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Joslyn Davis's Personal Details

Joslyn Elaine Davis is an American YouTuber, actress and on-air host

BirthdayApril 25, 1982
FamousOn-air Host, Youtube Personality, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
Nick namesJoslyn Elaine Davis
Birth PlaceDowney, California
Sun SignTaurus
Born inDowney, California
Famous asYouTube Personality, On-Air Host

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Who is Joslyn Davis?

Joslyn Davis is a social media personality and popular as co-host and executive producer of Clevver Media. It is the number one entertainment news platform on YouTube which covers personality driven content, entertainment news, and ‘beauty fail’ videos and was acquired by Alloy Digital in June 2012. Clevver runs six celebrity-focused YouTube channels titled ClevverTV, ClevverMusic, ClevverNews, CleverTeVe and ClevverStyle. Josylyn Davis has acted in TV-series ‘Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig’ in 2016 and has performed as herself in ‘Clevver News Feed’ in 2012, ‘Good Day L.A.’ in 2013, ’Totally Clevver’ and ‘Dirty Laundry’ in 2015, ‘Clevver Girl’ TV movie and ‘Clevver Now’ in 2016 and ‘Throwback’ in 2016. She hosted ‘Clevver News Feed’ in 2012 and ‘Clevver TV: E3 2013 Special’. Joslyn produced short TV series like ‘Clever TV: E3 Special’ in 2013 and ‘Prank It Forward’ in 2014. She directed and produced the ‘Dirty Laundry’ TV series in 2014 and was guest in ‘Shane and Friends’ in 2017 series. Josyln Davis became very popular as a contestant of ‘The Amazing Race’ in 2016along with co -contestant Erin Robinson.

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Rise to Stardom

After her endeavours in television, she started focussing on the web media. She is a YouTube celebrity well-known mainly for ‘ClevverStyle’, ‘ClevverTV’ and ‘ClevverNews’ channels operated by Defy Media.

Joslyn Davis co-hosts the ‘ClevverStyle’ beauty-break series of videos like ‘Weirdest ways to curl hair’, ‘5 creepy colored contact lenses for Halloween’, ‘4 Ways to wash your hair without showering ‘ ,‘Does professional teeth whitening work’ and ‘Trying YouTuber makeup products’ with web celebrities like Lily Martson and BN Baxter and also beauty-tripping series like ‘Getting Henna Tattoo’, ‘Getting styled for Coachella’ and ‘Getting dressed for the Grammy’s’.

‘CleverStyle’, a popular make-up and styling channel portraying the latest trends, has 2.3 million subscribers. She is a co-host of the popular ‘Dirty Laundry’ series discussing and giving views on celebrities like ‘who dressed best or worse’ and ‘who repeated whom’.

Joslyn is famous as guest-host of ‘ClevverTV’ cheat-day series of videos titled ‘8 craziest exotic fruits’, ‘Mac and cheese’, ‘10 weird but yummy food combinations’ and ‘7 crazy sushi rolls’ with co-hosts Erin Robinson and Sinead De Vries. She gained popularity for co-hosting the ‘Throwback’ videos titled ‘12 more old songs you didn’t realize were dirty’, ‘8 dirty movie references you missed as a kid’ and the debatable issue videos like ‘Hottest male social media star’, ‘4 hot celebs we want to marry’ and ‘4 best Taylor Swift boyfriends’. She co-hosted the video ‘Lick it clean challenge’ with Shane Dawson. ClevverTV has 2.2 million subscribers.

She has interviewed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman for the movie ‘The Boyfriend Next Door‘, for ‘CleverNews’. Joslyn co-hosts the rumour patrol section of ‘CleverNews’ analysing the validity of the rumours like ‘Rihanna Confirms Pregnancy’, ‘Ariana Grande a homewrecker? Lele Pons exposed for publicity’ and ‘Selena Gomez Pregnant Bride? Justin Beiber announces quitting music for good’. She has hosted their True Showmance show ‘Cheating Scandal on the Bachelorette- Chad Johnson’ and was also an on-air host for the ‘2016-Golden Globes Award’. This channel has 3.3 million subscribers. Clevver media has more than 5 million subscribers with more than 170 million views per month.

Joslyn has even hosted for the ‘Live Australian Seven Network’ as Hollywood Reporter. Joslyn Davis has interviewed many stars like Robert Pattison, Ian Somerhalder, Selena Gomez, the cast of ‘Pretty Liar’, Justin Bieber and bands like the ‘All American Rejects’ on ClevverTV.

At present, she is seen hosting and reporting for Project,, California Adventure TV (KCAL), ‘Designing Spaces: Think Green’ on HGTV and ‘Sunrise’ (one of Australia’s top morning shows). Her own personal vlog named ‘Joslyn Davis’ has16 thousand subscribers. In this vlog, she mainly uploads pictures and related write-ups about her trips, vacation, family occasions, recipes, fun, fashion and music. JoslynDavis has described her Alaska Sledge Dog Adventure, best birthday trip party at Cabo Mexico, Kayaking at SanJuan islands, Catalina Island Tours, Paris- France in 90 seconds and news of her attending the iHeart Radio Music Awards and her sisters’ bachelorette party in her personal vlog.

Behind the Curtains

Joslyn Davis was born on 25th April, 1982 in Downey, CA. She completed several internships in the media world while attending classes in the University of California, Irvine. She spent a semester abroad and studied at Carlos 111 University in Madrid, Spain before she graduated with Bachelor’s in English from University of California with Spanish as minor subject.

Joslyn has one sister, Ali Davis, and a brother and at present resides in Los Angeles. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She volunteers for Music Saves Lives, a non-profit organization which has been honoured by American Red Cross and also for which works to solve the clean water crisis.

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Joslyn Davis's FAQ

  • What is Joslyn Davis birthday?

    Joslyn Davis was born at 1982-04-25

  • Where is Joslyn Davis's birth place?

    Joslyn Davis was born in Downey, California

  • What is Joslyn Davis nationalities?

    Joslyn Davis's nationalities is American

  • What is Joslyn Davis nick names?

    Joslyn Davis's nickNames is Joslyn Elaine Davis

  • What is Joslyn Davis's sun sign?

    Joslyn Davis is Taurus

  • How famous is Joslyn Davis?

    Joslyn Davis is famouse as YouTube Personality, On-Air Host

  • What is Joslyn Davis's facebook?

    Joslyn Davis's facebook is

  • What is Joslyn Davis's twitter?

    Joslyn Davis's twitter is

  • What is Joslyn Davis's youtube?

    Joslyn Davis's youtube is

  • What is Joslyn Davis's instagram?

    Joslyn Davis's instagram is

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