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Freelee's Personal Details

Freelee (Leanne Ratcliffe) is an Australian YouTuber, Vlogger & Fitness Expert

BirthdaySeptember 17, 1980
FamousFitness Expert, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
Nick namesLeanne Ratcliffe, Freelee Bell, Freelee the Banana Girl
Birth PlaceQueensland, Australia
Net Worth$400,000 as on 2016
Sun SignVirgo
Born inQueensland, Australia
Famous asYouTuber, Fitness Expert

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Who is Freelee?

Leanne Ratcliffe, popularly known throughout YouTube as Freelee, is a fitness expert and fierce advocate of raw food movement coupled with veganism. Freelee rose to prominence when she declared that she gained perfectly toned body by following an extreme vegan diet consisting of bananas and potatoes. She is the creator of two YouTube channels where she talks about her diet, exercises and making positive changes in lifestyle. She has also given a series of inspirational talks on the difficult times in her life with the hope that it will have a good effect on her viewers. She also has a website of her own where she has created a space for all vegan and raw food enthusiasts. She has also authored an eBook outlining her diet and lifestyle principles. Freelee has also dipped her foot into the entrepreneurial pool though personalized merchandising as well as through her own app. From a woman dealing with a lot of hardships in her life to a successful social media influencer, Freelee the Bell has embarked on a truly inspirational journey that seems to be taking her places in life so far.

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Rise to Stardom

Freelee started her channel to keep a record of her progress and to spread awareness about her diet techniques to help revive other lives. She has been following a strictly vegan diet since 2006 and has shed over 20 kilos weight. She shows off her toned body regularly as a proof that her diet can work wonders.

She is an advocate of a completely vegan diet and stresses on three fundamental points – first, include as many fruits as you can in the diet; second, going for a mono meal plan technique; and third, her raw-until-4 philosophy.

Freelee has made internet headlines when she declared to her audiences that she consumes almost 50 bananas per day as a part of her extreme vegan diet. She also added that at one time she can also consume about 2 kilos of potato as part of her dinner. She counters popular beliefs against a high carb diet with examples from the eating habits of longest surviving Asian cultures and maintaining that having a low fat/low salt diet is the key to effectively extract nutrition from any kind of diet.

She also advocated the mono meal dieting technique where she eats meals comprising of a single fruit or vegetable in large quantities to satiate one’s hunger. It’s a relatively new but controversial dieting fad in the health industry advocated by a lot of fitness experts.

Freelee is also the creator of the Raw Till 4 diet plan. She declares in an interview, “The concept of Raw Till 4 is to say no to calorie restriction and yes to eating and living abundantly,”. The diet consists of eating raw fruits and greens throughout the day without having to process them, and this is followed by a high carb, low fat cooked vegan dinner. The positive health effects of the diet plan has been boosted by several scientists, nutritionists and health experts who believe that this will help facilitate stomach acid, create a thriving environment for the beneficial gut bacteria, provide enough fibers to lubricate gut functions ultimately leading to a healthier and more robust digestion system. Freelee also insists that the diet being low in fat, having zero processed sugar and supplying beneficial salt balance to the body will instant give a healthy boost to an individual’s lifestyle.

She has come up with her own ebooks outlining her diet principles under titles called ‘RAW TILL 4 DIET’ and ‘GO FRUIT YOURSELF’.

She has been featured in elite publications such as Men’s Fitness, Huffington Post, Daily Mail and

Her YouTube channel is extremely popular with around 730K+ subscribers and over 255 million views. She also has a second channel, which is comparatively new and has less number of subscribers. In her channels, she talks about lifestyle and dieting, advocating her own Raw Till diet plans. Freelee appears regularly in these videos flaunting her fantastic body and washboard abs as a testament of success to her diet which she has been following for the last 8 years.

She also makes a series of vlogs revealing dark times in her personal life and how she achieved her present status from there as an instrument for inspiring thousands of women.

In 2017, Freelee announced that she will be making radical changes in her lifestyle which will also reflect on her social media accounts. She has decided to embrace the fact that there is more to life than just your diets and eating habits.

She has decided to embrace a minimalistic lifestyle from henceforth starting out with her cleaning out her huge wardrobe leaving with only 30 items there in. She has decided upon the tag GoFreeYourself for her new approach towards life.

What Makes Freelee So Special

Freelee’s popularity and her stardom status among vegan health advocates is due to the fact that she has always been honest to her viewers. She has come out with her past in front of the camera to give her viewers a before and after scenario of her diet choices.

She has had no hesitation about sharing her earlier slightly overweight and chubby photos.

She has also come clean about suffering from eating disorders and doing drugs and resorting to diet pills to attain that dream body. She has also confessed to giving into the sense of vanity that a super-skinny body affords oneself. Having done rigorous workout regimens at one point of her life, Freelee is strangely reluctant about extreme exercising nowadays.

She is an influencer in her own right; changing hundreds of lives all over the world with her vegan diet philosophies.

Behind The Curtains

Freele’s path to success has not been smooth. She has faced resistance on multiple occasions from fellow YouTubers, health experts and haters. Freelee’s longtime boyfriend and fellow vlogger, Harley 'Durianrider' Johnstone, went through a very public and nasty breakup, post which Johnstone accused Freelee of being manipulative, abusive and fake. He claimed that she was physically violent towards him pretty often and was using Botox since 2013 to enhance her appearance. Freelee denied all these claims outright.

She also has entered legal battle with fellow fitness expert Kayla Itsines, the brains behind the Bikini Body Guide over a series of post defaming her and her boyfriend in public. The problem arose from a book that Johnstone wrote where he hinted towards Itsines and her boyfriend saying how he can retire in about 100 countries around the world with the money he is earning by ‘pimping’ his girlfriend online. The couple was extremely offended and took legal actions against both Freelee and Johnstone.

Freelee’s diet plan has been dubbed unhealthy and unscientific by many authorities over time. It has also being said that it is impossible to sport the look she is sporting without rigorous exercising and by just eating vegan. It has been rumored that she has had a number of plastic surgeries including breast augmentation.

Freelee currently lives in Adelaide, Australia, with boyfriend Robin Haag. Before embarking on the fitness world, Freelee acquired several degrees in nutrition and health sciences from reputed institutions. Her parent’s identity has not been divulged to the press, nor is it known whether she has any siblings or not.

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Freelee's FAQ

  • What is Freelee birthday?

    Freelee was born at 1980-09-17

  • Where is Freelee's birth place?

    Freelee was born in Queensland, Australia

  • What is Freelee nationalities?

    Freelee's nationalities is Australian

  • What is Freelee nick names?

    Freelee's nickNames is Leanne Ratcliffe, Freelee Bell, Freelee the Banana Girl

  • How tall is Freelee?

    Freelee's height is 165

  • What is Freelee's sun sign?

    Freelee is Virgo

  • How famous is Freelee?

    Freelee is famouse as YouTuber, Fitness Expert

  • What is Freelee's facebook?

    Freelee's facebook is

  • What is Freelee's youtube?

    Freelee's youtube is

  • What is Freelee's instagram?

    Freelee's instagram is