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The Most Famous Dutch

Romee StrijdJuly 19, 1995DutchRomee Strijd is a Dutch model, also known as a 'Victoria's Secret Angel.'
Frank RijkaardSeptember 30, 1962DutchFrank Rijkaard is a retired Dutch footballer often regarded as one of the greatest defensive midfielders
Badr HariDecember 8, 1984DutchBadr Hari is a Moroccan-Dutch super heavyweight kickboxer
Jelle Van VuchtOctober 14, 1996DutchJelle Van Vucht is a Dutch YouTube star and gamer
Nisrina SbiaFebruary 1, 1999DutchNisrina Sbia is a social media influencer and model who rose to fame and has made it big on Instagram
Kyra SmithApril 7, 2003DutchKyra Smith is a Dutch TV actress who appeared in the series ‘Hunter Street’
Marco van BastenOctober 31, 1964DutchMarco van Basten is a former Dutch footballer and football administrator
Twan KuyperFebruary 19, 1995DutchTwan Kuyper is a famous Dutch YouTube & Vine star
Carin van der Donk1970DutchCarin van der Donk is a model and photographer
Charlene de Carvalho-HeinekenJune 30, 1954DutchCharlene de Carvalho-Heineken is a Dutch-English businesswoman
Mata Hari

Mata Hari

Mata Hari was a dancer, courtesan and a spy, who was executed in France on charges of espionage

DutchAugust 7, 1876152 views

Johannes van der Waals

Johannes Diderik van der Waals was a Dutch scientist and theoretical physicist who won a Nobel Prize in physics

DutchNovember 23, 1837160 views

Hendrik Lorentz

Hendrik Lorentz was a Nobel Prize winning physicist

DutchJuly 18, 1853194 views

Desiderius Erasmus

Desiderius Erasmus was a Dutch Renaissance humanist and Catholic priest

DutchOctober 27, 146697 views

Nina Houston

Nina Houston is a Dutch YouTuber known for her vlogs and makeup videos

DutchNovember 12, 2003160 views

Lizzy Ansingh

Lizzy Ansingh was a noted Dutch painter

DutchMarch 13, 1875149 views

Karel Appel

Karel Appel was an expressionist Dutch painter

DutchApril 25, 1921118 views

Tahith Chong

Tahith Chong is a Dutch professional footballer who currently plays as a left winger for English Premier League club Manchester United

DutchDecember 4, 1999153 views

Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi is a Dutch mixed martial artist who has been a four-time World Champion in the sport

DutchAugust 1, 1985137 views

Rosalie van Breemen

Rosalie Van Breemen is a Dutch model, journalist and TV presenter

DutchAugust 2, 1966216 views