Rally Racing is a form of auto racing in which automobiles are driven over public roads under normal traffic conditions as contrasted to other car races that are run on a circuit. The rules and regulations regarding speed, time and route are predetermined for these races. The term rally racing has been in use since 1911 when the first Monte Carlo Rally was held. Most rally race drivers up to the 1950s were amateurs and paid little. The 1960s brought about the era of professional drivers when young and enthusiastic drivers were recruited and provided training to hone their skills. The increasing popularity of this type of racing led to the World Rally championship which is organized by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). There are two forms of rally races: stage rallies and road rallies. Road rally is the original form that is held on highways under normal traffic—these are primarily amateur events. Stage rallies are the professional form of the sport. In order to participate in rally car racing, one needs to hold a valid driver’s license and have lots of practice driving on gravel roads and difficult terrains. Read on know about various famous rally drivers from all over the world.