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Brittney Smith - Roman Atwood's Girlfriend, Timeline and Childhood

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All about American social media star Brittney Danelle Smith; her age, birthday, boyfriends, net worth, and some fun facts.

BirthdayFebruary 16, 1991
FamousMiscellaneous, Roman Atwood's Girlfriend
Boy FriendsRoman Atwood
SiblingsVeronica Smith
Known asBrittney Danelle Smith
Birth PlaceOhio
Sun SignAquarius
Born inOhio
Famous asRoman Atwood's Girlfriend

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Who is Brittney Smith?

The sexy Brittney Smith is a YouTuber and features mostly in her boyfriend’s vlogs. She is dating Roman Atwood, who is a YouTube sensation with millions of subscribers to his channel. He regularly films vlogs along with his girlfriend Brittney, who lives with him. She has a son from him named Kane Alexander Atwood, and is currently pregnant with Roman’s child again. She has a channel of her own that goes by her name where she vlogs personally. However, she is more popularly known for her boyfriend’s vlogs. She is a mega sensation on Instagram with over 2.4 million followers, and has over 910K fans on Twitter as well. The couple became a huge sensation with their ‘prank videos.’Though the duo has been dating for a long time, they aren’t married but they are head over heels in love with each other.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Brittney was just a regular girl when she met her Roman in 2008 and began dating him. After she completed her high school, she began working as an assistant for a dentist. During the same time, she got pregnant with her first child. In order to look after her son, she left her job to raise him and moved in with Roman. Around that time, her boyfriend got lucky and became a huge star on YouTube. Then she also started appearing in Roman’s vlogs. Roman’s video ‘Anniversary Prank Backfires’, made Brittney super famous. In the videoRoman plays a prank on her by telling her that he cheated on her, oblivious to the fact that she had seen him set up the camera. In return, Brittney pranks him by pretending she was hurt and then tells him that she had cheated on him, which he believes. The video ends with her revealing that she knew he was up to something and prankedhim in return. The video had more than 85 million views by January 2017. Today, she helps her boyfriend shoot vlogs when he isn’t around. Brittney is also busy with her boyfriend’s merchandise management.

What Makes Brittney Smith So Special

It is but obvious that she is envied because she is dating one of YouTube’s biggest stars. Yet she is so pretty and hot that at the same time that she has millions of viewers complimenting her for her beauty. Brittney has been shown a lot of hate from many of Roman’s female fans who have even gone to the extent of calling her a “gold digger.” But what people don’t know is that Brittney has been in love with Romansince the time he wasn’t even on YouTube. She has never replied to such hate comments, and prefers to ignore them. Since she has been with her boyfriend through thick and thin, she doesn’t feel the need to justify such negative remarks. This is what makes her special, as she is very loving and humble. She has dedicated her life to her children and family. More importantly, she has been a very supportive and a loving mother to her step-son Noah, who is from Roman’s first marriage.

Beyond Fame

She is a fabulous mother and a doting partner; she has stood by her boyfriend and has seen him rise to stardom. She loves cars and her dream car is a Mercedes G Wagon. However she often gets car-sick and therefore prefers to drive. She maintains a very healthy diet and eats healthy food; she also takes care of the diet of her children and her boyfriend. But at the same time she has a big weakness for Pizza! She loves watching movies and her favorite actor is Adam Sadler. She has two tattoos on her fingers, one a heart and the other the alphabet ‘R’ which is the initial of her boyfriend. She is currently pregnant with her second child and hopes it is a girl.

Behind The Curtains

Brittney was born in Ohio in 1991. Her parents split upwhen she was young and her father got remarried. She shares a beautiful relationship with her parents; she loves her father especially and recalls the best time of her life as fishing with him. She also shares a good rapport with her step mother. Brittney had a rough time during high school, and maintained a gothic style. After high school, everything fell into place when she got a job and met Roman. The two met at the hospital, when her sister Veronica was giving birth to the first child of Chase Gilroy, who is Roman’s best friend. The two fell in love and have been dating ever since November 2008. Her main goal is to make people happy and love their life, and she is certainly setting a wonderful example of it!

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Brittney Smith's FAQ

  • What is Brittney Smith birthday?

    Brittney Smith was born at 1991-02-16

  • Where is Brittney Smith's birth place?

    Brittney Smith was born in Ohio

  • What is Brittney Smith nationalities?

    Brittney Smith's nationalities is American

  • Who is Brittney Smith boy friends?

    Brittney Smith's boy friends is Roman Atwood

  • Who is Brittney Smith siblings?

    Brittney Smith's siblings is Veronica Smith

  • How tall is Brittney Smith?

    Brittney Smith's height is 160

  • What is Brittney Smith's sun sign?

    Brittney Smith is Aquarius

  • How famous is Brittney Smith?

    Brittney Smith is famouse as Roman Atwood's Girlfriend

  • What is Brittney Smith's facebook?

    Brittney Smith's facebook is

  • What is Brittney Smith's twitter?

    Brittney Smith's twitter is

  • What is Brittney Smith's youtube?

    Brittney Smith's youtube is

  • What is Brittney Smith's instagram?

    Brittney Smith's instagram is