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Simon Edward Minter's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Miniminter, the famous British YouTuber & gamer; his birthday, his family and personal life, girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdaySeptember 7, 1992
FamousGamer, You Tuber, YouTubers, Gamers
Nick namesMiniminter
SiblingsJohnny Minter, Nick Minter
Birth PlaceEngland
Sun SignVirgo
Born inEngland
Famous asYou Tuber,Gamer

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Who is Simon Edward Minter?

Take a dive into the virtual world and you shall be horded with vloggers and online personalities who have clutched fame and money for various activities. While some are appreciated for their blogs and vlogs, there are others who keep the buzz with their videos. And still there are others who play games and gain fame. Yes, you read it right! Simon Minter a.k.a Minimiter is a famous YouTube gamer who is known for his commentary and vlogs featuring the video game FIFA. His current status, fame and worth surpass some of his peers wildest dream and imagination. For who on earth could imagine a guy barely 14 or 15 had it in him to turn his hobby into a cash ‘minting’ machine! Currently owner of two channels on YouTube, the main channel ‘miniminter’ and the second ‘channel mm7games’, Miniminter has accumulated over 5 million subscribers by early 2016. Although FIFA is what brought Miniminter to fame, he focuses also on other video games now. Other than owning two channels on YouTube, Miniminter is a founding member of the Ultimate Sidemen. He often collaborates with other YouTubers such as Fangs, Nepenthez, HurderOfBuffalo, Spencer FC as well as the rest of the Sidemen such as Zerkaa, Behzinga, and Wroetoshaw.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

The proverb, age is just a number aptly suits Miniminter - a popular YouTuber gamer and vlogger who started off when he was barely 14 years old. When girls and boys of his age were adjusting to their new teenage phase, Miniminter was busy honing his skills and making a career out of his hobby and passion. Today, at 24, Miniminter is taking home more than $1000, 000 every year by playing games and uploading them on YouTube. Miniminter’s meteoric rise can be attributed to his channels on YouTube – the main channel, ‘miniminter’ and the second channel ‘mm7games’. Together, the two have accumulated more than 5 million subscribers as of 2016. He is basically known for his commentary and vlogs featuring the video game, FIFA. Miniminter is also a founding member of the YouTube gaming group, the Ultimate Sidemen. He is cited as one of the most loved members of the Sidemen based on the fans and the polls. He is also the most consistent of the Sidemen, uploading roughly three videos everyday across his two channels. In terms of subscribers, his main channel holds the #23rd rank in UK and #265th rank in the world currently.

What Makes Miniminter So Special

The only fact that Miniminter is living every boy’s dream of getting paid to play games is reason enough to make Miniminter truly special. A YouTube sensation, Miniminter started off as early as when he was 14 years old. Today, he owns two channels on YouTube – miniminter where he makes FIFA and real life football videos as well as vlogs and ‘Question & Answer’ sessions and his second channel, mm7games wherein he predominantly posts Grand Theft Auto V and Cards Against Humanity videos, as well as numerous other random games with the Sidemen.

Beyond Fame

Apart from being a YouTube gamer known for his commentary and vlogs featuring video game FIFA, Miniminter captained the Sidemen football cup in the charity football match against the YouTube All stars. The match was held on June 3, 2016 in Southampton. He scored three goals claiming a hat trick with it. Interestingly, one of the goals was so out-of-nowhere, from the halfway, that the cameras failed to pick it up live. It was later tagged as ‘the goal of the game’. The goal became one of the most talked about events of the match later on Twitter that night. He also captained the Sidemen United in the Wembley Cup against Spencer FC.

Behind The Curtains

Miniminter was born as Simon Edward Minter on September 7, 1992 in Leeds, England. He was the youngest of the three sons born to the Minter family. Since an early age, Minter was a fan of the Leeds United FC, as his mother’s side of the family belonged from there. His elder brothers, Nick and Johnny, however, are Manchester United FC fans. Minter’s nickname Miniminter comprises of two names, Mini and Minter. The ‘mini’ part was in reference to his height when he was younger. It is also believed that it was in reference to him being the youngest of the three children born in his family. Miniminter began his career as a You Tuber on February 17, 2008 when he opened his You Tube account. His first ever video was about the FIFA video game franchise. Interestingly, had it not been as a YouTuber, Miniminter would have been a college graduate in criminology and somewhere training as a policeman! On the personal front, Miniminter was accused of having a one-night-stand with AshleyMarieeGaming whilst the Sidemen were away in 2015. Though he promptly denies all accusations against the row, evidence suggests otherwise.

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Simon Edward Minter's FAQ

  • What is Simon Edward Minter birthday?

    Simon Edward Minter was born at 1992-09-07

  • Where is Simon Edward Minter's birth place?

    Simon Edward Minter was born in England

  • What is Simon Edward Minter nationalities?

    Simon Edward Minter's nationalities is British

  • What is Simon Edward Minter nick names?

    Simon Edward Minter's nickNames is Miniminter

  • Who is Simon Edward Minter siblings?

    Simon Edward Minter's siblings is Johnny Minter, Nick Minter

  • What is Simon Edward Minter's sun sign?

    Simon Edward Minter is Virgo

  • How famous is Simon Edward Minter?

    Simon Edward Minter is famouse as You Tuber,Gamer

  • What is Simon Edward Minter's facebook?

    Simon Edward Minter's facebook is

  • What is Simon Edward Minter's twitter?

    Simon Edward Minter's twitter is

  • What is Simon Edward Minter's youtube?

    Simon Edward Minter's youtube is

  • What is Simon Edward Minter's instagram?

    Simon Edward Minter's instagram is