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The Most Famous Organist

Cesar FranckDecember 10, 1822FrenchCesar Franck was a very influential composer, pianist and an inspiring teacher who authored memorable musical works
Johann PachelbelSeptember 1, 1653GermanJohann Pachelbel was a famous Baroque composer and organist
Camille Saint-SaënsOctober 9, 1835FrenchCamille Saint-Saens was the French composer and organist who wrote the opera ‘Samson et Dalila’
Fats WallerMay 21, 1904AmericanFats Waller was a renowned pianist, Jazz singer and organist
Francesco CavalliFebruary 14, 1602ItalianGo through the biography of one of the leading opera composers, Francesco Cavalli, and learn all about his childhood, life and timeline.
Heinrich SchützOctober 8, 1585GermanA gifted composer and organist, the maestro called Heinrich Schütz served many courts and enraptured many souls with his compositions
Olivier MessiaenDecember 10, 1908FrenchOlivier Messiaen is a renowned French composer and organist
Nicky HopkinsFebruary 24, 1944BritishNicky Hopkins was a renowned English pianist and session keyboardist
Tomas Luis De Victoria1548SpanishTomas Luis de Victoria was a well-known music composer in the sixteenth century
Dieterich BuxtehudeJune 24, 1637Danish, GermanDieterich Buxtehude was a cardinal musician during the mid-Baroque period
Fats Waller

Fats Waller

Fats Waller was a renowned pianist, Jazz singer and organist

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