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BryanStars's Personal Details

All about American-Japanese YouTuber, musician and interviewer BryanStars; his age, birthday, net worth, girlfriends, and some fun facts.

BirthdayMay 22, 1990
FamousMusic Interviewer, Musicians, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
Nick namesBryan Odell
Birth PlaceSendai, Japan
Sun SignGemini
Born inSendai, Japan
Famous asYouTuber, musician, music interviewer

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Who is BryanStars?

Bryan Odell or commonly known as BryanStars is a well known musician and music interviewer. Along with this, he is also popular for his YouTube videos in the YouTuber community. Odell’s YouTube channel has more than 700Ksubscribers and over 140 million video views. He has interviewed acts such as Asking Alexandria, Tonight Alive, Black Veil Brides and many others. He launched an album called ‘Follow Your Dreams.’ After getting huge success on YouTube with his channel BryanStars, he opened another one named BryanStars 2 for all his Music Video Publications. Later he opened a third channel, naming it BryanStarsSings, were he uploads his own cover song videos.Bryan is considered to be amongst the topmost personalities on YouTube from the Music Industry.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Bryan dropped out of the University of Nebraska at the age of 20 to focus on his YouTube channel ‘BryanStars.’ He had to create a channel for himself because the music industry did not look into the rock and metal scene that he created. He had a hard time being accepted in the industry. Bryan earned just $50 per day at the beginning of his channel when he didn’t have many subscriptions. However, he started getting famous after a period of time when he started interviewing popular music bands like Slipknot and Korn. He won $35000 in 2011 at the YouTube Next Up! contest in New York City. He now earns thousands of dollars for every person that subscribes to his channel. His popular music interviews include Mitchel Musso, winners of American Idol, Keri Hilson, Of Mice & Men, Rob Zombie, Cody Simpson and others. One of his most popular songs is‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’, a single from his recent album ‘Follow Your Dreams.’

What Makes Bryan So Special

Bryan considers music to be his passion and that does not only mean that he just likes music but also likes everything associated with it. He respects his profession and music along with the interviewees. He had been a part of the Never Shout Never incident where Christofer Drew Ingle, the lead guitarist of the band had called Bryan’s show a joke and had disrespected Bryan’s questions. Bryan became so upset that he cried and the interview was called off. Hethen apologized to the public on camera for his actions even though what had happened was not his fault. Christofer was later arrested for the possession of marijuana and stated that he was on acid during the interview. Following the incident, Bryan received wide support from several musicians including Kellin Quinn and Andy Biersack.

Beyond Fame

Bryan Odell had arranges Music Tours where famous bands like Catching your Clouds, Her Bright Skies, Snow White’s Poison Bite, Late Nite Reading, Rocky loves Emily and others play. Hewas a part of the contest put together by Pinyata where YouTubers were challenged to generate followers and raise awareness about current issues. He wanted to win the contest so that he could donate $5000 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Behind The Curtains

Bryan was born in Sendai, Japan. After spending eight years of his childhood in Japan he shifted to the United States of America. He attended Lincoln East High school from where he graduated in 2008. He then went to the University of Nebraska. He is often associated with fellow YouTuber Johnnie Guilbert. He is believed to be close with Jordan Sweeto. His career as a YouTube vlogger has been written about in famous newspapers like ‘New York Times’, ‘Artisan News’ and ‘USA Today.’ He also considers himself as a YouTube actor because he uploads fun videos with Johnnie Guilbert. His fellow YouTubers describe him as funny, loving, emotional and quirky. Currently, he lives in Michigan, US. He likes his tattoos and also likes body piercing.

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BryanStars's FAQ

  • What is BryanStars birthday?

    BryanStars was born at 1990-05-22

  • Where is BryanStars's birth place?

    BryanStars was born in Sendai, Japan

  • What is BryanStars nationalities?

    BryanStars's nationalities is American

  • What is BryanStars nick names?

    BryanStars's nickNames is Bryan Odell

  • How tall is BryanStars?

    BryanStars's height is 188

  • What is BryanStars's sun sign?

    BryanStars is Gemini

  • How famous is BryanStars?

    BryanStars is famouse as YouTuber, musician, music interviewer

  • What is BryanStars's facebook?

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  • What is BryanStars's twitter?

    BryanStars's twitter is

  • What is BryanStars's youtube?

    BryanStars's youtube is

  • What is BryanStars's instagram?

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