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Jim Chapman's Personal Details

Jim Chapman is a British YouTuber, vloger, blogger, fashion model and internet celebrity

BirthdayDecember 28, 1987
FamousYoutube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
SpousesTanya Burr
SiblingsNicola & John, Samantha
Known asJames Alfred
Birth PlaceNorwich
MotherJudy Chapman
Net Worth$2 million
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inNorwich
Famous asYouTube Star

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Jim Chapman's photo

Who is Jim Chapman?

The slender and slick British YouTuber Jim Chapman is a social media sensation. With daily vlogs, advice, and music videos, he has gathered over 2.5 million subscribers. Popularly known as Tanya Burr’s husband, Jim has groomed himself well and made it big in the modelling world too! Fashion runs in his blood; his advice ranges from wardrobe must-haves to latest trends. His fans also follow him on Instagram and Twitter, where he has 2.3 million and 2 million fans respectively. Following the success of his first channel, he created another called ‘Everyday Jim,’ where he uploads videos from Monday to Friday. He often collaborates with many YouTubers, both British and American. He is also the dashing co-host of ITV’s ‘Viral Trap.’ He has prolifically promoted youth service as the ambassador of ‘National Citizen Service.’

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

All through his school days, Jim Chapman was a bright student and scored decent grades. At a house party during high school he met Tanya Burr. The two began dating, but he didn’t realize then that she was going to shape his career too! After completing high school, Jim went on to pursue psychology in college. Tanya, who had just begun her YouTube channel, encouraged Jim to create his own account. After watching videos, he began posting about his life, giving advice, and talking to his viewers about music and films. He called his channel ‘j1mmyb0bba,’ which was later renamed. All along, he continued with his education and finally after graduating with a degree in psychology, he took up YouTube full-time as by then he had acquired a large number of subscribers. With so much recognition coming from his first channel, he created his second channel, collaborating with other YouTubers, including his wife, siblings, and friends. He became closely associated with the American YouTube community after he attended ‘VidCon’, ‘Playlist,’ and ‘Summer in the City.' He extended support towards ‘sports relief’ by touring at Liverpool, Birmingham, and Brighton, along with his band of boys called ‘YouTube Boyband.’ He was voted No.1 on the ‘Best Dressed’ list by GQ magazine.

What Makes Jim Chapman So Special

He is tall, lean, and chiseled. He is every girl’s dream boy. Style comes naturally to him; as a teenager he wasn’t that handsome, but his handsome genes kicked-in towards the end of high school. He knows what to wear and what to say at the right time, and the right place. He did break the hearts of his female fans when he married the gorgeous Tanya Burr, but most of his fans were happy since he was always dedicated to his relationship and proved that he was a “one-woman man.” He is hard-working and entertains his viewers by uploading new videos every day.

Beyond Fame

Being the fashion star that he is, one would wonder what he loves wearing the most, and Jim has an answer to that: suits and formal wear. He looks spectacular in them. His favorite color is green. He also loves reading and watching Marvel comics; his favorite superhero is Spiderman. He likes the television show 'Dexter,' but hates the long wait between two seasons. Jim loves dogs and penguins. He owns a Dachshund, named Martha. Two things he doesn’t like are waking up early in the morning, and being surrounded by mess. He is also an artist and loves sketching.

Behind the Curtains

Jim was born in Norwich. He has a twin brother named John; they are fraternal twins. Jim has two elder sisters, Samantha and Nicola. The four of them grew up together, not requiring many friends as they kept each other entertained always. Jim went to Old Buckenham High School. After completing his schooling, he sought admission in the University of East Anglia and went on to graduate with a degree in psychology. He fell in love with Tanya Burr in 2006. The two began dating, and a couple of years later Tanya brought YouTube into Jim’s life. It paid off well and his career was made! The couple remained in public eye, and got engaged in 2012. They purchased a home in Bramerton, London, and moved in together. On September 3, 2015, they tied the knot and have been living happily together ever since.

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Jim Chapman's FAQ

  • What is Jim Chapman birthday?

    Jim Chapman was born at 1987-12-28

  • Where is Jim Chapman's birth place?

    Jim Chapman was born in Norwich

  • What is Jim Chapman nationalities?

    Jim Chapman's nationalities is British

  • Who is Jim Chapman spouses?

    Jim Chapman's spouses is Tanya Burr

  • Who is Jim Chapman siblings?

    Jim Chapman's siblings is Nicola & John, Samantha

  • How tall is Jim Chapman?

    Jim Chapman's height is 191

  • Who is Jim Chapman's father?

    Jim Chapman's father is J

  • Who is Jim Chapman's mother?

    Jim Chapman's mother is Judy Chapman

  • What is Jim Chapman's sun sign?

    Jim Chapman is Capricorn

  • How famous is Jim Chapman?

    Jim Chapman is famouse as YouTube Star

  • What is Jim Chapman's facebook?

    Jim Chapman's facebook is http://facebook.com/officialjimchapman

  • What is Jim Chapman's twitter?

    Jim Chapman's twitter is https://twitter.com/JimChapman

  • What is Jim Chapman's youtube?

    Jim Chapman's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/JimChapman

  • What is Jim Chapman's instagram?

    Jim Chapman's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/jimchapman/