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Mark Sheppard's Personal Details

Mark Sheppard is a British-American actor known for his role in the series ‘Supernatural’

BirthdayMay 30, 1964
NationalityBritish, American
FamousFilm & Theater Personalities, Actors
SpousesSarah Louise Fudge (m. 2015), Jessica Sheppard (m. 2004–2014)
Known asMark Andreas Sheppard
Childrens Isabella Rose Sheppard, Max Sheppard, Will Sheppard
Birth PlaceLondon
Born CountryUnited Kingdom
FatherW. Morgan Sheppard
Sun SignGemini
Born inLondon
Famous asActor

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Who is Mark Sheppard?

Mark Sheppard is a British-American actor best known for playing the role of demon/King Hell Crowley in the popular supernatural thriller series ‘Supernatural’. He is also known for appearing in the TV programs ‘Leverage,’ ‘Firefly,’ ‘Soldier of Fortune, Inc,’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ The son of famous actor William Morgan Sheppard, Mark is known for playing the roles of cunning and intelligent anti-heroes and villains. His cockney accent and low raspy voice have made his performances unbeatable and unique. Till date, the artist has also acted in a number of movies and big screen projects. An interesting fact about him is that the actor was formerly a musician and has enjoyed many years as a recording artist, working in bands like the Television Personalities, Robyn Hitchcock, and Light a Big Fire. On a personal note, he is a married man and a father of three children. Currently married to Sarah Louise, Mark Sheppard was previously wedded to Jessica for a decade.

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Music Career

At the age of 15, Mark Sheppard became a musician and enjoyed several years as a recording as well as touring artist with bands like Robyn Hitchcock, Dublin-based group ‘Light a Big Fire’ and the Television Personalities.

Television Career

Mark Sheppard first appeared on television in 1992 when he played the role of Eddie Bryce in ‘Silk Stalkings’. From 1997 to 1998, he played the role of Christopher 'C.J.' Yates in ‘Soldier of Fortune, Inc’. In the ensuing years, he guest starred in numerous TV programs, such as 'Sliders', 'The Practice', 'JAG', 'The Invisible Man', 'The Chronicle', 'VIP', 'Charmed', 'Fastlane' and 'CSI: NY'. During this time, the actor also had a recurring role in the series ‘24’. In 2008, Mark began playing James Sterling in the series ‘Leverage’. The following year, he joined the cast of ‘White Collar.’ Also, in 2009, he started portraying the character of Crowley in the drama ‘Supernatural’.

Film Career

Mark Sheppard played his first film role in 1993 when he appeared in the movie ‘In the Name of the Father’. After this, he acted in numerous forgettable movies before playing M.J. in ‘Farewell, My Love’. In 2001, he appeared in the direct-to-video ‘New Alcatraz’. Three years later, the actor got featured in the films ‘Evil Eyes’ and ‘Unstoppable’. He next had a role in the flick ‘Broken’. In 2010, Sheppard played Dr. Charles LeBlanc in ‘Xtinction: Predator X’. Also active as a stage actor, he starred in the production of ‘Cock and Bull Story’ for which he received numerous awards.

Personal Life

Mark Sheppard was born on 30 May 1964 to W. Morgan Sheppard and his wife in London, England. From 2004 to 2014, he was married to Jessica. The couple had two sons, Max and Will, before separating. The actor then went on to marry Sarah Louise in 2015. As of now, he has one daughter named Isabella from this relationship.

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Mark Sheppard's FAQ

  • What is Mark Sheppard birthday?

    Mark Sheppard was born at 1964-05-30

  • Where is Mark Sheppard's birth place?

    Mark Sheppard was born in London

  • What is Mark Sheppard nationalities?

    Mark Sheppard's nationalities is British,American

  • Who is Mark Sheppard spouses?

    Mark Sheppard's spouses is Sarah Louise Fudge (m. 2015), Jessica Sheppard (m. 2004–2014)

  • Who is Mark Sheppard childrens?

    Mark Sheppard's childrens is Isabella Rose Sheppard, Max Sheppard, Will Sheppard

  • How tall is Mark Sheppard?

    Mark Sheppard's height is 174

  • Who is Mark Sheppard's father?

    Mark Sheppard's father is W. Morgan Sheppard

  • Who is Mark Sheppard's mother?

    Mark Sheppard's mother is .

  • What is Mark Sheppard's sun sign?

    Mark Sheppard is Gemini

  • How famous is Mark Sheppard?

    Mark Sheppard is famouse as Actor

  • What is Mark Sheppard's facebook?

    Mark Sheppard's facebook is

  • What is Mark Sheppard's twitter?

    Mark Sheppard's twitter is

  • What is Mark Sheppard's instagram?

    Mark Sheppard's instagram is