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Amy Ordman's Personal Details

Amy Ordman is an Australian YouTuber notable for posting a variety of vlogs

BirthdayNovember 14, 1993
FamousYoutubers, YouTubers, Vloggers
Boy FriendsMiles McKenna
Birth PlaceSydney
Sun SignScorpio
Born inSydney
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Amy Ordman?

Amy Ordman is an Australian YouTuber notable for the variety of vlogs that she publishes on her self-titled channel. Many of her videos revolve around the themes of sexuality and relationships. She often posts videos on veganism as well. She has collaborated with numerous notable YouTubers including Alexis G Zall, Jack Dodge and Tyde Levi to create interesting and informative vlogs for her audience. She is extremely talented at vlogging and creating unique and enjoyable content. She is good at telling stories as well. Ordman is frank and straightforward. According to a few sources, she is a lesbian. A firm believer in true love, the Australian beauty is incredibly romantic. She believes in maintaining a positive outlook in life and encourages her viewers to be optimistic and hopeful even in difficult situations.

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Rise to Stardom

Amy Ordman started her channel on June 25, 2013. Her first video was ‘Mimi Elashiry’, a music video. This was followed by a fun vlog titled ‘Ellen’s Guest DJ'. On June 6, 2015, Ordman posted the vlog ‘Cutting My Hair On Camera,’ after which her channel started gaining more subscribers. Her channel gained further momentum after the video ‘Driving Thru Starbucks In A Toy Car w Andrew Lowe’ was posted. This vlog became highly popular and went on to become the most popular vlog on Ordman’s channel. Currently having over 2.5 million followers (as of November 2018), the vlog is a must watch! Over the years, she has posted a variety of videos, including tags, story-times, personal advice, etc. Ordman also collaborates with many other fellow YouTube personalities for her vlogs.

Today, Amy Ordman’s self-titled is doing pretty well on YouTube. This vlog channel has managed to earn more than 400k subscribers till date. Talking about her funniest vlogs, the ones titled 'THROUPLE Plays Fear Pong’ and 'The Roast Of Amy Ordman' are truly incredible! Her recent vlog ‘Taking A Toy Car to The DMV’ is also amusing to watch.

Personal Life

Amy Ordman was born on November 14, 1993, in Sydney, Australia. She later relocated to Los Angeles. Information regarding her parents and other family members is not available.

Coming to her love life, some sources suggest that she might be bisexual or lesbian. It is rumored that she has dated a few girls. She was once in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Miles McKenna, who posts comedic videos and vlogs on his channel ‘MilesChronicles.’ Amy Ordman is good friends with several YouTube personalities with whom she often collaborates.

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Amy Ordman biography timelines

  • // 14th Nov 1993
    Amy Ordman was born on November 14, 1993, in Sydney, Australia. She later relocated to Los Angeles. Information regarding her parents and other family members is not available.

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Amy Ordman's FAQ

  • What is Amy Ordman birthday?

    Amy Ordman was born at 1993-11-14

  • Where is Amy Ordman's birth place?

    Amy Ordman was born in Sydney

  • What is Amy Ordman nationalities?

    Amy Ordman's nationalities is Australian

  • Who is Amy Ordman boy friends?

    Amy Ordman's boyFriends is Miles McKenna

  • What is Amy Ordman's sun sign?

    Amy Ordman is Scorpio

  • How famous is Amy Ordman?

    Amy Ordman is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Amy Ordman's twitter?

    Amy Ordman's twitter is

  • What is Amy Ordman's youtube?

    Amy Ordman's youtube is

  • What is Amy Ordman's instagram?

    Amy Ordman's instagram is