Famous Empresses & Queens - List of Famous Empresses & Queens

An empress is commonly defined as the female equivalent of an emperor, an emperor's wife (empress consort). The tile of being an empress could also be referred to the emperor’s mother (empress dowager), or a woman who rules in her own right (empress regnant). An empress consort usually shares her husband’s rank and holds the feminine equivalent of the king’s monarchical titles while an empress regnant is a queen in her own right with all the powers of a monarch, usually becoming empress by inheriting the throne on the death of the previous monarch. Quite similar to the description of an empress, queens are the female equivalent of kings. Both are considered to be monarchs, the only difference being is that the emperor and empress are considered to be the higher monarchical titles than king and queen. A monarch is the sovereign head of state, officially outranking all other individuals in the realm. An empress or queen may exercise the most and highest authority in the state independently or along with their husbands.. Browse this section to explore about the life and works of various famous empresses and queens from all over the world.

The Most Famous Empresses & Queens

Jetsun PemaJune 4, 1990BhutaneseJetsun Pema is the Queen consort of Bhutan
Princess Alice of BattenbergFebruary 25, 1885BritishPrincess Andrew of Greece and Denmark, also known as Princess Victoria Alice Elizabeth Julia Marie of Battenberg, was the mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and mother-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II
Nefertiti1370 BCEgyptianNeferneferuaten Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen and chief consort of Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh
Boudica30BritishBoudica was a queen of the Celtic Icenic tribe, who led an uprising against Roman invaders
Alexandra of DenmarkDecember 1, 1844BritishAlexandra of Denmark was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Empress of India
Marie AntoinetteNovember 2, 1755Austrian, FrenchMarie Antoinette was the Queen of France and Navarre from 1774 to 1792
Cleopatra69 BCEgyptian, GreekCleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt
Mariam-uz-Zamani1542IndianMariam-uz-Zamani, also known in history as Harka Bai and Jodha Bai, was the third wife of the Mughal Emperor Akbar
Empress Dowager CixiNovember 29, 1835ChineseEmpress Dowager Cixi was a Chinese empress dowager and regent of the Qing Dynasty
Ankhesenamun1348 BCEgyptianAnkhesenamun was a queen of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt
Empress Dowager Cixi

Empress Dowager Cixi

Empress Dowager Cixi was a Chinese empress dowager and regent of the Qing Dynasty

ChineseNovember 29, 1835222 views

Anne, Queen of Great Britain

Anne Stuart was the reigning queen of Great Britain and Ireland from 1702 to 1714 AD

BritishFebruary 6, 1665110 views


Boudica was a queen of the Celtic Icenic tribe, who led an uprising against Roman invaders

British30302 views

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII of England

British1501102 views

Marie de' Medici

Marie de' Medici was the Queen of France

FrenchApril 26, 1576211 views

Margaret of Valois

Margaret of Valois was the Queen of France during the late 16th century

FrenchMay 14, 1553112 views

Razia Sultana

Razia Sultan was the Sultan of Delhi in India from 1236 to 1240

Indian1205158 views

Joséphine de Beauharnais

Joséphine de Beauharnais is known in history as the first wife of the French emperor Napoleon I

FrenchJune 23, 1763124 views

Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma

Marie Louise was the Duchess of Parma from 1814 until her death

AustrianDecember 12, 1791106 views


Theodora was one of the most influential Byzantine empresses and the wife of Emperor Justinian I

Turkish497166 views