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Cash Nasty's Personal Details

All about American YouTuber and Vlogger Cash Nasty including his age, birthday, net worth, girlfriends, and some fun facts.

BirthdayDecember 4, 1990
FamousYoutube Personality, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
City/StateCalifornia, Los Angeles
Birth PlaceVidalia, Los Angeles
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inVidalia, Los Angeles
Famous asYouTube Personality

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Who is Cash Nasty?

While the popular social media channels are full of young artists in the fields of singing and dancing, people with talent in other areas too make their careers by creating an image on these sites. One such artist who has successfully built a niche for himself with sheer hard work and determination is Cash Nasty. He used to work as an assistant manager at Wal-Mart. He started his career at a young age immediately after completing his schooling. However, Cash Nasty wanted to have a career in acting and media. He always wanted to make a career making other people laugh and celebrate. Hence he decided to initiate his presence on social media sites for the purpose of achieving his objectives. Thus he opened his profile pages both on YouTube and Twitch.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

His called his YouTube channel ‘WhatChaMaCalling’ and the Twitch channel, ‘CashNastyGaming.’ Both the channels mostly hosted the same content. However, they had some small differences depending upon the audience they are targeting. The channels featured extreme comedy and raging. Cash Nasty and his followers are featured in most of the videos. They congregate at a place and perform comical activities to make the viewers laugh. Some of the shows are also webcast live to the viewers. These live webcasts made the two channels very popular among the young target audience. Very soon, his YouTube channel ‘WhatChaMaCalling’ got a total of 750K subscribers—now it’s over 1.3 million! This made him an instant star in American social media. His popularity on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter too started to increase rapidly. By the beginning of the year 2017, Cash Nasty had a total of 300K followers on Twitter. In view of his rising popularity, he also started looking for opportunities in TV or Cinema. However, no such opportunities have come to him as yet.

What Makes Cash Nasty So Special

What makes Cash Nasty special is the way he engages with his audiences. He actively responds to the wishes of his fans and makes appropriate changes to his videos. He has all the requisite characteristics of a successful vlogger. He also regularly keeps in touch with his fans to keep them engaged. He and his partner regularly play video games (Play Station 2 game ‘NBA 2K’) with their fans to constantly connect with them. Cash Nasty also shows a lot of interest in helping people who need help.

Beyond Fame

Cash Nasty maintains good relationships with his fans and other artists. Cash Nasty started a joint YouTube Channel with his girlfriend Ash called ‘CashNAshVlogs’. There are no controversies recorded in media regarding his love affairs. He actively participates in a number of charitable activities. Many of the videos posted on his YouTube and Twitch channels have appeals to help homeless children. In one of the videos that were posted on his YouTube Channel, he shaved his head while appealing for help for homeless children. The video went viral and boosted the image of Cash Nasty as a caring artist.

Behind The Curtains

The details of Cash Nasty’s early life are not known much. But basing on the support he got during his early days for his education, it is clear that he was born into a good family. In some of his personal interviews given to the media, he said that he was born into a caring family.


Cash Nasty won a State Art Competition in the days when he was enrolled in an elementary school.

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Cash Nasty's FAQ

  • What is Cash Nasty birthday?

    Cash Nasty was born at 1990-12-04

  • Where is Cash Nasty's birth place?

    Cash Nasty was born in Vidalia, Los Angeles

  • What is Cash Nasty nationalities?

    Cash Nasty's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Cash Nasty?

    Cash Nasty's height is 178

  • What is Cash Nasty's sun sign?

    Cash Nasty is Sagittarius

  • How famous is Cash Nasty?

    Cash Nasty is famouse as YouTube Personality

  • What is Cash Nasty's twitter?

    Cash Nasty's twitter is

  • What is Cash Nasty's instagram?

    Cash Nasty's instagram is