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Kassem G is an American actor, comedian and YouTube personality

BirthdayOctober 10, 1983
FamousActors, Comedians, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, Internet Personality
Known asKassem Gharaibeh
Birth PlaceAmman
Sun SignLibra
Born inAmman
Famous asInternet Personality, Comedian, Actor

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Who is Kassem G?

Kassem Gharaibeh, renowned by his stage name Kassem G, is an American actor, comedian and YouTube personality who rose to fame with his YouTube channel ‘KassemG’. He stepped into the world of entertainment as a stand-up comedian performing in small venues while working with chain retailer ‘Best Buy’. He was inspired to create videos for YouTube after one of the videos of his friend Cory Williams went viral online. This encouraged him to make videos for YouTube and in that pursuit he gave up his ten years old retail job to pay full-time attention to such endeavour. He created the YouTube channel ‘KassemG’ and started uploading videos including the ones on sketch comedy and interviews. Some of his notable webseries include ‘Street Music’, ‘Going Deep’ and ‘California On’ that garnered him immense fame and popularity earning millions of subscriptions and views over the years. He is one of the founders of the American multi-channel network ‘Makers Studios’ that is presently a subsidiary of ‘The Walt Disney Company’. He created another YouTube channel ‘KassemGTwo’ where initially he posted the videos of his new series ‘AsKassem’. He won the ‘Streamy Award’ in 2013.

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Childhood & Early Life

Kassem was born on October 10, 1983, in Jordan. Following his birth, he resided in Saudi Arabia for a while with his Egyptian mother and Jordanian father. When he was four years old, his family relocated to Florida in the United States. He was thereafter raised in Ventura County, California.


Kassem worked as a stand-up-comedian while serving ‘Best Buy’. He strived to make a mark in the Los Angeles stand-up scene by performing stand-up-comedy on weekends in front of small crowds generally in small venues like Chinese restaurants.

The concept of creating and uploading videos on YouTube hit him when a video of his friend, actor and YouTube personality, Cory Williams, became a sensation on the video sharing site.

He started uploading his stand-up and comedy sketch videos on YouTube from 2008 and according to him, he initially posted such videos just for fun. However, after his videos started garnering a decent following, Kassem got inspired to take up the endeavour more seriously.

He gave up his retail job of ten years to dedicate more time on his new effort. Gradually, his videos started getting attention that saw his YouTube channel ‘KassemG’ garnering more than one million subscribers by summer 2010. Till present the channel, that was created on Oct 24, 2006, has amassed over 2.5 million subscribers with a whooping count of over 441 million views.

The amusing yet witty videos of this YouTuber have not only become immensely popular among viewers across the globe but also positioned him among the most viewed comedians on the internet.

Among the umpteen videos he hosts on YouTube the web-series ‘California On’ based on man-on-the-street format is one of the most notable ones. Here, he interviews people on the street on specific subjects bringing a touch of humour in the videos.

The viewership of ‘California On’ has touched an average of a million per episode thus making it one of the hot favourites among his viewers.

Other notable web-series of this YouTube sensation includes ‘Going Deep’ where he interviews adult movies' stars; and ‘’Street Music’ where he and fellow YouTube personality, NicePeter, hit the streets to sing street ballads to the people near them commenting on what they see and capturing reactions and expressions of the people.

Meanwhile on June 8, 2009, he started his second YouTube channel ‘KassemGtwo’ where he primarily uploaded his ‘AsKassem’ web-series videos. As of June 6, 2017, the channel has garnered over 35 million views and almost half a million subscribers.

The American multi-channel network ‘Maker Studios, Inc.’ was launched by him along with Ben Donovan, Lisa Donovan, Danny Zappin, Scott Katz, Shay Carl, Philip DeFranco, Derek Jones, Ezra Cooperstein and Paul Ballon in 2009. The company headquartered at Culver City, California, US became a subsidiary of ‘The Walt Disney Company’ in December 2015.

He describes himself as “I'm very cute and popular” in his Twitter account ‘kassemg’ which he created in June 2009 and has till present amassed 335K followers.

He was part of the online sketch channel ‘The Station’ on YouTube that was launched by several YouTube celebrities in the summer of 2009. The channel was later re-branded following upload of a teaser for ‘Maker Studios’ web-series ‘Nacho Punch’ on October 14, 2013, as the official YouTube home of the web-series.

He essayed the role of Mr. Anderson, a bitter teacher, in the American action comedy short film ‘Agents of Secret Stuff’ starring Arden Cho, Ryan Higa and Dominic Sandoval. The theatrical release of the film happened in Los Angeles on November 23, 2010. It was also uploaded on YouTube on that day. Till present, it has garnered more than 32 million views on the video sharing site.

He featured as a guest host in Ray William Johnson’s popular web series ‘Equals Three’ in June 2011 and January 2012. The videos included ‘Hole People’, ‘Optimus Crane’ and ‘Schindler’s Geese’.

From December 2013 to May 2016, he featured eight times in the video and audio podcast show ‘Getting Doug With High’ hosted by Doug Benson, an American actor and stand-up comedian.

His work on web-series ‘California On’ won him the Streamy Award for Best Host in 2013.

He essayed a bit role in the 2014 American science fiction action film ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ that emerged as the highest grosser of the year garnering over a billion at the box office.

He featured in three seasons of the popular video series ‘Epic Rap Battles of History’ created by EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter and produced and distributed by ‘Makers Studio’. While he appeared as himself in the first and second seasons, he played a non-speaking cameo role as Lando Calrissian in the third season.

He gave voiceover as Cucumber in the YouTube comedy web-series ‘The Annoying Orange’ created by Dane Boe.

Personal Life

There is hardly any information available on the personal life, romantic association and dating status of this famous YouTube personality who presently lives in Venice, California.

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Kassem G's FAQ

  • What is Kassem G birthday?

    Kassem G was born at 1983-10-10

  • Where is Kassem G's birth place?

    Kassem G was born in Amman

  • What is Kassem G nationalities?

    Kassem G's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Kassem G?

    Kassem G's height is 185

  • What is Kassem G's sun sign?

    Kassem G is Libra

  • How famous is Kassem G?

    Kassem G is famouse as Internet Personality, Comedian, Actor

  • What is Kassem G's twitter?

    Kassem G's twitter is https://twitter.com/kassemg

  • What is Kassem G's youtube?

    Kassem G's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/KassemG

  • What is Kassem G's instagram?

    Kassem G's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/gmessak/