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Matthew Patrick's Personal Details

Matthew Patrick, better known as MatPat, is a famous American YouTube personality

BirthdayNovember 15, 1986
FamousYoutubers, Duke University, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
SpousesStephanie Cordato
  • Duke University
  • Duke University
Notable Alumnis
  • Duke University
Birth PlaceMedina County, Ohio
FatherRobert Patrick
Net Worth$1.2 million as on January 28,2017
Sun SignScorpio
Born inMedina County, Ohio
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Matthew Patrick?

Matthew Robert Patrick, better known as MatPat, is an American YouTube personality best known as the creator and narrator of the YouTube webseries ‘Game Theory.’ One of the most popular YouTubers from America, he runs several channels and has over 13 million subscribers and over 1.6 billion views total across channels. The best known of his channels is ‘The Game Theorists’ with over 8.2 million subscribers, followed by ‘The Film Theorists’ and ‘GTLive’ with 4.6 million and 1.1 million subscribers respectively. While there are many other social media personalities who also boast of millions of followers, what truly differentiates MatPat from them is the fact that this guy is highly educated with a double major in neuroscience and theatre from the Duke University. He is not just any YouTuber, but a YouTube educator, live streamer, and media researcher and theorist who provides informative and intelligent commentaries on his many channels. Along with the webseries ‘Game Theory’ which he launched in 2011, he also hosts many other series and also collaborates with numerous other YouTubers, featuring them in his shows and appearing on theirs. Besides his online career, MatPat is the Founder and President of Theorist Media, a digital media production and consulting company which he co-owns with his wife.

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MatPat had a keen interest in acting while growing up. Immediately after graduation, he moved to New York City from North Carolina to pursue a career in acting. However, he did not find any success as an actor. He created his first YouTube account in 2009 where he used to upload videos of his auditions for various roles. It was in 2011 that he began the webseries ‘Game Theory’ which became very popular soon after its premiere. On this show, he discusses the relationship between reality and gaming in terms of science, math and culture. The growing popularity of the show prompted him to host numerous spin-offs and separate shows, such as ‘Game Exchange,’ ‘Digressing and Sidequesting,’ ‘Smash History,’ and ‘Breakdown.’ Over a period of time, his primary channel ‘The Game Theorists’ became immensely popular, attracting millions of subscribers and billions of views.

Spurred by the success of his first channel, MatPat created a second channel called ‘The Film Theorists’ in 2014 where he premiered his second show, ‘Film Theory’ in 2015. The series focuses on the scientific and cultural aspects of the film industry. Within a month of the release of the first episode of the series, the channel accumulated over one million subscribers! It continued to grow in popularity over the years and of June 2017, it has over 4.6 million subscribers. The channel has covered episodes on well-known franchises like ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Marvel Studios,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ and ‘Doctor Who.’ MatPat also hosts a third YouTube channel, ‘GTLive’ where he mostly live streams gameplay with his wife. This channel too, is very popular and has over a million subscribers as of June 2017. In addition to his career as a YouTuber, the brilliant young man serves as the Founder and President of Theorist Media, a digital media production and consulting company which he co-owns with his wife.

MatPat’s channel ‘The Game Theorists’ won the Streamy Award for Gaming in 2016. The same year, his ‘Game Lab’ won the Streamy Award for Virtual Reality and 360.

Personal Life

Matthew Patrick was born on November 15, 1986 in Medina County, Ohio, as the only child of Robert Patrick and his wife. He was a brilliant student with a deep interest in arts, especially musical theatre. He loved to study so much that he would skip lunch periods in order to attend some extra classes! He loved mathematics, sciences, and also the arts. He received a perfect score on his SAT which enabled him to earn a full academic scholarship into the prestigious Duke University. He continued his stellar academic performance at the university as well and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double major in neuroscience and theatre.

He tried for an acting career upon his graduation and struggled for a few years before beginning his successful YouTube career. On the romantic front, he developed a relationship with Stephanie Cordato, whom he met while at Duke University. The two became close after working together on creating a ‘Legend of Zelda’ parody called ‘The Epic of Stew.’ The couple got married in May 2012. They have a pet cat named Skip.

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Matthew Patrick's FAQ

  • What is Matthew Patrick birthday?

    Matthew Patrick was born at 1986-11-15

  • Where is Matthew Patrick's birth place?

    Matthew Patrick was born in Medina County, Ohio

  • What is Matthew Patrick nationalities?

    Matthew Patrick's nationalities is American

  • Who is Matthew Patrick spouses?

    Matthew Patrick's spouses is Stephanie Cordato

  • What was Matthew Patrick universities?

    Matthew Patrick studied at Duke University, Duke University

  • What was Matthew Patrick notable alumnis?

    Matthew Patrick's notable alumnis is Duke University

  • How tall is Matthew Patrick?

    Matthew Patrick's height is 180

  • Who is Matthew Patrick's father?

    Matthew Patrick's father is Robert Patrick

  • What is Matthew Patrick's sun sign?

    Matthew Patrick is Scorpio

  • How famous is Matthew Patrick?

    Matthew Patrick is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Matthew Patrick's facebook?

    Matthew Patrick's facebook is

  • What is Matthew Patrick's twitter?

    Matthew Patrick's twitter is

  • What is Matthew Patrick's youtube?

    Matthew Patrick's youtube is

  • What is Matthew Patrick's instagram?

    Matthew Patrick's instagram is

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