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Nick Bean's Personal Details

Nick Bean (Nicholas David Bean) is an American YouTuber, Instagram and YouNower

BirthdayMarch 13, 1995
FamousYounower, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, YouNow Stars, Vloggers, YouTube Singers, YouTube Pranksters
City/StateNorth Carolina
Nick namesNicholas David Bean
Birth PlaceMaiden, North Carolina
Sun SignPisces
Born inMaiden, North Carolina
Famous asYouTuber, YouNower

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Who is Nick Bean?

Nick Bean is an American YouTuber, Instagram and YouNower. He has around 700K subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 730K followers on Instagram. A full time YouTuber, Nick has won the hearts of followers in other platforms especially the live interactive platform YouNow. He has done a body of successful music which has gone viral over the internet along with the current fad of prank videos and daily vlogs. He uploads regular content in his YouTube Channel ItsNickBean and comes together with his fans in his YouNow Broadcasts.

Millions of young guys and girls put themselves out there in the internet, but only a handful of them succeed in capturing the fancy of the viewers. Nicholas David Bean aka Nick Bean is one of those few lucky individuals who has arrived at the social media scene.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Nick Bean is multitalented individual who happened to join YouNow in the year 2014 and YouTube in early 2015. He published his first YouTube video on January 17, 2015, and within a week his channel had 5000 subscribers. Now that’s some sort of social media magic!

His content is versatile with producing humorous skits, prank videos and freestyle rap numbers. It’s natural that his viewers are hardly ever bored and his videos in YouTube have gathered more that million views on an average.

He is a talented musician as well as an accomplished rapper. His first ever venture as a music producer happened with NetFlix and Chill, which brought the internet user’s attention to him. It has over 2 million views till date. This success paved way for his other musical ventures like original songs ‘WifiWifey’ and ‘Bubble Gum Girl’ that went viral over the internet and the numbers have several millions of views in his channel alone.

His latest musical venture ‘Lip Singer’ featuring Zach Clayton is currently doing quite well in the social media circuits and already has close to 5 million views on his channel.

He has collaborated with other successful social media influencers like Loren Beech, Last Mann, Brandon and Hunter Rowland on various videos making pranks, or doing experiments and even commentary.

He has joined Social Media Elites like Baby Ariel, Mario Selman, Zach Clayton, Loren Beech, Weston Koury, and Brennen Taylor to a collaborative YouTube channel titled Our Journey.

He is also part of the YouNow collaborative 5quad with Zach Clayton, RudanCustodio, Edwin Burgos and Timmy Connors. The group does their YouNow broadcasts together and attracts a lot of traffic by virtue of their witty content and entertaining views. He featured in the DigiTour's Slay Bells Ice tour and had to perform his viral WifiWifey in every city the group visited.

What Makes Nick Bean So Special

With close to 900K followers in YouNow, Nick has won admiration of the ladies, thanks to his cute looks. He has come up with this nickname for his female followers and it’s ‘mermaid’. These Mermaids are surely seen swooning over Nick’s light green eyes and would not hesitate one bit to be his WifiWifey!

Nick’s brand of humor is quite sarcastic and dark and his subscribers seem to lap it up. Among the 5quads, he has this nickname ‘Lizard’ which refers to a special trick he does with his eyes that gives him a reptilian look!

He is very much attached to his viewers and supporters and often follows them back in a very non-celebrity style fashion.

His humility, cute good looks and on point sarcasm has made him a success at the social media game. No wonder the list of his followers are getting longer and currently includes even Cameron Dallas.

Behind The Curtains

Not much is known about Nick Bean’s family background. He was born in Maiden, North Carolina and has a sister. The family moved to San Antonio, Texas when Nick was 10. He has hinted in several of his videos that his relationship with his mother is quite strained.

Nick dated fellow YouTuber, Madeline Phillips, during most part of 2015. The duo was seen to be broadcasting together quite frequently on YouNow. The duo broke up in November of 2015 and despite an attempt at reconciliation in February 2016, they could not work it out.

He is rumored to be in a brief relationship with yet another YouNow star, Maddie Welborn.

He is currently dating Bianca Sotelo, Fellow YouTuber and Social Media Influencer. They have been nicknamed by their fans as ‘Nianca’.

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Nick Bean's FAQ

  • What is Nick Bean birthday?

    Nick Bean was born at 1995-03-13

  • Where is Nick Bean's birth place?

    Nick Bean was born in Maiden, North Carolina

  • What is Nick Bean nationalities?

    Nick Bean's nationalities is American

  • What is Nick Bean nick names?

    Nick Bean's nickNames is Nicholas David Bean

  • How tall is Nick Bean?

    Nick Bean's height is 165

  • What is Nick Bean's sun sign?

    Nick Bean is Pisces

  • How famous is Nick Bean?

    Nick Bean is famouse as YouTuber, YouNower

  • What is Nick Bean's facebook?

    Nick Bean's facebook is

  • What is Nick Bean's twitter?

    Nick Bean's twitter is

  • What is Nick Bean's youtube?

    Nick Bean's youtube is

  • What is Nick Bean's instagram?

    Nick Bean's instagram is