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SSSniperWolf's Personal Details

All about American YouTube personality and social media star, SSSniperWolf or Lia; her age, boyfriends, net worth, birthday, and some fun facts.

BirthdayOctober 22, 1992
FamousGamer, Youtube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Gamers
Known asSSSniperWolf or Lia
Birth PlaceEngland
Sun SignLibra
Born inEngland
Famous asYouTube Star, Gamer

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Who is SSSniperWolf?

Social media has created stars from different streams. Many gamers too have built their careers by cleverly utilizing social media. One such star who has become famous on the social media channels is SSSniperWolf. She showed interest in gaming from a very young age. The story behind the purchase of her first gaming system is comical. According to the biography posted by her, her father had to buy a Sony PlayStation to stop her and her brother from fighting with each other. After she grew up to be an expert gamer, she started a YouTube channel called ‘SSSniperWolf’ which became her popular name later on. She derived her gaming name from a popular video game called ‘Metal Gear Solid.’ Her gaming channel has made her a social media star who has cleverly utilized social media to grow her career.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

The YouTube channel SSSniperWolf proved to be a big hit among the young gamers. It has a total of 4.2 million subscribers. Her other social media channels have also proved to be very popular. She got 1.7 million followers on Instagram, 704K followers on Twitter, and 1.6 million fans on Facebook.

After the success of her first channel, SSSniperWolf started displaying more entrepreneurial skills. She started a second YouTube channel called Little Lia. The channel specialized on giving DIY video advices to her fans. It amassed a total of 84K subscribers and gives advices on issues interesting to women like home goods, soft toys, crafts, and recipes. Commenting on the reasons behind the start of the second YouTube Channel, Lia said that she was very interested in crafts along with video games since her childhood and that she wanted to convert this interest into a good business opportunity. The second channel too proved to be popular making her a darling among the housewives. With the success of her second channel she has grown to be a real internet star.

What Makes SSSniperWolf So Special

One of the most important things that make SSSniperWolf special when compared with other YouTube based gamers is that she has a very charming physique. She never even tries to hide her beauty and appears in attractive costumes which appeals to her young fans. SSSniperWolf also reportedly has very good health for a woman of her age. According to her own admission, she stayed away from visiting a doctor for more than ten years! Another reason that makes her so special is that she has multiple talents. Apart from being a great gamer, SSSniperWolf is also a world class hula hooper. She uses these skills in her videos cleverly in order to attract more number of visitors.

Beyond Fame

SSSniperWolf’s career is full of controversies. In January 2016, a controversy erupted when a website called ‘Drama Alert’ posted a news item alleging that the real business of SSSniperWolf was posting adult movies on a separate YouTube channel called ‘sexysexysniper’. The post alleged that the channel has sexual and racist content that focused on demeaning other gamers. The allegations made by the website were neither confirmed nor rejected by SSSniperWolf leaving the fans to wonder about the facts. Since the year 2015, SSSniperWolf has been in an on-and-off controversial relationship with another YouTube star called Evan Sausage.

Behind the Curtains

SSSniperWolf was born in a conservative family in England. She reportedly had a good childhood in a loving family. Her family later moved to America. Since then she has built her gaming career in the USA. She started playing video games when she was just six years old. Since then she has constantly improved her gaming skills by practicing on modern gaming consoles like PlayStation. Her parents too have encouraged her to excel in gaming. Even though she did not attend university, SSSniperWolf started attending a local community college at the peak of her career. However, she had to discontinue her course as she could not focus both on her education and career.


SSSniperWolf loves pets. She has two dogs named Kaz and Tuna.

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SSSniperWolf's FAQ

  • What is SSSniperWolf birthday?

    SSSniperWolf was born at 1992-10-22

  • Where is SSSniperWolf's birth place?

    SSSniperWolf was born in England

  • What is SSSniperWolf nationalities?

    SSSniperWolf's nationalities is American

  • How tall is SSSniperWolf?

    SSSniperWolf's height is 163

  • What is SSSniperWolf's sun sign?

    SSSniperWolf is Libra

  • How famous is SSSniperWolf?

    SSSniperWolf is famouse as YouTube Star, Gamer

  • What is SSSniperWolf's twitter?

    SSSniperWolf's twitter is

  • What is SSSniperWolf's youtube?

    SSSniperWolf's youtube is

  • What is SSSniperWolf's instagram?

    SSSniperWolf's instagram is