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Duhitzmark's Personal Details

Duhitzmark (Mark Christopher Thomas) is an American Instagram star and social media celebrity

BirthdayMarch 29, 2001
FamousMusical.ly Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars, YouNow Stars, Teens and Kids
Nick namesMark Christopher Thomas
SiblingsMullaney Christine Thomas (elder sister)
  • Home schooled
Birth PlaceStewart’s Town, Pennsylvania
Sun SignAries
Born inStewart’s Town, Pennsylvania
Famous asMusical.ly Star

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Duhitzmark's photo

Who is Duhitzmark?

Social media star Mark Christopher Thomas is well-known among his fans as Duhitzmark. He is famous for his Musical.ly videos on the social media. Duhitzmark is also an Instagram, Vine and You Now sensation. He is mostly known for his grind videos, but he also has some original singles too. He released two original videos named “Selfie” and “Mistletoe” in 2016 and these video songs became viral over the internet making him a star on social media. At a tender age of just 14 years he became the most loved searched and followed personality on Music.ly and You Now.

Duhitzmark has uploaded many music videos on Musical.ly in collaboration with other social media stars like Jackson Krecroch, Zach Clayton, Nathan Triska and Loren Gray which were profoundly loved by his fans. He loves to watch You Tube and his favorite You Tuber is Roman Atwood. Duhitzmark clubbed with web celebrities like Bryce Hall and Jacob Sartorius in a famous “sauce challenge”, which was greatly appreciated by his followers. At present this blue eyed rising star is working on two new song projects named “point em out “ and “pretty girls”.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Mark Thomas, popular by his signature name, Duhitzmark, is a teenage sensation and an Instagram star. He joined Twitter on 2012 but posted his first tweet only in February 2015. At present, Duhitzmark has around 230K followers on his Twitter account and he very often posts his latest activities and stuffs. His latest post of the launch of his new song received around 2K Retweets.

His fan following on Instagram has crossed the 1 million mark and on an average, he receives 100K likes on each of his posts. He started making videos on Musical.ly and also posted and published them on his Instagram and You Now accounts in his early teens. These videos became massive hits and gained him a lot of subscribers and fan following.

He has over 865K subscribers on Musical.ly and more than 200K followers on Vine. Duhitzmark’s popularity on Vine grew significantly when he uploaded his videos made with famous internet celebrity and friend, Jacob Sartorius.

He has posted more than 519 music videos on Musical.ly which have won him around 2.1 million fans. Duhitzmark is a regular visitor on Snapchat where he never fails to post his views. He has 325 K subscribers to his You Tube channel and his earlier uploaded You Tube video “selfie” became a rave on the social media and alone received more than 5.4 million views.

He has around 610K fans on Broadcast Live app YouNow. Duhitzmark’s popularity has risen above his fellow competitors like Baby Ariel (Musical.ly star), Hunter Rowland (Livestreaming), Mario Selman (Vine star) and Lauren Orlando (You Tube star). After gaining so much popularity and fan following, he got an opportunity to stage tour his music. So, he immediately collaborated with other web celebrities like Flamingoes, 5 Squad and Loren Gray to perform for the TGA tour and this turned out to be a massive success. He was asked to be a part of the Digi Tour to be held from 1st April to 5th May.

Duhitzmark is also an entrepreneur as he owns an E – Commerce shopping website named markthomas.merchnow.com where he sells his signature outerwear, shirts, posters and accessories and they sell like hot cakes.

Behind The Curtains

Mark Christopher Thomas, popularly known as Duhitzmark, was born on 29th March, 2001 in Stewart’s town, Pennsylvania (USA). He has been very discreet about his parents. He has only shared videos with his elder sister whose name is Mullaney Christine Thomas and she is a singer and Instagram star.

Duhitzmark is at present home schooled because of his busy profession and there is no much information about his schooling. He always wanted to be an author in his younger days. He used to live with his parents on a farm and at present he resides in his birth town. Duhitzmark’s zodiac sign is Aries and his hair is dyed blonde. He loves to play soccer in his leisure time and his two favorite dishes are Alfredo noodles and Ceaser salad. Duhitzmark loves to wear white jeans and his favorite color is blue. Mark Thomas’s favorite animal is turtle.

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Duhitzmark's FAQ

  • What is Duhitzmark birthday?

    Duhitzmark was born at 2001-03-29

  • Where is Duhitzmark's birth place?

    Duhitzmark was born in Stewart’s Town, Pennsylvania

  • What is Duhitzmark nationalities?

    Duhitzmark's nationalities is American

  • What is Duhitzmark nick names?

    Duhitzmark's nickNames is Mark Christopher Thomas

  • Who is Duhitzmark siblings?

    Duhitzmark's siblings is Mullaney Christine Thomas (elder sister)

  • What was Duhitzmark universities?

    Duhitzmark studied at Home schooled

  • How tall is Duhitzmark?

    Duhitzmark's height is 165

  • What is Duhitzmark's sun sign?

    Duhitzmark is Aries

  • How famous is Duhitzmark?

    Duhitzmark is famouse as Musical.ly Star

  • What is Duhitzmark's facebook?

    Duhitzmark's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/Duhitzmark-1655434088006423/

  • What is Duhitzmark's twitter?

    Duhitzmark's twitter is https://twitter.com/duhitzmark/

  • What is Duhitzmark's instagram?

    Duhitzmark's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/duhitzmark/