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Michael Ancher's Personal Details

Danish impressionist artist, Michael Ancher was a member of Skagen Painters group and is, by general consent, considered one of the most popular artists of Denmark.

BirthdayJune 9, 1849
Died onSeptember 19, 1927
FamousDanish Men, Artists & Painters, Artists
SpousesAnna Brøndum
Childrens Helga
  • Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Birth PlaceBornholm
Sun SignGemini
Born inBornholm
Famous asPainter
Died at Age78

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Who is Michael Ancher?

The legendary Danish painter and one of the most prized members of the Skagen School, Michael Peter Ancher was a master artist best known for his realistic depictions of the lives of the fishing folk in Skagen. Michael wasn’t born in Skagen, but visited there in the year 1874 and was so enormously fascinated by the fisherman’s town that he decided to spend the rest of his life there. He found the local conducive to his artistic temperament. As opposed to the rigid formations and composition methods which he learned through his formal education, Ancher came in contact with the new methods and philosophy sweeping over Denmark while he was at Skagen. His marriage to Anna Brondum, a painter, who was also a native of Skagen, is seen as a major factor in his shift in perspective. Ancher went on to become one of the most popular of Danish artists and an eminent face of the Skagen painters.

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Biography detail

Michael Ancher’s Childhood And Early Life

Ancher was born on 9 June 1849 at Rustker on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. He had an education in the classical mould prevalent at that time. He attended the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen from 1871 – 1875. During his term there, his interest in genre painting grew manifolds. It was also during that time he came in contact with Karl Madsen, who invited him to Skagen. His decision to accept the invitation and visit Skagen went on to shape not only his artistic perspective, but also his subsequent life.

Marriage And Career

After his first visit to Skagen in 1874, he decided to settle there among the many artists who had made Skagen their home. It was there that his career finally took off, with the painting ‘Vil han klare pynten’ (Will he Round the Point?) in 1879. The following year he married his fellow Skagen painter Anna Brondum. Ancher, who initially struggled to adjust to the style of the Skagen painters, later combined the techniques learned from his formal education with that of the Skagen group to create a new style. The rigid compositional structure taught at the conventional school was brought in to harmony with the enhanced importance of color and natural light that the new Skagen perspective demanded. As was the case with most of his fellow painters in the Skagen group, Ancher’s paintings depicted the scenery as well as the lives of the fisher folk of Skagen. Death and the rescue operations at sea often formed a major theme of his paintings. Some of his famous works in the style, which came to be called monumental figurative arts, include ‘The Lifeboat is Carried Through The Dunes’, ‘The Crew are Saved’, and ‘The Drowned Man’ among others. The residence of the Anchers has now been converted into a museum, which holds the works of the Skagen painters. Ancher’s own works can be found elsewhere too including the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Frederiksborg Museum.

Death And Legacy

Michael Ancher is one of the best remembered painters of not just the Skagen group, but Denmark as a whole. His works faithfully depict the lives of the fisher folk of Skagen. He went about with great dedication to his art and combined the old-school thoughts with those of the emerging perspectives. He and other Skagen painters patronized naturalism and bordered on expressionism in their works. Michael Ancher along with his wife Anna contributed greatly to the art of Denmark. Though works on the Skagen museum had started during his lifetime, Ancher passed away before it was inaugurated. Michael Ancher died on September 19, 1927 in Skagen, aged 78.

Awards And Honors                                 

In recognition of his contributions to the field of art, he was bestowed the Eckersberg Medal in 1889 and the Order of the Dannebrog in 1894. Possibly, the best recognition of his contribution to Danish art came long after his death when he and his wife Anna were featured on the Danish Thousand Kronerbill, the largest denomination in circulation in Denmark in 2004.

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Michael Ancher's FAQ

  • What is Michael Ancher birthday?

    Michael Ancher was born at 1849-06-09

  • When was Michael Ancher died?

    Michael Ancher was died at 1927-09-19

  • Where was Michael Ancher died?

    Michael Ancher was died in Skagen

  • Which age was Michael Ancher died?

    Michael Ancher was died at age 78

  • Where is Michael Ancher's birth place?

    Michael Ancher was born in Bornholm

  • What is Michael Ancher nationalities?

    Michael Ancher's nationalities is Danish

  • Who is Michael Ancher spouses?

    Michael Ancher's spouses is Anna Brøndum

  • Who is Michael Ancher childrens?

    Michael Ancher's childrens is Helga

  • What was Michael Ancher universities?

    Michael Ancher studied at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

  • What is Michael Ancher's sun sign?

    Michael Ancher is Gemini

  • How famous is Michael Ancher?

    Michael Ancher is famouse as Painter

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