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Being the most populous state in the New England region of the northeastern United States is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Popularly known as ‘The Bay State’, Massachusetts is influential and rich in American history, industry and academia, particularly in its capital – Boston. The region was once inhabited by the Massachusett tribe and hence its name. Being the first state in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage, Massachusetts has come a long way since its historic beginning, only to emerge even stronger. Several famous entertainers, athletes, academics, politicians and artists who have gone on to conquer the rest of country with their talent, were born in Massachusetts. Famous sport personalities such as John Cena was born in the state of Massachusetts. Various popular and sought-after Hollywood actors were also born in this state. From the talented Ben Affleck to the promising Matt Damon to the deadly Uma Thurman, all hail from this state. Various popular comedians such as Conan O’ Brien, Amy Poehler, Matt LeBlanc and Steve Carell, all hail from the state of Massachusetts. Keep reading the list to know more celebs born in Massachussets & famous personalities who are from Massachusetts.

John Cena, Whitey Bulger, Matt Damon, Mindy Kaling & Eli Roth are some of the celebrities who hail from Massachusetts.

The Most Famous People From Massachusetts

Patrick Bouvier KennedyAugust 7, 1963AmericanPatrick Bouvier Kennedy was the last child of American President John F
Acacia BrinleyOctober 22, 1997AmericanAcacia Brinley is a pop singer who is famous for being the lead vocalist of the American band ‘Watercolor’
Johnny AppleseedSeptember 26, 1774AmericanJohnny Appleseed was a legendary American nurseryman who is credited with the introduction of apple trees in large parts of the US
John CenaApril 23, 1977AmericanJohn Cena, an American professional wrestler, rapper and actor, is arguably WWE's most successful superstar
Dicky EklundMay 9, 1957AmericanDicky Eklund is an American former professional boxer who competed in the welterweight division
Patty MayoJuly 6, 1987AmericanPatty Mayo is an American YouTuber recognized for his bounty hunting series
Nicky JamMarch 17, 1981AmericanNicky Jam is a well-known American singer and songwriter
Bette DavisApril 5, 1908AmericanBette Davis was an acclaimed American actress
Matt LeBlancJuly 25, 1967AmericanMatt LeBlanc is an American actor known for his role in the hit sitcom ‘Friends.’
Black DahliaJuly 29, 1924AmericanBlack Dahlia is the nickname given by the press to Elizabeth Short, after she was brutally murdered and her naked body was discovered, separated in two parts from the waist, in a vacant lot in Leimert Park, Los Angeles in early 1947.
Anne Sexton

Anne Sexton

Anne Sexton was a famous American poet known for her confessional poems

Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam is a well-known American singer and songwriter

AmericanMarch 17, 1981692 views

Edward Everett

Edward Everett was an American politician, educator, pastor and diplomat who served as a U.S

AmericanApril 11, 1794146 views

Ben Foster

Ben Foster is an American actor known for his portrayals of complex characters

AmericanOctober 29, 1980145 views

Sylvia Plath

Pulitzer Prize winner, Sylvia Plath was an American poet, novelist, and short story writer

AmericanOctober 27, 1932129 views

Denis Leary

Denis Leary is an American actor, comedian, writer, director and film producer

AmericanAugust 18, 1957236 views

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was a well-known American poet

AmericanDecember 10, 1830136 views


Carmella, is an American wrestler, wrestling manager, model, trainer, cheerleader, and dancer

AmericanOctober 23, 1987384 views

Dane Cook

Dane Cook is an American standup comedian and actor

AmericanMarch 18, 1972215 views

Clara Barton

Clara Barton was an American nurse, teacher and founder of the American Red Cross

AmericanDecember 25, 1821242 views