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All about the Spanish YouTube celebrity & social media star, El Rubius (Ruben Gundersen); his age, birthday, net worth, girlfriends, and some fun facts.

BirthdayFebruary 13, 1990
FamousSocial Media Stars, Social Media Sensation, Youtube Celebrity
Known asRuben Doblas Gundersen
Birth PlaceMijas, Spain
Net Worth$4.9 million as of Feb 9,2016
Sun SignAquarius
Born inMijas, Spain
Famous asYouTube Celebrity & Social Media Sensation

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Who is El Rubius?

YouTuber of the Year 2016, Ruben Gundersen, known widely by his pseudonym El Rubius, is the seventh most subscribed to YouTuber, with a mega 22 million subscribers to his channel. His ‘ElRubiusOMG’ channel pertains to gameplays, vlogs, tours, challenges, question-answers and sketch comics. Coupled with his best friend Miguel Angel, thetwo have crossed all borders to garnernot only Spanish viewers but have also grabbed subscribers from all over the world. His channel is the No.1 most subscribed YouTube channel in Spain. Thus, he was crowned the YouTuber of the Year in 2016. He has over 5 billion views for his 669 videos. He is also a sensation on other social accounts, owing to his booming celebrity status on YouTube. On Instagram he has 5 million followers and on Twitter he is breaking all charts with 8 million followers. Well we can’t get enough of this “Net Wiz” who has taken YouTube by storm.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Ruben first met Miguel Angel when he was 16 years old; the two immediately hit it off, with Miguel encouraging him to start his own YouTube channel. The duo had a hilarious timegaming together and decided to share their laughter with the world. His first video was uploaded in 2006 under the banner of his first channel ‘ElRubius.’ However, luck struck him only after he created his second channel ‘ElRubiusOMG’ in 2011, to which he devoted all his time. He uploaded a gameplay video of ‘The Elder ScrollsV: Skyrim’, which gained a lot of popularity;there was no stopping him from there! Beating the popular YouTuber ‘Willyrex’, Ruben crossed 1 million subscribers in 2013. He didn’t limit his originality to his vlogs, but penned them down too. In 2014, he published his first book ’The Troll Book’, Where ‘Rubio’, a fictional character, accompanies the reader through interactive challenges that are spontaneous. In 2014 at the Madrid Book Fair, his book was declared the best seller. Later in 2015, he published his first comic book called ‘ElRubius: Virtual Hero’, which is a superhero book inspired by videogames. He went on to publish the second part of the book titled ‘Virtual hero 2: The Impossible Tower’ in 2016. He also guest starred in Satiago Sengura’s movie ‘Torrente 5.’

What Makes Ruben/ El Rubius So Special

Apart from having excellent comic timing and a great sense of humor, his videos aresimple yet unique. Though he was met with tough competition initially by other gameplay YouTubers, he created a genre that distinguished him from the rest making his content original. Because he is so full of enthusiasm, he has successfully been able to attract a young audience to his channel. He is candid and free, and knows what he is doing. What makes him different from the others is that he has never believed in quantity, rather his focus has been to create videos with high content quality. Today he has overcome all language barriers as he has people all over the globe viewing his videos.

Beyond Fame

Even though he is a gigantic personality and has rightly earned himself so much fame, the world is still oblivious to many aspects of his life. He tends to tone down his personal life, limiting his viewers only to his work related developments. His fans certainly can tell that he loves playing videogames and he loves his cat too. His pet kitty is tinier than other cats and always manages to be around him! Apart from that, he loves the color green, and his favorite dessert is chocolate ice-cream.

Behind the Curtains

He was born in Spain to a Norwegian mother and Spanish father. He has never mentioned about having any siblings. His parents separated when he was a child, and therefore he had to move to Norway. He is currently living in Madrid, Spain, in an apartment of his own. He lives with a catwho is like his family member. He met his best friend Miguel through the internet when he was a teenager, and they have been two peas in a pod ever since. They have taken over the social world with breakthrough ideas. When he was still in school, he used to do plenty of summer jobs which makes him respect all kinds of labor. He can speak Norwegian, Spanish and English. Not much is known about his love life and he doesn’t seem to be touring with any girl, hence he must be single. With his drive and passion he is going to attain much more than what he has set out to achieve!


YouTuber Frank Norton posted a video where El Rubius claimed that his YouTube channel cared less about its supporters and more about money. However, the video was forged and rumors were put to rest when El Rubius took to Twitter to refute being part of any such video.

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El Rubius's FAQ

  • What is El Rubius birthday?

    El Rubius was born at 1990-02-13

  • Where is El Rubius's birth place?

    El Rubius was born in Mijas, Spain

  • What is El Rubius nationalities?

    El Rubius's nationalities is Spanish

  • How tall is El Rubius?

    El Rubius's height is 190

  • What is El Rubius's sun sign?

    El Rubius is Aquarius

  • How famous is El Rubius?

    El Rubius is famouse as YouTube Celebrity & Social Media Sensation

  • What is El Rubius's twitter?

    El Rubius's twitter is https://twitter.com/rubiu5

  • What is El Rubius's youtube?

    El Rubius's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/elrubiusOMG

  • What is El Rubius's instagram?

    El Rubius's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/elrubiuswtf/