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Nathalie Danielsson's Personal Details

Nathalie Danielsson (Nattid) is a Swedish social media influencer, dancer and vlogger.

BirthdayApril 10, 2001
NationalitySwedish Stars, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, TikTok Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Dancers
Nick namesNattid
Birth PlaceSweden
Sun SignAries
Born inSweden
Famous Star, YouTuber

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Who is Nathalie Danielsson?

Nathalie Danielsson is a Swedish social media influencer. She is best known for her dance and lip-sync videos on the video creating application ‘’ Her incredible dance moves have got Nathalie over two million '' fans. She has a decent following on Instagram as well. She has two YouTube channels. On her self-titled channel, she hosts travel vlogs, story times, and a variety of other content. She runs her second YouTube channel in collaboration with her boyfriend. Nathalie uses her social media platforms to spread the word against bullying.

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Social Media Fame

Nathalie ventured into social media with a purpose. Her own horrifying experiences of bullying and harassment led her to do something against it. She began publishing articles, blogs, and videos about the negative impacts of bullying.

Nathalie commenced her social media journey with the video-sharing application ‘’ She posts videos messages to spread the word against bullying and give her followers the much-needed strength to cope with the evil. She has also spread the word about body image issues and body shaming. Nathalie always aims to promote self-love through her posts and vlogs.

To give a dose of entertainment, Nathalie posts dance and lip-sync videos on '' With more than 50 million ‘’ hearts, Nathalie has now over two million '' fans.

Apart from being an amateur dancer, Nathalie is also fond of posing in front of the camera. She owns two Instagram accounts and both host many of her eye-catching pictures. Both the accounts have amassed a decent number of followers.

An ardent vlogger, Nathalie created a self-titled YouTube channel to provide her fans with more of inspirational videos. She later introduced a variety of content to make the channel a complete entertainer. The channel now contains lifestyle, fashion, and beauty related videos too. A segment of videos on the channel feature Nathalie’s skin and hair care routines. Since she always promotes self-love, she never fails to provide tips on getting flawless skin and lustrous hair. She has also posted a couple of DIY projects which reveals her creative side. Nathalie’s efforts have brought her over 90 thousand subscribers to her YouTube channel. Nathalie also chronicles her day to day experiences on her blog page.

She operates a collaborative channel with her boyfriend, where they post videos about their relationship. The 'YouTuber' couple has made some amazing videos regarding their live-in relationship and their frequent romantic getaways. They have posted some ‘question and answer’ videos too, to let their fans know more about them. This channel has now over 70 thousand subscribers. Nathalie also connects with her fans through her personal mailbox. She often receives letters, emails, and messages from people who are subjected to harassment or bullying and share their experiences with her. Nathalie on her part replies regularly to their mails with motivational messages.

Nathalie's efforts to bring a change in the society have been recognized well by the community. She has been nominated once for a social media award.

Personal Life

Nathalie Danielsson was born on April 10, 2001, in Sweden. She has three sisters.

Nathalie is into a live-in relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob Öman, who is a verified crowned '' star. They currently reside in Gothenburg, Sweden. Prior to that, they lived in Trelleborg.

Nathalie had a tough time in her school. Throughout her school days, she encountered bullying and harassment. Her days in the school used to be a nightmare. Nathalie finally decided to take a step against it and became a social media influencer.

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Nathalie Danielsson biography timelines

  • // 10th Apr 2001
    Nathalie Danielsson was born on April 10, 2001, in Sweden. She has three sisters.

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Nathalie Danielsson's FAQ

  • What is Nathalie Danielsson birthday?

    Nathalie Danielsson was born at 2001-04-10

  • Where is Nathalie Danielsson's birth place?

    Nathalie Danielsson was born in Sweden

  • What is Nathalie Danielsson nationalities?

    Nathalie Danielsson's nationalities is Swedish

  • What is Nathalie Danielsson nick names?

    Nathalie Danielsson's nickNames is Nattid

  • What is Nathalie Danielsson's sun sign?

    Nathalie Danielsson is Aries

  • How famous is Nathalie Danielsson?

    Nathalie Danielsson is famouse as Star, YouTuber

  • What is Nathalie Danielsson's twitter?

    Nathalie Danielsson's twitter is

  • What is Nathalie Danielsson's youtube?

    Nathalie Danielsson's youtube is

  • What is Nathalie Danielsson's instagram?

    Nathalie Danielsson's instagram is