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Curtis Lepore's Personal Details

Curtis Lepore is an American Viner and internet celebrity

BirthdayJune 28, 1983
FamousInternet Celebrity, Social Media Stars, Viners, Teens and Kids
City/StateNew Yorkers
Birth PlaceSmithtown, New York, U.S
Net Worth$5 million
Sun SignCancer
Born inSmithtown, New York, U.S
Famous asViner, Internet Celebrity

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Who is Curtis Lepore?

American internet celebrity Curtis Lepore is a sensation on the video sharing site Vine. He is also into acting and music. Curtis’s talent to pick trending topics and create humorous videos with his take on life events has earned him the popularity that he enjoys now. One can get a sense of the fame that he enjoys on the internet through his fan following. The actor has 9.5 million followers on Vine and has entered the top 10 list of Viners many times. On the photo sharing site, Instagram he has attracted 3.7 million fans and on Twitter he has 750K followers while on YouTube he has 426,873 subscribers. He is a thorough animal lover and that’s the reason his pet dog, Buster Beans finds a place in many of his videos. The actor is a vegan and also a straight edge. Curtis is the owner of several properties and has an estimated wealth of over $4 million. The internet star’s reputation took a beating when he was accused of rape but acquitted later.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Curtis Lepore came into the limelight through his videos that went viral on the video sharing site Vine. In 2016, the Viner was at the seventh spot among the most popular users on Vine and is also known as an actor, musician, and internet celebrity. The viner was one of the first clients of Grape Story, a Vine talent agency. Although Vine does not have traditional advertising, Curtis through his talent became one of the first users to bag an advertisement. Virgin Mobile, Aquafina and Jolly Rancher came forward to sponsor him. The social media personality revealed that he could earn $1,000 for re-Vining someone else’s video and could also make a whopping $8,000 through endorsements in his six-second videos. Curtis also made use of his acting skills by performing in movies such as the comedy film Deported and Airplane Mode in 2016 and is also one of the cast of #Speedball (2017). In the video ‘Me Talking To My Crush’, he featured American comedian and internet personality, Brittany Furlan. From 2009 to 2012 the actor performed for the band GHOSTxSHIP. He left the band in 2012 and got associated with rock band No Zodiac for whom he did guest vocals on a record. He has also collaborated with other stars like Lele Pons, Christian DelGrosso, KingBach, Amanda Cerny, Piques, and Logan Paul to make his innovative videos on Vine.

What Makes Curtis Lepore So Special

Curtis works with various charitable organizations like Stuff-A-Truck that donates toys to underprivileged children. Curtis’ concern for the elderly and animals shows that he cares even about people and animals that are not connected to him.

Beyond Fame

When Curtis was in a relationship with video blogger, Jessi Vazquez, he became part of the first online celebrity couples. Curtis got mired in a controversy when he was accused of rape by his former girlfriend Jessi Vazquez or Jessi Smiles. Jessi claimed that while shooting a Vine video she had a concussion and took help of Curtis to recover. She stated that when she fell asleep Curtis took advantage of her. Curtis denied the charges and was released on a bail of $100,000. Later, Curtis pleaded not guilty to the crime and pleading guilty to only felony assault and the rape charges were dropped. Mail Online reported that Jessi received a death threat and angry posts on Twitter from fans of her former boyfriend Curtis.

Behind The Curtains

Curtis was born in 1983 in Smithtown, New York and has an Italian background. He went to the State University of New York In Oswego for his education before moving to Los Angeles. The Viner has a pet dog named Buster Beans who belongs to the Boston Terrier breed. He adopted Buster Beans in 2010 from an elderly couple because they were unable to take care of the pet. Buster became a part of Curtis’s videos and also became a hit on Vine with over a million followers. The handsome hunk is now dating Claire Felske.

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Curtis Lepore's FAQ

  • What is Curtis Lepore birthday?

    Curtis Lepore was born at 1983-06-28

  • Where is Curtis Lepore's birth place?

    Curtis Lepore was born in Smithtown, New York, U.S

  • What is Curtis Lepore nationalities?

    Curtis Lepore's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Curtis Lepore?

    Curtis Lepore's height is 180

  • What is Curtis Lepore's sun sign?

    Curtis Lepore is Cancer

  • How famous is Curtis Lepore?

    Curtis Lepore is famouse as Viner, Internet Celebrity

  • What is Curtis Lepore's facebook?

    Curtis Lepore's facebook is

  • What is Curtis Lepore's twitter?

    Curtis Lepore's twitter is

  • What is Curtis Lepore's instagram?

    Curtis Lepore's instagram is