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Christopher (older brother)Colleen and Rachel (younger sisters)
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Tim Ballinger
Gwen Ballinger
Santa Barbara, California, USA
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Who is Trent Ballinger?

undefined - Trent BallingerTrent Ballinger

Trent Ballinger is an American professional gamer known for working out different techniques of reaching the ultimate goal in video games. He is popular on social media as Implanted gamer because of the fact that he wears hearing aids. Ballinger, who is the second oldest sibling of the famous Ballinger family, has two younger sisters, Colleen and Rachel, as well as an older brother, Christopher. His sister Colleen is known to the public for her stupendous portrayal of the fictional character Miranda Sings. Coming to the American gamerโ€™s popularity; he is extremely adored by people. His family and friends love him not just because he is cute, but also due to his brilliant gaming skills. Ballinger is equally loved by the general public. This is the reason he is followed by hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter. Talking about the gamerโ€™s love life, he is supposedly single as of now. Ballinger likes to spend time with his family and friends. People like him inspire us that despite hardships and physical or mental disabilities, one can still dream high and enjoy every moment of their life.

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Trent Ballinger Social Media Popularity & Gaming Skills

Trent Ballinger, who got his cochlear implant in 2014, is moderately popular on social media, especially YouTube. His sister Colleen has her own channel โ€˜PsychoSopranoโ€™ on which she uploads videos featuring her life stories and Ballingerโ€™s as well. One such video of hers, titled โ€˜MY BROTHER GOT A COCHLEAR IMPLANTโ€™ was posted a few years back.

The video featured Ballingerโ€™s story of getting a cochlear implant and his experience regarding the same. Today this video has 1 million views, over 34k likes, and 2600 comments (as of January 2018). Ballinger, who has a handle on Twitter, has about 15.7k followers on it. Apart from his social media popularity, he is a professional gamer known for his unique techniques of quest solving. Ballinger is a master-mind and extremely creative when it comes to gaming.

Trent Ballinger Personal Life

Trent Ballinger was born on 14th February 1985 in Santa Barbara, California, USA, to Gwen and Tim Ballinger. He has two younger sisters, Colleen and Rachel, and an older brother, Christopher. Coming to the Ballingerโ€™s love life, he is said to be single as of now. It seems as if he is not interested in getting romantically linked with any woman or maybe he is secretly dating someone.

Trent Ballinger, who is also known as Implantedgamer, is very fond of cats and is often seen posting things related to them on his Twitter handle. He is also quite humorous and keeps sharing funny stuff on his profile from time to time. Ballinger is totally a family-guy and loves spending his leisure time with his family members.

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Frequently asked questions about Trent Ballinger

  • What is Trent Ballinger birthday?

    Trent Ballinger was born at February 14, 1985

  • Where is Trent Ballinger's birth place?

    Trent Ballinger was born in Santa Barbara, California, USA

  • What is Trent Ballinger nationalities?

    Trent Ballinger's nationalities is American

  • Who is Trent Ballinger siblings?

    Trent Ballinger's siblings is Christopher (older brother), Colleen and Rachel (younger sisters)

  • Who is Trent Ballinger's father?

    Trent Ballinger's father is Tim Ballinger

  • Who is Trent Ballinger's mother?

    Trent Ballinger's mother is Gwen Ballinger

  • What is Trent Ballinger's sun sign?

    Trent Ballinger is Aquarius

  • What is Trent Ballinger's twitter?

    Trent Ballinger's twitter is