Information Technology (IT) and Software is a fairly recent phenomenon in the field of business. IT is a term commonly associated with computers and computer networks, and also encompasses other information distribution technologies. Entrepreneurship in IT and software has contributed to business growth and development tremendously over the past few years. This field is also closely related to ecommerce, the internet business concept that revolutionized the way business is conducted all over the world. Several other industries like telecom, computer services, electronics and computer hardware are also related areas. Business people dealing in IT and software entrepreneurship have to adopt strategies that are different from other businesses that deal with products and services. This field is a very wide one which encompasses everything from online shopping, ecommerce, and software development to website development and web content creation. Several ambitious businessmen have built profitable ventures in this field as it allows for enormous economies of scale. Of course, there are inherent risks in this business as advancements in technologies take place at such a fast rate, but astute and alert businessmen have the ability to convert these threats into lucrative opportunities. This section gives you a collection of biographies and timelines that provide you with information about the various business people in the field of IT & Software.