Jayden Croes
Jayden Croes Childhood & Facts, Musical.ly Stars - 𝐉𝐚𝐲𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐂𝐫𝐨𝐞𝐬 Biography
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Gilmher Croes (brother)
Mon Plaisir College
Susanne Croes
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Who is Jayden Croes?

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Jayden Croes is a popular face on the app ‘Musical.ly’. His fan list has thousands of people on it. The teenager has garnered 43.3K followers on Instagram and has got over 13,000 views and 1.6K fans on live webcast portal YouNow. In all he has about 80K fans. On his Twitter account the actor and dancer has stated- “My favorite thing to do is to put a smile on people’s faces!” This is the reason why Jayden’s videos have loads of energy and fun. He got verified on the musically application on the 3rd of May 2016.

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Jayden Croes The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Jayden creates his videos along with his brother Gilmher Croes and friend Giomir Leocadia. Fame hugged Jayden in 2015 when the musical.ly star began making skits for Facebook in collaboration with his brother and best friend. Jayden also attempted to make Vine videos but quit it later on. His videos became a hit in a very short time and brought the youngster a local award. For a musical.ly video, Jayden lip-synced to Zara Larsson’s song ‘Lush Life’.

Jayden Croes What Makes Jayden So Special

Jayden’s wavy, side-swept hair gives him a lot of style and also makes him look different from other vloggers. The teen has made extensive use of caps, hooded sweatshirts, wigs and varied accessories in all his videos. The dexterity with which Jayden uses his hands and fingers is remarkable. His gestures give his videos a distinct feel.

Jayden Croes Beyond Fame

A particular girl features in some of Jayden’s videos but it can’t be said whether she’s Jayden’s girlfriend or not. Not much is known about his personal life.

Jayden Croes Behind the Curtains

Jayden was born in Aruba to the Croes couple Gilbert and Susanne. He was raised in the capital and largest city of Aruba, Oranjestad, which is a part of the kingdom of Netherlands. Jayden has two siblings- an elder brother named Gilmher Croes, who is also a social media personality, and a sister. From 2011 to 2016 he studied at the Mon Plaisir College and graduated on June 17, 2016. Jayden’s brother Gilmher was made Aruba’s Social Media Star of 2015.

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Frequently asked questions about Jayden Croes

  • What is Jayden Croes birthday?

    Jayden Croes was born at November 11, 1998

  • Where is Jayden Croes's birth place?

    Jayden Croes was born in Aruba

  • What is Jayden Croes nationalities?

    Jayden Croes's nationalities is Aruban

  • Who is Jayden Croes siblings?

    Jayden Croes's siblings is Gilmher Croes (brother)

  • What was Jayden Croes universities?

    Jayden Croes studied at Mon Plaisir College university

  • Who is Jayden Croes's father?

    Jayden Croes's father is Gilbert

  • Who is Jayden Croes's mother?

    Jayden Croes's mother is Susanne Croes

  • What is Jayden Croes's sun sign?

    Jayden Croes is Scorpio

  • What is Jayden Croes's twitter?

    Jayden Croes's twitter is https://twitter.com/_jaydencroes

  • What is Jayden Croes's instagram?

    Jayden Croes's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/jaydencroes/

  • What is Jayden Croes's younow?

    Jayden Croes's younow is https://www.younow.com/JaydenCroes