Famous people born in May 1994

Casey Boonstra

Casey Boonstra

Casey Boonstra is an Australian model, actress and television presenter

AustralianMay 29, 1994750 views

Coby Persin

Coby Persin is a YouTube entertainer from New York who posts prank videos

AmericanMay 7, 1994162 views

Daequan Loco

Daequan Loco is an American YouTuber, esports player, and a Twitch Streamer

AmericanMay 12, 199497 views

Alex Einstein

Alex Einstein is a famous gaming YouTuber from the USA

AmericanMay 1, 1994877 views


RaeLynn is an American country singer and songwriter

AmericanMay 4, 1994141 views

Peyton Clark

Peyton Clark is a young American actor known for his role in the TV series ‘It's not me.’

AmericanMay 20, 1994732 views

Josh Tryhane

Josh Tryhane is a YouTuber from Canada who publishes a variety of content

CanadianMay 21, 199482 views

Cayden Boyd

Cayden Boyd is an American actor and social marketer

AmericanMay 24, 1994199 views


BookOfKen is a popular American YouTuber

AmericanMay 13, 1994158 views

Shim Eun-kyung

Shim Eun-kyung is a South Korean actress

South KoreanMay 31, 1994186 views