Famous people died in 1904

Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov was a celebrated modern short story writer of Russia

GermanJanuary 29, 1860152 views

Niels Ryberg Finsen

Niels Ryberg Finsen was an Icelandic Faroese-Danish physician and scientist famous for his invention of modern phototherapy

DanishDecember 15, 1860180 views

Henry Morton Stanley

Henry Stanley was a Anglo-American journalist and explorer who played a significant role in the exploration of central Africa

BritishJanuary 28, 1841128 views

Jamsetji Tata

Jamsetji Tata was an Indian entrepreneur who founded the Tata Group

IndianMarch 3, 1839206 views

Antonín Dvořák

Antonin Leopold Dvorák was one of the greatest romantic composers who still lives in the hearts of music lovers through his memorable symphonies

CzechSeptember 8, 1841172 views

Jacopo Amigoni

Jacopo Amigoni was a prolific painter of the late-Baroque or Rococo period

ItalianAugust 8, 1904116 views

Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin was an American writer

Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph was the leader of a Native American tribe who led his followers in one of the most dramatic retreats in the history of America

AmericanMarch 3, 1840206 views