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Mike Lookinland's Personal Details

Mike Lookinland is an American actor

BirthdayDecember 19, 1960
FamousCollege Dropouts, Film & Theater Personalities, Actors
SpousesKelly Wermuth
SiblingsTodd Lookinland & Terese Lookinland
Known asMichael Paul Lookinland
Childrens Joe Lookinland, Scott Lookinland
  • University of Utah (Dropout)
Birth PlaceMount Pleasant, Utah, United States
Net Worth$1.5 Million as of Jan 2017
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inMount Pleasant, Utah, United States
Famous asActor

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Who is Mike Lookinland?

Mike Lookinland is an American actor known for his iconic role as Bobby Brady in the classic 1970s sitcom ‘The Brady Bunch’. One look at Mike Lookinland is sure to bring a strong surge of memories that would take you back to the era when watching television meant enjoying the sitcom ‘The Brady Bunch’ with your family. Playing the youngest of the three sons in the sitcom became the magnum opus of Mike’s career, the most defining moment in his professional growth. However, while ‘The Brady Bunch’ gave this American actor his first taste of stardom and celebrity status, it were the years leading to the sitcom and after that which made Mike Lookinland the man that he is today. He started his career as early as when he was seven. After doing around thirty television commercials, he made his foray in mainstream television and found resounding success with ‘The Brady Bunch’. He reprised his role in a number of other shows including ‘The Brady Bunch Hour’, ‘The Bradys’, ‘Pop-Up Brady’, ‘A Very Brady Christmas’ and ‘The Brady Brides’. He did other television shows and movies as well. Upon leaving show business, Lookinland became an entrepreneur. Currently, he operates a business that makes decorative concrete in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Mike Lookinland was born to act—for nothing else can explain the allure of this seven or eight years old boy who took the world of television commercials by storm! Acting was his passion from a young age and he pursued it with immense zeal and enthusiasm. By the age of nine, Lookinland was already more than a dozen commercials old.

It was at the age of eight that Mike Lookinland’s bagged the “jackpot” role of his career – as Bobby Brady, the youngest son in ‘The Brady Bunch’. It was a tale of three boys in a blended family who are eventually joined by their three stepsisters. While shooting as Bobby Brady, Lookinland lived a dream-like life. He not only visited exotic locales as a part of the cast and crew, but also met his idol celebrity figures and sport stars!

It was Lookinland’s on-screen father Robert Reed who gifted him his first Super 8 movie camera. The gadget fascinated the young boy so much so that he decided to get involved in camera work. He soon interacted with camera professionals and got himself involved in the technical aspects of the show. After 'The Brady Bunch', Mike Lookinland reprised his role in several other televisions series such as ‘The Brady Bunch Hour’, ‘The Bradys’, ‘A Very Brady Christmas’ and ‘The Brady Brides’.

He then came out of his ‘Bobby Brady’ television avatar and appeared in several other television shows including ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘The Stand’. He also appeared in the 1974 action drama ‘The Towering Inferno’. The same year, he was seen on the TV show ‘The Secrets of Isis’. Lookinland’s love for camera helped him work as a television camera operator for several years. He worked as a cameraman during the latter half of his celebrity career. It was after leaving show business that Lookinland got into the business of making decorative concrete.

Personal Life

Mike Lookinland was born on December 19, 1960 in Mount Pleasant, Utah, USA to Paul and Karen Lookinland. He has an elder sister Terese and a younger brother, Todd. Lookinland was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He attended the private Chadwick School on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California. After completing his high school, he later attended the University of Utah in Salt Lake City but soon dropped out of the same to become a movie production assistant and cameraman.

Right from his childhood, Lookinland was involved in acting. After his career in acting took off, the Lookinland family shifted base to California. The move was basically to give Mike and Todd better career prospects, a full-fledged exposure to the show business and wholesome opportunities.

While working as an actor Mike met Kelly Wermuth. Kelly worked as a script supervisor for the TV series ‘Touched by an Angel.’ The two got married in 1987 and were blessed with two sons, Scott and Joe, in 1990 and 1993 respectively. Interestingly, Lookinland was once portrayed by his son Scott in the TV movie ‘Growing Up Brady’. In 1997, he was arrested for drunk driving after he lost control of his vehicle. He spent a couple of weeks at the rehab, and has been sober since then. Other than acting, Lookinland serves as a spokesman for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and operates a business that makes decorative concrete.

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Mike Lookinland's FAQ

  • What is Mike Lookinland birthday?

    Mike Lookinland was born at 1960-12-19

  • Where is Mike Lookinland's birth place?

    Mike Lookinland was born in Mount Pleasant, Utah, United States

  • What is Mike Lookinland nationalities?

    Mike Lookinland's nationalities is American

  • Who is Mike Lookinland spouses?

    Mike Lookinland's spouses is Kelly Wermuth

  • Who is Mike Lookinland siblings?

    Mike Lookinland's siblings is Todd Lookinland & Terese Lookinland

  • Who is Mike Lookinland childrens?

    Mike Lookinland's childrens is Joe Lookinland, Scott Lookinland

  • What was Mike Lookinland universities?

    Mike Lookinland studied at University of Utah (Dropout)

  • How tall is Mike Lookinland?

    Mike Lookinland's height is 172

  • What is Mike Lookinland's sun sign?

    Mike Lookinland is Sagittarius

  • How famous is Mike Lookinland?

    Mike Lookinland is famouse as Actor

  • What is Mike Lookinland's facebook?

    Mike Lookinland's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/mike.lookinland.7

  • What is Mike Lookinland's instagram?

    Mike Lookinland's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/mikelookinland/

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