A child rights activist may refer to any kind of activist who is actively involved in the protection and nurturing of the rights of children and minors who may be subjected various kinds of human right abuses. A child right activist may either work with an organization, a group or as an individual and is completely committed to cause of children’s rights. They provide children with the various basic needs like food, education, shelter and also play a crucial role in shaping the psychological and emotional health of the child. A child rights activist may deal with abandoned babies, street children, poor and neglected children, orphans, children of drug addicts or alcohol addicts, children of criminals, children of war victims, children abandoned and affected due to war and many other affected children. A child rights activist may also work with sexually abused children, children of sex workers of AIDS patients. A child’s right activist may work for several campaigns that are related to the welfare of children and the protection of their rights in the society. To get acquainted with some of the world’s most prominent and famous anti-corruption activists, continue to read their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.