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NightcoreReality's Personal Details

NightcoreReality (Danika) is a popular American YouTube and social media personality

BirthdayNovember 16, 1995
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
Nick namesDanika/NightcoreReality
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington, USA
Net Worth$1 million as of Feb 12,2016
Sun SignScorpio
Born inSeattle, Washington, USA
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is NightcoreReality?

For those wondering what Nightcore is- it is a style of music that has increased tempo or pitch and even an enhanced bass type to give an upbeat feel to the song. And for those who haven’t heard of Danika or NightcoreReality, to be more precise, you are missing on quite a bit! Danika’s insane musical talent will have you addicted in no time! Danika was quite disappointed with the mediocre quality of the remixes she found on the internet and got inspired to compose her own music. This young adult might have gotten into social media not knowing just how much attention her videos will get, but we’re glad she made that decision! NightcoreReality now has got ‘YouTube’ going gaga and talking about just how unique and special each video of her videos is. And if you still find it hard to believe, then go ahead and let the amazing NightcoreReality’s music take you to a whole new realm altogether!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Danika was one of those few YouTubers who created a channel not intending to earn subscribers or views, but purely for her discretion. Being a Nightcore fan herself, Danika wasn’t always impressed with the other music remixes she’d find online. This made her want to try her hand at making her own Nightcore music videos and even adding lyrics to all the songs she uploaded. Though she uploaded the videos, Danika never imagined that she’d receive an overwhelming response for her Nightcore compilations. Her love for making ingenious videos and editing them in a top-notch style is what shot her channel to fame in just a few years. Kick-starting this new found passion in 2013, this YouTube’ artiste has over 2 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on her channel ‘NightcoreReality’. Her channel is also in the spotlight for her exceptional high-quality Nightcore videos. Her video, ‘Nightcore-This little girl’, has earned over 24 million views and the audience took to the comment section to praise her editing skills and the quality of the video in general.

Danika has also created another channel titled ‘CrackReality’, where she has revealed her raw and fun self and posts non-Nightcore videos. Q&As, podcasts, convention vlogs are the kind of videos that ‘CrackReality’ offers. The channel also provides content that caters to all the anime nerds and tries to keep them entertained. She is also seen answering questions on an anime panel, and even talks about her top favorite anime of the year. She has also shared a lot of more personal side by giving a tour of her room and vlogging her travels to attend the Kumoricon.

What Makes Danika So Special

Watch her podcasts with other famous anime related YouTubers and you can’t just get over Danika’s subtle-yet-great sense of humor. She loves to laugh and will can even crack a joke or two about herself! Danika is now seen collaborating with other major Nightcore artists on ‘YouTube’, with a typical video that goes up to 30 minutes and has at least two to three songs.

Behind The Curtains

Danika was born on November 16th 1995 in Seattle, USA. There isn’t much information about her family life that we could find except that she was raised alongside a brother. Not just ‘YouTube’, Miss NightcoreReality is also active on other social media platforms like ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’. She’s being followed by over 10,000 people on these websites.

She has been inseparable from music ever since, and the first thing she bought with her pocket money was a CD player. She graduated from high school and enrolled in college, at the same time she launched her YouTube channel. Initially, she couldn’t imagine that her channel would blow up, but when it did, she began juggling as a full-time YouTuber and full-time college student. She has now signed contracts with publication houses and has sung in a few of her Nightcore songs. She often travels to Los Angeles for conventions and has made a couple of good friends in the Nightcore and gaming social media community. Though most of her male fans are smitten by her, but she isn’t dating anyone currently and plans on first completing college before pursuing a career in the music industry

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NightcoreReality's FAQ

  • What is NightcoreReality birthday?

    NightcoreReality was born at 1995-11-16

  • Where is NightcoreReality's birth place?

    NightcoreReality was born in Seattle, Washington, USA

  • What is NightcoreReality nationalities?

    NightcoreReality's nationalities is American

  • What is NightcoreReality nick names?

    NightcoreReality's nickNames is Danika/NightcoreReality

  • How tall is NightcoreReality?

    NightcoreReality's height is 155

  • What is NightcoreReality's sun sign?

    NightcoreReality is Scorpio

  • How famous is NightcoreReality?

    NightcoreReality is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is NightcoreReality's facebook?

    NightcoreReality's facebook is

  • What is NightcoreReality's twitter?

    NightcoreReality's twitter is

  • What is NightcoreReality's youtube?

    NightcoreReality's youtube is

  • What is NightcoreReality's instagram?

    NightcoreReality's instagram is