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Trevor Michael Moran's Personal Details

Trevor Moran is a well-known American YouTuber, singer & recording artist

BirthdaySeptember 30, 1998
FamousRecording Artist, Youtube Personality, Social Media Stars, Teens and Kids, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Singers, Comedy YouTubers
SiblingsBlake Moran
Birth PlacePoway, California
MotherNicole Moran
Sun SignLibra
Born inPoway, California
Famous asRecording Artist, YouTube Personality

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Who is Trevor Michael Moran?

Trevor Michael Moran is an American pop singer, recording artist and YouTube personality. His YouTube channel Trevor Moran has received more than one million subscribers. In 2014 Trevor bagged the Teen Choice Awards for comedy and a year later he was nominated for Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star Award. The performer feels that though touring is taxing it is the most thrilling and fulfilling thing for him.The internet celebrity is an animal lover and possesses two cats, two dogs and a tortoise. The boy has held concerts at several places during his tours with the channel Our2ndLife. The boy has a net worth of about $150,000. When it comes to food, Trevor is allergic to shellfish, tuna, avocado, mango, and kiwi. It’s not just videos that Trevor enjoys; he is a horror movie buff and had held a black belt in karate too. Among his favorite artists is Lady Gaga.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Trevor started out at the age of ten by joining YouTube in 2008 and posting videos of himself dancing to popular songs at the Apple Store. The internet sensation gained followers after he became a member of channel Our2ndLife or O2L but he left it in December 2014. Trevor took the first step of his singing career when he released his debut single ‘Bust the Floor’, in 2011. He auditioned for The X Factor’s second season at the age of 13 with LMFAO’s hit song ‘Sexy and I Know It’, for which he was appreciated by the judges. The teenager released the K-pop-inflected electronic song ‘Someone’ in September 2013 and the song ‘The Dark Side’ in December the same year. ‘The Dark Side’ featured at the 25th spot on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Digital Songs chart. Trevor topped the Billboard Heatseekers chart with his debut EP, ‘XIAT’ (anxiety), which was released in December 2014. In 2015, he did the duet ‘Steal the Show’ with former O2L associate Ricky Dillon. The next year Trevor released his five-song EP Alive, which featured the single ‘I Wanna Fly’ related to his sexuality. The lad made another channel called ‘KaptainKoolKid’ which finds mention in his ‘Draw My Life’ video on YouTube. Trevor’s most watched videos on YouTube are from a series called Apple Store Dances.

What Makes Trevor So Special

Trevor’s affinity to pets shows that he is a warm hearted person. The YouTube star is a very versatile person: he can play the piano, sing and dance, and has also earned a black belt in Karate. Trevor is a highly confident person and if he’s ever short on talent he compensates it with his confidence. The teenager has exhibited a lot of altruism by raising funds for breast cancer patients and victims of natural disasters, and by supporting the needy.

Beyond Fame

On the 9th of October in 2015 Trevor disclosed in a 6-minute video that he was gay. He agreed that it was really hard for him to reveal his sexuality but he thought it best to openly accept it. The teenager said that he was bisexual for some time because he was scared to reveal that he was gay. He also hinted about his sexual inclination in his video song ‘I Wanna Fly’ in 2015. The young star is dealing with depersonalization disorder and anxiety attacks, which find mention in the song ‘XIAT’ (pronounced Anxiety).

Trevor’s acceptance that he was gay spread on the internet and created a gossip that he had an affair with Shane Dawson but Dawson denied it. The pop singer has performed with stars like IM5 and Coco Jones in New York City.

Behind the Curtains

Trevor’s family consists of his parents Tim and Nicole and older brother Blake. He was born in Poway, California, and lives in Los Angeles, California with his parents. The singer’s mother assists him in thinking about the theme of his songs and videos and they do a lot of discussion about work while driving. Trevor doesn’t attend a regular school and instead learns through an online school.


People nicknamed Trevor ‘Stereo’ because he was very loud.

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Trevor Michael Moran's FAQ

  • What is Trevor Michael Moran birthday?

    Trevor Michael Moran was born at 1998-09-30

  • Where is Trevor Michael Moran's birth place?

    Trevor Michael Moran was born in Poway, California

  • What is Trevor Michael Moran nationalities?

    Trevor Michael Moran's nationalities is American

  • Who is Trevor Michael Moran siblings?

    Trevor Michael Moran's siblings is Blake Moran

  • Who is Trevor Michael Moran's father?

    Trevor Michael Moran's father is Tim

  • Who is Trevor Michael Moran's mother?

    Trevor Michael Moran's mother is Nicole Moran

  • What is Trevor Michael Moran's sun sign?

    Trevor Michael Moran is Libra

  • How famous is Trevor Michael Moran?

    Trevor Michael Moran is famouse as Recording Artist, YouTube Personality

  • What is Trevor Michael Moran's facebook?

    Trevor Michael Moran's facebook is trevormoranmusic

  • What is Trevor Michael Moran's twitter?

    Trevor Michael Moran's twitter is

  • What is Trevor Michael Moran's youtube?

    Trevor Michael Moran's youtube is

  • What is Trevor Michael Moran's instagram?

    Trevor Michael Moran's instagram is trevormoran