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Dross Rotzank's Personal Details

Dross Rotzank is a Venezuelan YouTuber, writer, blogger and journalist

BirthdayJuly 16, 1982
FamousBlogger, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
Known asÁngel David Revilla
Birth PlaceCaracas, Venezuela
Net Worth$2 million as of Dec 29,2016
Sun SignCancer
Born inCaracas, Venezuela
Famous asYouTuber, Blogger

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Who is Dross Rotzank?

Dross Rotzank is a Venezuelan YouTuber, writer, blogger and journalist. Though, he is more commonly known to the world for his YouTube channel that he started in 2006, David Revilla basically began his career as a writer and blogger. Apart from being a Hispachan administrator and contributor, he also enjoyed writing game reviews and satirical articles during the early days of his career. His personal blogging site “El Diario de Dross” or “The Diary of Dross” also earned him much acclaim and paved the path for him to explore the career of a professional writer. In 2008, he started uploading videos on his YouTube account. His videos became popular, which encouraged him to start uploading videos on YouTube on a regular basis. Currently, Dross’s videos mostly explore horror topics, mysteries as well as fun facts. He has authored five books till date; while the first two were mostly autobiographies including his own story of how he managed a huge follower base on the web, the later ones were novels that became best sellers and also earned him critical as well as commercial success.

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Ángel David Revilla took the name Dross Rotzank early in his career, when he used to write on video game forums like Meristation and Vandal. However, the name also comes with a history. Revilla wanted to write on the forums with the nickname “Droz” inspired by the then WWF fighter, Warren Droz. On his first forum posts he misspelled “Droz” and wrote “Dross” instead. As these first posts of him were quite successful hence he decided to keep the “misspelled” name and with time became popular by this nickname. His own blog first came online in 1998, but it was only a simple version with irregular posts till 2005, when he decided to modify the blog “El Diario de Dross” with a fanciful design and regular updates.

His YouTube channel, ‘DrossRotzank’, was created on 9 March 2006, right after he started blogging on his own site seriously. However, it had no posts till October 2008 when he decided to post few videos for supporting some of his articles. The first video that he uploaded on his YouTube channel was "Dross juega I Wanna Be The Guy" (Dross plays I Wanna Be The Guy). This video gained quick popularity, which made Dross to take vlogging seriously and he started posting videos regularly. From 2008 to 2013, Dross continued posting regular videos, mostly with his opinion on trending topics. His videos also included horror stories that were such as "Dross cuenta 3 historias de terror" (Dross tells 3 horror stories). In late, 2013, Dross changed the genre of his channel and started focusing on horror topics, disturbing mysteries and facts, Top videos (usually Top 7s), conspiracies, etc..

Fresh videos are uploaded on his channel three times a week and mostly include horror stories and “Top 7” videos which is a special attraction for Sundays. "Dross cuenta 3 historias de terror" is one of the sections from the channel that still continues to exist but videos are now uploaded after longer intervals. Dross also has a secondary channel, ‘Los Vlogs de Dross’, on which he posts videos on various topics. In 2016, his channel, ‘DrossRotzank’, reached the mark of 8 million subscribers, making it the most subscribed horror-genre channel on YouTube. Currently, the channel has over 10 million subscribers. With over 300 million views "Las 7 cosas más asquerosas encontradas en comidas de McDonalds" which shows a countdown of the most repulsive things served mistakenly at McDonald’s, is currently the most viewed video of Dross.

Apart from posting YouTube videos and writing blogs, Dross has also explored his career as a writer with great success. In 2015, he published the book “Luna de Plutón” or “Pluto's Moon”, which became a best seller in Spain and Latin America within few weeks of publication. His second book came out in 2016. The latest book of Dross Rotzank, which is a sequel to his first book, was published in March 2017.

Personal Life

Dross Rotzank was born Ángel David Revilla on 16 July 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela. Nothing much is known about his personal life or family but he has made it quite clear during his interviews that there is a great deal of difference between the person he plays in the vlogs and the real person behind it. He currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Dross Rotzank's FAQ

  • What is Dross Rotzank birthday?

    Dross Rotzank was born at 1982-07-16

  • Where is Dross Rotzank's birth place?

    Dross Rotzank was born in Caracas, Venezuela

  • What is Dross Rotzank nationalities?

    Dross Rotzank's nationalities is Venezuelan

  • How tall is Dross Rotzank?

    Dross Rotzank's height is 173

  • What is Dross Rotzank's sun sign?

    Dross Rotzank is Cancer

  • How famous is Dross Rotzank?

    Dross Rotzank is famouse as YouTuber, Blogger

  • What is Dross Rotzank's facebook?

    Dross Rotzank's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/eldiariodedross/

  • What is Dross Rotzank's twitter?

    Dross Rotzank's twitter is https://twitter.com/hashtag/drossrotzank/

  • What is Dross Rotzank's youtube?

    Dross Rotzank's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/DrossRotzank

  • What is Dross Rotzank's instagram?

    Dross Rotzank's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/drossrotzank/

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