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Johnnie Guilbert's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Johnnie Guilbert, the famous American social media personality; his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayAugust 28, 1997
FamousYoutube Star, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, Vloggers
SiblingsJosh and Margaret
Birth PlaceSan Jose, California
Net Worth$0.275 million as of Sep 15,2016
Sun SignVirgo
Born inSan Jose, California
Famous asYouTube Star, Vlogger

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Who is Johnnie Guilbert?

Johnnie Guilbert is a singer, songwriter, and social media personality who gained popularity on YouTube and YouNow. He posts vlogs, skits, challenges and music videos on his eponymous YouTube channel. He has also been a part of the collaborative YouTube channel "My Digital Escape," along with six other YouTubers, BryanStars, Alex Dorame, Kyle David Hall, Jordan Sweeto, Shannon Taylor and Jeydon Wale. He participated in the Vans Warped Tour twice in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, he also went on a tour with his "My Digital Escape" teammates. A musician of the alternative genre, he has released two EPs already. His first EP Not So Perfect was released on Nov 27, 2015 and contained five songs. On Nov 18, 2016, he released his second EP Lost with six tracks. His YouTube channel contains music videos of his popular songs. He also has merchandise out on District Lines.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

It was fellow YouTube star Bryan Odell, a.k.a. BryanStars, who inspired Johnnie Guilbert to join YouTube. While Johnnie was interested in alternative music, Bryan used to host interviews with popular artists in the alternative scene. He created his channel in September 2013. He was influenced by the type of contents YouTubers like DeeFizzy and BryanStars posted. He uploaded his first video named “ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES!!! Johnnie Guilbert VLOG #1” on November 16, 2013. From there onwards, he collaborated with BryanStars on a number of videos and started to post on his YouTube channel regularly. He has already managed to gain 776k subscribers on YouTube. However, his most followed social media account is Instagram with 990k followers.

What Makes Johnnie So Special

Johnnie Guilbert is a multitalented artist who considers himself a YouTube video creator, musician, vlogger and an actor. However, he made great efforts to realize his goals. Johnnie, who has been suffering from depression since he was 9 years old, took the YouTube platform to openly talk about his experiences and how he coped with his issues. As a dyslexic child, growing up was not easy for him. He was not very much interested in the things his school had to offer. He always wanted to go after entertainment or music. He also used to get bullied for dressing differently than other kids. He would often wear hats and skinny jeans. Around the time he was nine, his father was diagnosed with cancer. When his father died on December 7, 2010, it cast him into a long period of depression. It eventually became so severe that he had to go through therapy once every three days for about 3-4 years. During this period, he even became suicidal and not only hurt himself, but also thought about killing himself more than once. His optimistic nature helped him survive the hardest moments of his life. As he joined YouTube and started to gain love and recognition, he opened up to his followers and shared with them the dark times he had to go through. In his videos, he conveys the message to his fans that no matter how difficult life may seem, one should push through it as good things are bound to come.

Beyond Fame

Johnnie Guilbert used to share an apartment with fellow YouTube star BryanStars who helped him a lot with his videos during his early years on YouTube. They even created a collaborative channel, "My Digital Escape," along with other popular YouTubers. However, Bryan soon started to take over the channel as the general manager, which didn't please the contributors of the channel, including Johnnie himself. In May 2016, the group officially disbanded. However, a few months later, in September 2016, Bryan posted a teaser on "My Digital Escape" channel, indicating MDE 2.0 will be launching soon. This caused a huge controversy and the former group members, as well as other famous personalities who knew the original team, started to criticize Bryan's efforts. Johnnie, who was close to Bryan initially, posted a video on his channel explaining to his fans how Bryan caused the break up in the first place, without taking his name. He also criticized his former friend and roommate for using others to earn money. Bryan eventually backed off, apologizing for the hurt he has caused to his friends.

Behind The Curtains

Born on August 28, 1997, Johnnie Guilbert grew up in San Jose, California. He has a brother named Josh and a sister named Margaret. Johnnie is currently in a relationship with fellow YouTube star Alex Dorame. Alex had been a part of "My Digital Escape" group. Johnnie, who used to share an apartment with BryanStars, moved with Alex after the group broke apart. They have made their relationship public and often appear on videos together. They have a pet dog named Lola.

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Johnnie Guilbert's FAQ

  • What is Johnnie Guilbert birthday?

    Johnnie Guilbert was born at 1997-08-28

  • Where is Johnnie Guilbert's birth place?

    Johnnie Guilbert was born in San Jose, California

  • What is Johnnie Guilbert nationalities?

    Johnnie Guilbert's nationalities is American

  • Who is Johnnie Guilbert siblings?

    Johnnie Guilbert's siblings is Josh and Margaret

  • How tall is Johnnie Guilbert?

    Johnnie Guilbert's height is 170

  • What is Johnnie Guilbert's sun sign?

    Johnnie Guilbert is Virgo

  • How famous is Johnnie Guilbert?

    Johnnie Guilbert is famouse as YouTube Star, Vlogger

  • What is Johnnie Guilbert's twitter?

    Johnnie Guilbert's twitter is

  • What is Johnnie Guilbert's youtube?

    Johnnie Guilbert's youtube is

  • What is Johnnie Guilbert's instagram?

    Johnnie Guilbert's instagram is