi Productions'. Many of his friends have appeared on his channel from time to time; his former girlfriends have been the most common faces to feature on his channel, apart from his brothers. Moreover, he has featured on a number of other YouTube channels, most notably, on the channel 'POPSUGAR Girls' Guide' for the video 'How to Break Up (but Nicely) With Aaron Burriss' for the channel's 'Pour Decisions With Candace' section, and on the channel 'LeendaDProductions' for the video 'Running Into Your Ex-Girlfriend'.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

While studying in college, Aaron Burriss grew lazy, always looking for easier ways to do things. In his attempt to look for shortcuts, he tried many things like throwing the garbage bag out of the window into the trash can, walking his dog Hiccup from his bed with the help of a long rope, etc. During this time, he also liked filming a lot of his daily activities, almost anything he possibly could. Realizing the treasure of humorous contents he had accumulated, he decided to upload his videos on to YouTube. He and his brother, Alex, came up with the title for his channel, 'Lazyron Studios'. He uploaded the first video, 'How to Take Care of Your Dog', on March 30, 2013. The video shows his attempts at taking care of his pet dog without ever leaving the comforts of his bed. He is making videos regularly ever since, sometimes with his friends, and has gained over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Love Life

Aaron Burriss had been in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Kimmy Dufresne for about two years, but the two broke up in April 2016. She featured on his channel regularly while they were together. Later, in mid-2016, he fell in love with Sarah Wolfgang, another YouTuber and a former member of the K-pop girl group 'Tahiti'. However, the union did not last too long as the two decided to part ways amiably later that year. His brother Alex was the first to reveal their broke up; following which he explained that they realized that it wasn't the right time for either of them to be in a relationship. He also insisted that they were still friends and that they were okay with the way things are now. Stating that he was not sure if he should have entered the relationship in the first place, he mentioned that he wanted to "make it work" with Sarah nevertheless, because she was "awesome" and the "perfect" person for him. Unfortunately, "time just wasn’t working" for them, which led to the breakup.

Personal Life

Aaron Burriss was born on February 4, 1989, in Clark Air Base Hospital in the Philippines. His parents first met there and spent a few years, but moved to America when he was about one year old. They initially settled in Montana, but the family eventually moved to Lexington, Kentucky after a few years. By this time, Aaron Burriss had a younger brother named Alex and also a younger sister.

He attended a private school in Kentucky, where he excelled in study as well as sports, and also made a lot of good friends. The family then shifted again, this time settling in North Carolina, where he attended middle school. Middle school was not a particularly fond memory for him, as according to him, he was the short, fat kid with braces and squinted eyes who got teased and bullied often. To escape bullying, he buried himself into books and focused more on his studies, which helped him in getting good grades, but hardly saved him from bullying.

High school was not any better for him, but his parents had another child around this time, his kid brother Andrew, which encouraged him to spend more time with his family. He changed school in his senior year, and also had a physical transformation, becoming slimmer. As a result, his experience in his new school was considerably better. After graduation, he enrolled into University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he became close friends with Ant, Kyle and Zach, who sometimes appear in his videos. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

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Aaron Burriss's FAQ

  • What is Aaron Burriss birthday?

    Aaron Burriss was born at 1989-02-04

  • Where is Aaron Burriss's birth place?

    Aaron Burriss was born in Clark Air Base Hospital in the Philippines

  • What is Aaron Burriss nationalities?

    Aaron Burriss's nationalities is American

  • What is Aaron Burriss nick names?

    Aaron Burriss's nickNames is Ron, Lazyron

  • Who is Aaron Burriss siblings?

    Aaron Burriss's siblings is Alex, and a sister, Andrew

  • What was Aaron Burriss universities?

    Aaron Burriss studied at University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • How tall is Aaron Burriss?

    Aaron Burriss's height is 195

  • What is Aaron Burriss's sun sign?

    Aaron Burriss is Aquarius

  • How famous is Aaron Burriss?

    Aaron Burriss is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Aaron Burriss's facebook?

    Aaron Burriss's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/aaron.burriss

  • What is Aaron Burriss's twitter?

    Aaron Burriss's twitter is https://twitter.com/lazyronstudios/

  • What is Aaron Burriss's youtube?

    Aaron Burriss's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/lazyronstudios

  • What is Aaron Burriss's instagram?

    Aaron Burriss's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/lazyronstudios/