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Jazzy Anne's Personal Details

Jazzy Anne is an American YouTube personality & social media star

BirthdayAugust 11, 2002
FamousYoutube Personality, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
Birth PlaceAustin, Texas
Sun SignLeo
Born inAustin, Texas
Famous asYouTube Personality

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Who is Jazzy Anne?

YouTube has become a huge global platform for budding youngsters to come forward and showcase their talent to millions of people across the world. With so many YouTube stars out there making a name for themselves, it can be very easy and intimidating to get lost in it. Luckily, Jazzy Anne has managed to hold her own in this crazy world of internet and videos. Jazzy Anne is one of the most popular YouTube sensations out there. She is seen as a very relatable star whose videos appeal to anyone and everyone. Even though her videos revolve predominantly around her personal life, it never seems like a voyeuristic reality show. She talks about teeny tiny things like what she carries in her backpack, what gifts she got for her birthday, etc., which makes it a lot of fun for her viewers.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Jazzy Anne first posted her audition for the SevenAwesomeKids channel in September 2012. People loved her audition and loved her too! So, she started her own YouTube channel titled 'JthreeProductions' in 2012, and now, she has over 550,000 subscribers. Apart from her own personal YouTube channel, she is also famous for being a part of the popular channel 'SevenSuperGirls.' Due to her collaboration with 'SevenSuperGirls,' she has earned more than 5.8 million subscribers collectively on this channel! Her 'SevenSuperGirls' channel partners are Emily, Kaelyn, Nicole, Rachael, Jenna, and Katherine. Their channel uploads funny videos, including what they do when they find a creepy doll, self styled magic shows, their excitement for Christmas, their morning routines, after school routines, etc. Apart from this, Jazzy Anne has also uploaded a few videos with her older brother Joshua in which they taste disgusting foods and react to it. On July 2015, she posted one of her most popular videos ‘Jazzy’s Buried Treasure Hunt!’ on 'SevenSuperGirls,' which got more than 3 million views in less than three months! She has more than 383K followers.

What Makes Jazzy Anne So Special

Even though she is a very popular YouTube star, she is just like any other teenager. Her videos are centered around normal day-to-day things and ideas about school, make up, and being curious about things which the current generation of teenagers find fascinating. Jazzy Anne’s opinions, ideas and jokes are really funny and entertaining to her viewers.

Beyond Fame

Despite being a famous YouTuber, Jazzy Anne is a down-to-earth person, who lives a typical teenage life similar to millions of other American teenagers. Her innocence and youthful charms endear her to fans of all age groups. She too loves her fans very much and stays connected to them through social media.

Behind The Curtains

Jazzy Anne’s father was born in Canada and her mother is from Philippines, which makes her half Filipino. She is currently single and loves spending time with her family.


Jazzy Anne used to be in a community theater and one of her favourite plays that she acted in at the age of seven, was ‘Annie.’

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Jazzy Anne's FAQ

  • What is Jazzy Anne birthday?

    Jazzy Anne was born at 2002-08-11

  • Where is Jazzy Anne's birth place?

    Jazzy Anne was born in Austin, Texas

  • What is Jazzy Anne nationalities?

    Jazzy Anne's nationalities is American

  • What is Jazzy Anne's sun sign?

    Jazzy Anne is Leo

  • How famous is Jazzy Anne?

    Jazzy Anne is famouse as YouTube Personality