Sean Ryan Fox - Social Media Personality, Birthday and Childhood

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Sean Ryan Fox's Personal Details

Sean Ryan Fox is an American actor and social media personality

BirthdayAugust 30, 2001
FamousSocial Media Personality, Film & Theater Personalities, Actors
Birth PlaceRiverside, California
Sun SignVirgo
Born inRiverside, California
Famous asActor, Social Media Personality

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Who is Sean Ryan Fox?

Some people achieve success at a very young age and become millionaires even before they cross the age of 20! One such actor who got famous at an early age is Sean Ryan Fox. He was born in Riverside, California, which is very close to Hollywood. Sean is one of the four children born to his parents. He started displaying his talents as a toddler and his parents realized that he had a taste for performing. He used to sing songs at the age of two on his sister’s Karaoke machine. Noticing his talent, his parents gave him all the necessary support to enable him to grow up to be a talented performer. By the age of six, he was entertaining his family and school friends by writing and performing his own plays. When he was eight years old, he has outgrown the small town he was born in. Observing the need for professional help in giving a boost to his career, Sean Fox’s parents took him to Hollywood. In Hollywood, he was assigned to an experienced agent. From then on he never looked back in his acting career.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

After reaching Hollywood at a tender age, he started to look for offers. Despite being a talented actor and singer, Sean Fox got his first break in acting in commercials. He starred in two commercials in the first two months after the completion of his auditioning. After getting noticed for his performance in the commercials, he started to get offers in some television series. He made his television debut in ABC’s famous television series ‘Criminal Minds’. The series was a hit and gave instant recognition to Sean Fox in Hollywood. Some of the television series in which he acted during the early years of his career are Disney XD's 'Kickin' It', and KCAL 9's ‘First Family.’ He won several young fans through his performances in these television series.

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After acting in general television series, he started acting in television series targeted at children like Nickelodeon’s ‘Ho Ho Holiday Special’. He got the real break in television when he started to act in the Nickelodeon’s blockbuster television program, ‘Henry Danger.’ The series is a superhero sitcom created by Dan Schneider. The plot of the television series revolves around an adventurous thirteen-year-old boy who becomes the sidekick of a local hero who fights the evil forces operating in the city. In the series, Sean stars as Jasper- one of the best friends of Henry. Jasper is a character who is full of innovative ideas and helps his friend during the times of crisis. His acting skills in the role made Sean Fox a darling of kids and teenagers in America. He became one of the most loved child stars in the USA overnight. Many other producers in USA now want to enroll Sean Fox in new television series targeted at children.

What Makes Sean Fox So Special

One of the main reasons for the success of Sean Fox at a very young age is that he has talents in many areas. Like the yesteryear actors, he can also sing in a lovely voice. His curly hair and pleasing looks also make him special and stand out in a big crowd.

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Beyond Fame

Sean Fox has stayed away from controversies so far. His family has always protected him from getting exposed to the media for any kind of unnecessary reasons. Being just fifteen years old, he is too young to have serious relationships with girls.

Behind the Curtains

Sean Fox has a number of advantages when compared with other young and aspiring actors. He was born to parents of Caucasian descent whose ancestors made USA their home long ago. Hence, he has a good American accent which is an advantage for an aspiring actor. He was also born into an upper middle class family and hence had the required financial resources needed for building the requisite skills for an acting career. He has three elder siblings who encourage his career aspirations and support him.


Apart from acting in television series and movies, he also voices cartoon characters. In the movie, ‘Never Land Pirates’, he voiced Jake.

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Sean Ryan Fox's FAQ

  • What is Sean Ryan Fox birthday?

    Sean Ryan Fox was born at 2001-08-30

  • Where is Sean Ryan Fox's birth place?

    Sean Ryan Fox was born in Riverside, California

  • What is Sean Ryan Fox nationalities?

    Sean Ryan Fox's nationalities is American

  • What is Sean Ryan Fox's sun sign?

    Sean Ryan Fox is Virgo

  • How famous is Sean Ryan Fox?

    Sean Ryan Fox is famouse as Actor, Social Media Personality

  • What is Sean Ryan Fox's facebook?

    Sean Ryan Fox's facebook is

  • What is Sean Ryan Fox's twitter?

    Sean Ryan Fox's twitter is

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