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Kevin Wu's Personal Details

Kevin Wu is an Asian-American celebrity YouTuber of Taiwanese origin

BirthdayJune 12, 1990
FamousYoutubers, YouTubers
SiblingsKelly Wu
Known asKevJumba
  • University Of California, Davis (UC Davis)
  • University of California
  • Davis
  • Clements High School in Sugar Land
Notable Alumnis
  • University Of California
  • Davis (UC Davis)
  • University Of California
  • Davis (UC Davis)
Birth PlaceHouston, Texas
FatherMichael Wu
Sun SignGemini
Born inHouston, Texas
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Kevin Wu?

Kevin Wu a.k.a Kev Jumba, as he is popularly known on social media, is an Asian-American celebrity YouTuber of Taiwanese origin. He is a vlogger, blogger, comedian, writer, actor, humanitarian, and social activist, all rolled into one! His YouTube channel named ‘Kev’ (previously ‘KevJumba’) earned him millions of fans and followers within a short period of time. His hilarious video 'I have to deal with Stereotypes', earned him instant recognition as a comedian who seemed to identify himself with the audience. Unlike the conventional multi-talented celebrities who are primarily after money and fame, he channels his traits to raise funds for the impoverished classes. In 2008, he launched another YouTube channel named ‘JumbaFund’ solely for philanthropic interests. He also gained huge applause for his roles in movies like ‘Hang Loose’ (2012), ‘Rock Jocks’ (2012), ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons’ (2014), and ‘Man-Up’ (2015).

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Kevin Wu dropped out from the University of California Davis in his sophomore year in order to pursue his video-making passion more seriously. During his high school days in 2007, he had started posting comical videos on his own YouTube channel 'KevJumba' on the mundane activities of an Asian-American teenager. His personal experiences of life resonated with many Asian and colored people. His most popular videos are 'I have to deal with Stereotypes', 'My Dad is Asian' and 'Butthash Hero'. These attracted millions of viewers within a very short period. In less than a year, his videos left American web series ‘Quarterlife’ way behind in rating, subscription, and viewership!

Sponsors like T-Mobile and J.C. Penney offered him lucrative commercial opportunities. He has also collaborated competently with many YouTube celebrities like Jessica Lee Rose (aka Lonelygirl15), Philip DeFranco, Ryan Higa (aka Nigahiga), Christine Gambito ( aka HappySlip) and others. In 2008, Kevin Wu was ranked ninth in The Top 10 Entertainer category by iStardom Inc. The HBOLab signed him for their web series 'Hooking Up' the same year. His fan following amplified immensely after that and today his fans include even celebrities like Jessica Alba, Baron Davis, and Ella Koon!

His quick rise to stardom even fascinated his father Michael Wu so much that he debuted in Wu's video 'I Love my Dad' and appeared in many others later on. In 2010, the father and son duo teamed up to participate in the reality TV show 'The Amazing Race' and ranked 7th. His fame and versatile qualities endowed him with acting opportunities in movies like ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons,’ ‘Man-Up’ and ‘Hang Loose.’

After a four year disappearance from YouTube, Kevin Wu finally came back in 2017 with a new video -- ' Youth Represent the World'. As of June 2017, he has a Facebook following of 691k, Instagram following of 191k, and Twitter following of 385k in addition to the 2.88 million subscribers on YouTube.

Personal Life

Born on 12 June 1990 and up brought in Houston, Texas (US), Kevin Wu was like any normal kid in his childhood. His father, Michael Wu, a Chinese immigrant from Taiwan, is a software consultant by profession. Kevin has never disclosed anything about his mother. Kevin has a younger sister named Kelly Wu.

He completed his schooling from Clements High School, Sugarland, Texas in 2008. Being the son of a computer engineer, he developed a knack for web browsing during his high school days. He was enthralled by the stand-up comedy shows of comedian-actor Dave Chappelle. This intrigued him a lot and subsequently he started posting comedy videos on YouTube. The first one was about break-dancing in his backyard, which did not gain any attention. With time the themes and content of his vlogs gained in maturity, and from March 2007 onwards his channel started gaining attention. The famous Asian-American writer cum journalist Jeff yang of ‘San Francisco Chronicle’ praised Wu highly for his attributes.

In 2008, Wu created his YouTube channel ‘JumbaFund’ exclusively to raise funds for the poor. He has contributed thousands of dollars to various social organizations and also helped to build an elementary school in Kenya (Africa) to provide free education to impoverished children. In 2009, he took part in 'B Here Tour,' a musical comedy program to generate awareness against Hepatitis B.

In 2013 he disappeared from YouTube and social media completely due to some unknown reasons and resurfaced again in early 2017. He later revealed that he had met with a deadly car accident which almost killed him; he thankfully survived due to his father’s loving care. He talked about this in his YouTube video named 'Hope,' posted on March 15, 2017.

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Kevin Wu's FAQ

  • What is Kevin Wu birthday?

    Kevin Wu was born at 1990-06-12

  • Where is Kevin Wu's birth place?

    Kevin Wu was born in Houston, Texas

  • What is Kevin Wu nationalities?

    Kevin Wu's nationalities is American

  • Who is Kevin Wu siblings?

    Kevin Wu's siblings is Kelly Wu

  • What was Kevin Wu universities?

    Kevin Wu studied at University Of California, Davis (UC Davis), University of California, Davis, Clements High School in Sugar Land

  • What was Kevin Wu notable alumnis?

    Kevin Wu's notable alumnis is University Of California, Davis (UC Davis), University Of California, Davis (UC Davis)

  • How tall is Kevin Wu?

    Kevin Wu's height is 180

  • Who is Kevin Wu's father?

    Kevin Wu's father is Michael Wu

  • What is Kevin Wu's sun sign?

    Kevin Wu is Gemini

  • How famous is Kevin Wu?

    Kevin Wu is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Kevin Wu's facebook?

    Kevin Wu's facebook is

  • What is Kevin Wu's twitter?

    Kevin Wu's twitter is

  • What is Kevin Wu's youtube?

    Kevin Wu's youtube is

  • What is Kevin Wu's instagram?

    Kevin Wu's instagram is

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