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Ross Hornby's Personal Details

Ross Hornby is a British "YouTuber" and gamer

BirthdaySeptember 7, 1988
FamousYoutube Gamer, YouTubers, Vloggers, Gamers, Comedy YouTubers
Birth PlaceEngland
Sun SignVirgo
Born inEngland
Famous asYouTube Gamer

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Who is Ross Hornby?

Ross Hornby is a British "YouTuber" and gamer. He is one of the founding members of 'HAT Films,' a production house that is known for its ‘Yogscast’ videos. 'Yogscast' is a 'YouTube' channel that hosts gameplays for ‘Minecraft,’ ‘Trials Evolution,’ and other popular games. He is also one of the creators of the ‘HAT Chat’ podcast. 'HAT Films' can be found on various social-media platforms, and most of its social-media accounts and profiles have an impressive following. Ross has a separate 'YouTube' channel known as ‘djh3max,’ which is also his online alias. However, the channel does not have too many subscribers.

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The Inception of 'HAT Films

'HAT Films' is a production company that creates gameplays and other videos related to video games such as 'Minecraft' and 'Trials Evolution.' It also creates other games for the 'YouTube' channel 'Yogscast.'

It all started when Ross was in the university, studying film and television. There, he met Chris Trott, Nathan Ashman, and Adams. Soon, they became best friends and often discussed their passion: video games. Once, while discussing their future plans, they collectively thought of venturing into the world of gaming. That is how 'HAT Films' was born. Initially, it was named 'H.A.A.T Films,' a name that originated from the initials of their surnames. After graduation, Nathan and Adams quit ‘H.A.A.T Films’ to pursue their individual ventures. Soon, Alex Smith was roped in and the venture was renamed.

Gradually, the trio managed to grab attention in the online gaming scenario. Their filming and editing skills were unique and innovative. Besides making gaming videos, 'HAT Films' began creating gaming trailers. They were approached by ‘4J Studios’ to create ‘Minecraft’ skin trailers for their Xbox version. They later added songs, skits, and other entertaining content to their list.

'HAT Films' has their very own 'YouTube' channel where they provide gameplays of popular video games such as ‘Grand Theft Auto 5,’ ‘Trials,’ ‘Worms,’ and ‘TTT.’ They also create comedy sketches and skits. All their creations can be found on sites such as ‘Bandcamp’ and ‘iTunes.’ They even have their signature line of merchandize.

Ross' Association

The 'HAT Films' trio is now a name to reckon with, in the gaming arena. The team’s efforts to deliver high-quality entertainment are commendable. Entertainment comes naturally to this trio. They try not to follow the conventional path. For instance, in 2014, they arrived at the 'Yogscast' office dressed in rags. They were also drunk and were munching on caviar.

Ross is the eldest of the three members. He usually stays away from the immature conversations between Smith and Trott. However, that does not make him less entertaining. He often cracks jokes with Smith and Trott. At times, he even engages in jamming sessions with them.

Ross is the most skilled editor of the three. He has shown his incredible editing skills in a number of 'HAT Films' productions, especially in their ‘USA Roadtrip’ vlogs.

Beyond HAT Films

Apart from being part of 'HAT Films,' Ross has been associated with a number of other projects, too. He owns a 'YouTube' channel named ‘djh3max,’ which is also his online alias. However, the channel is not remarkably popular and has a little over two thousand subscribers. Ross has a 'Twitter' account, too, where he posts about 'HAT Films' and its productions. The account has earned 123 thousand followers.

Ross’s online alias, ‘djh3max,’ has a history behind its inception. The ‘dj’ in his alias stems from his past desire to become a DJ. The letter 'h' has been taken from his last name, while the digit ‘3’ is the number of siblings in his family. He once owned a dog named ‘Max,’ which has contributed to the ‘max’ in his alias. In addition, Ross has a number of other usernames and online aliases such as 'DjHD3DCinemax,' ‘RossHORNY,’ ‘Rock,’ ‘Ground-Scrub,’ ‘Mickey Pokey,’ ‘Ross “Own Goal” Hornby,’ ‘Rob,’ and ‘Rossperu.’

The character ‘Ms. Sluggy Slugworth Slugworm’ was created by Ross while hosting an episode of 'GTA5.' The character is a slug with a slurred voice.

Ross has worked as a voice artist, too. He has lent his voice to the character ‘Minion’ in the animated series ‘Israphel Animated.’

Personal Life

Ross was born Ross Steward Hornby, on September 7, 1988, in England. He is from Swindon, a large town in the county of Wiltshire, South West England. Ross grew up with his two brothers: Sebastian and Alex (not Alex Smith).

Ross is fond of ‘Pringles’ and ‘Kinder Chocolate.’ Noticing his love for ‘Kinder,’ Smith and Trott gifted Ross a giant 'Kinder’ bar made by them, on his 26th birthday.

An ardent pet lover, Ross owns two dogs. He had once auditioned for the role of ‘Harry Potter’ but was not chosen for the role.

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Ross Hornby biography timelines

  • // 7th Sep 1988
    Ross was born Ross Steward Hornby, on September 7, 1988, in England. He is from Swindon, a large town in the county of Wiltshire, South West England. Ross grew up with his two brothers: Sebastian and Alex (not Alex Smith).

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Ross Hornby's FAQ

  • What is Ross Hornby birthday?

    Ross Hornby was born at 1988-09-07

  • Where is Ross Hornby's birth place?

    Ross Hornby was born in England

  • What is Ross Hornby nationalities?

    Ross Hornby's nationalities is British

  • How tall is Ross Hornby?

    Ross Hornby's height is 192

  • What is Ross Hornby's sun sign?

    Ross Hornby is Virgo

  • How famous is Ross Hornby?

    Ross Hornby is famouse as YouTube Gamer

  • What is Ross Hornby's twitter?

    Ross Hornby's twitter is

  • What is Ross Hornby's youtube?

    Ross Hornby's youtube is

  • What is Ross Hornby's instagram?

    Ross Hornby's instagram is