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Taylor Michael Caniff's Personal Details

Taylor Caniff is a famous American social media celebrity

BirthdayFebruary 3, 1996
FamousProducer, Social Media Personality, Vine Star, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, Viners, YouTubers, Singers
SiblingsJordan, Kellie, Tristen
Known asTaylor Caniff
Birth PlacePrinceton, Indiana (United States)
FatherKevin Caniff
Net Worth$2 million as of Apr 24,2017
Sun SignAquarius
Born inPrinceton, Indiana (United States)
Famous asYouTuber, Vine star, Social Media Personality, Singer, producer

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Who is Taylor Michael Caniff?

Known for his impeccable comic timing and a bandana secured around his neck all the time, Taylor Caniff began his journey as a random social media user in Princeton. He spent his entire life travelling to different locations in the United States like Greencastle, Texas and Indiana. He is partial to San Diego as he favors the weather and atmosphere there. His childhood was full of fun and adventure. While he was a child, his dad accidently knocked him over with their car. He later underwent a surgery, but this did not hinder his music career in his later years. Taylor was an active kid at school, who loved everything to do with adventure. He loves playing basketball with his best friends. In one of his interviews, he stated he had taught his fellow viner Cameron Dallas how to snowboard. He is known for his association with the MAGCON boys (a group of popular social media personalities), which earned him both fame and criticism in the virtual world.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Taylor began his journey in the virtual world with a YouTube account on 2 September, 2012. He rose to fame with his first Vine video that he posted on 8 May, 2013. Being a fan of music himself, he launched his first music video titled ‘Cash on Me’, in January, 2015.

Followed by 2.3 million loyal fans on Vine and 2.2 million followers on Twitter, Taylor is an ‘eye candy’ for both adults and youngsters. This youth sensation has around 358K subscribers on his first YouTube channel. His other videos include life stories, experiences, pranks on friends and fan challenges (the Ice Bucket Challenge, being the most popular one). Other than these, his comic YouTube video titled ‘What we actually do in are hotel rooms’, starring Aaron Carpenter, Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier was a huge hit among YouTubers.

What Makes Taylor So Special

The reason why Taylor is popular amongst people is his friendly nature and the ability to connect with his fans. Whenever he participates in or organizes any event, he greets his fans and visitors warmly, even if he has to stay behind for a few more hours. He occasionally creates special events to connect with his fans like the ‘RV Project’ in 2015, where he met his friends and clicked selfies with them for $20. Nonetheless, what makes him really different from others is his candid approach towards public and the way he never hesitates to answer any question. In a Q&A round with his fans, he said he would rather be deaf than blind.

Beyond Fame

Just like other celebrities, even Taylor is a victim to controversies and rumors. Couple of months back, a shady video including Taylor ‘half-heartedly’ hugging an anonymous fan went viral. The said person told media that she paid $160 for the meet-up, but further investigations revealed that the voice-over was heavily edited and we cannot say for sure that it was Caniff in that video. A similar controversy arose in April, 2014, when a tweet stating that Taylor spent a night in jail was made from a random Twitter id. The said person tweeted he was arrested as he turned down the passes made by an officer in charge, who wanted to see him undress. When criminal registry was searched for truth, it was found that a common man sharing the same name and birthday with Taylor was arrested in Tennessee.

Nevertheless, we cannot consider the registry as a viable source as the concerned person was no longer in custody at the time the rumors started on the internet.

Behind The Curtains

Like any normal person, Taylor is vulnerable to fears and anxiety. He openly talks about his fear for needles and snakes in his YouTube videos. Once he even cancelled one of his events for the fear of taking vaccinations for the trip. Not only this, Caniff is also afraid of boarding planes and performing on stage. He often experiences panic attacks while performing live. Despite being a celebrity, his career is untarnished by controversies related to his love affairs. Behind the curtains, he quietly enjoys his bachelorhood. He has never been in love and has stayed single for a major part of his life since he believes in living a solitary, independent life. However, he secretly wishes for a loyal, faithful companion for long term, like all of us do.


Taylor is not only a successful social media personality, but a clever entrepreneur too. He uses Twitter to promote the website showcasing merchandise (clothing, phone cases and accessories) under his name.

His life’s most embarrassing moment was in front of the audience when he accidently slipped over water that he had spilt on stage during his performance.

He is among those young and successful people who buy property at a very young age. A 19-year old Taylor bought his first house in Las Vegas, in the year 2015.

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Taylor Michael Caniff's FAQ

  • What is Taylor Michael Caniff birthday?

    Taylor Michael Caniff was born at 1996-02-03

  • Where is Taylor Michael Caniff's birth place?

    Taylor Michael Caniff was born in Princeton, Indiana (United States)

  • What is Taylor Michael Caniff nationalities?

    Taylor Michael Caniff's nationalities is American

  • Who is Taylor Michael Caniff siblings?

    Taylor Michael Caniff's siblings is Jordan, Kellie, Tristen

  • How tall is Taylor Michael Caniff?

    Taylor Michael Caniff's height is 175

  • Who is Taylor Michael Caniff's father?

    Taylor Michael Caniff's father is Kevin Caniff

  • What is Taylor Michael Caniff's sun sign?

    Taylor Michael Caniff is Aquarius

  • How famous is Taylor Michael Caniff?

    Taylor Michael Caniff is famouse as YouTuber, Vine star, Social Media Personality, Singer, producer

  • What is Taylor Michael Caniff's facebook?

    Taylor Michael Caniff's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/taylorcaniff/

  • What is Taylor Michael Caniff's twitter?

    Taylor Michael Caniff's twitter is twitter.com/taylorcaniff

  • What is Taylor Michael Caniff's youtube?

    Taylor Michael Caniff's youtube is youtube.com/#/user/taylorcaniffoffcial

  • What is Taylor Michael Caniff's instagram?

    Taylor Michael Caniff's instagram is instagram.com/taylorcaniff/