Famous people born in 1788

    Adoniram Judson

    Adoniram Judson

    Adoniram Judson was an American missionary who served in Burma for almost 40 years

    AmericanAugust 9, 1788122 views

    Robert Peel

    Sir Robert Peel was an English politician who served twice as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and founded the ‘Conservative Party’.

    BritishFebruary 5, 1788132 views

    Augustin-Jean Fresnel

    Augustine-Jean Fresnel was a French physicist and engineer who made valuable contribution in the field of wave optics

    FrenchMay 10, 1788133 views

    Arthur Schopenhauer

    Arthur Schopenhauer was a great German philosopher of the late 19th century, famous for his pessimistic philosophies.

    GermanFebruary 22, 1788167 views

    Lord Byron

    Lord Byron was a famous English poet, politician and a leading figure in the Romantic Movement

    BritishJanuary 22, 1788125 views