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Hardstop Lucas's Personal Details

Hardstop Lucas is an American Viner and comedy-sketch artist

BirthdayOctober 30, 1996
FamousSocial Media Stars, Viners, YouTubers, Vloggers
Birth PlaceSilver Spring, MD
Sun SignScorpio
Born inSilver Spring, MD
Famous asSocial Media Star

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Who is Hardstop Lucas?

Hardstop Lucas is an American "Viner" and comedy-sketch artist. He has also gained popularity as an "Instagrammer" and a musician. Hardstop had once posted several comedy clips on 'Vine,' for which he had earned millions of fans on the platform, before the application was shut down. His hilarious content and incredible acting skills have played a crucial role in earning him massive social-media fame. Hardstop usually plays multiple characters in his comedy videos. Currently, he posts his comedy videos on his ‘YouTube’ channel. The channel, however, does not have too many subscribers. Hardstop owns a special-edition line of footwear that is available for sale online.

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Social-Media Fame

Hardstop started his music career as a composer. He would often write songs when he was young, but he had never thought of music as a serious career option. After graduating high school, Hardstop began to consider music seriously. His hobby turned into his passion, and this marked the beginning of his social-media career. Being interested in comedy, he began composing comedy-sketch clips for 'Vine.' His comedy videos became instant hits. Soon, he began collaborating with other "Viners." One of Hardstop’s most popular collaborations was 'Tommy Goes on a Field Trip' with DopeIsland. His Thanksgiving Day parody and the spoof on the TV series 'Ghost Hunters' have been equally popular. He has also mocked live sitcom audiences in one of his 'Vines' videos.

Hardstop then began concentrating on his 'YouTube' channel. He is known as 'LOUDMOUTH' on the platform. The channel has a number of videos featuring him. Playing multiple characters in a single video is a time-consuming act and leaves Hardstop with very little time to upload his videos. Thus, he does not upload videos on the platform frequently. Despite this, a few of his ‘YouTube’ videos have received over a million views. Some of his most noteworthy videos are 'We Don't Close Doors In This House,’ ‘We Don’t Close Doors In This House 2,’ and 'Slow Reader.' Of these, the first video has crossed 2.9 million views, the highest on the channel. The channel, however, has earned a little over 344 thousand subscribers to date. As a music composer, Hardstop posts original rap music to his 'SoundCloud' account. Additionally, he posts his favorite tracks on the platform. Hardstop is quite popular on 'Instagram,' too, where his comedy clips have brought him over 430 thousand followers.

Hardstop owns a line of footwear known as 'LOUDMOUTH.' He trades this customized footwear line on 'aliveshoes.com.' The most interesting feature of this footwear line is that all the shoes have Hardstop’s picture on them.

Personal Life

Hardstop Lucas was born Terrell Dugue, on October 30, 1996, in Silver Spring, Maryland. He grew up in Rockville. Hardstop has two younger sisters. He attended 'McKinley Technology High School' in Washington DC.

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Hardstop Lucas biography timelines

  • // 30th Oct 1996
    Hardstop Lucas was born Terrell Dugue, on October 30, 1996, in Silver Spring, Maryland. He grew up in Rockville. Hardstop has two younger sisters. He attended 'McKinley Technology High School' in Washington DC.

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Hardstop Lucas's FAQ

  • What is Hardstop Lucas birthday?

    Hardstop Lucas was born at 1996-10-30

  • Where is Hardstop Lucas's birth place?

    Hardstop Lucas was born in Silver Spring, MD

  • What is Hardstop Lucas nationalities?

    Hardstop Lucas's nationalities is American

  • What is Hardstop Lucas's sun sign?

    Hardstop Lucas is Scorpio

  • How famous is Hardstop Lucas?

    Hardstop Lucas is famouse as Social Media Star

  • What is Hardstop Lucas's facebook?

    Hardstop Lucas's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/pg/hardstoplucas/about/

  • What is Hardstop Lucas's twitter?

    Hardstop Lucas's twitter is https://twitter.com/hardstoplucas/

  • What is Hardstop Lucas's youtube?

    Hardstop Lucas's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6HfhID-PTOtY3T2JylQVGA/

  • What is Hardstop Lucas's instagram?

    Hardstop Lucas's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/hardstop.lucas/