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Sarai Jones's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Sarai Jones, the famous YouTube Personality; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriend, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayDecember 9, 1997
FamousYoutube, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
Nick namesKrazyrayray
SiblingsNeiko Jones (Brother)
Birth PlaceWashington, USA
FatherPaul Jones
Net Worth$0.25 million as of Jul 6,2016
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inWashington, USA
Famous asYouTube

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Who is Sarai Jones?

Sarai Jones is one of the popular YouTubers and vloggers and her channel has been the go-to for inspiration pertaining to life and lifestyle. Sarai’s fans have literally seen her grow up in front of their screens, since she was in her preteens. Starting off with no agenda in mind, to now making great waves as a fashion guru, this ‘YouTube’ prodigy is slowly taking over the social media space, one step at a time. Her channel Krazyrayray has abundance of tutorials and DIYs, and even challenges and dares that can keep you hooked for hours straight. Sarai has gone out to prove just how far her fame can go, by gaining over a million followers on ‘Instagram’.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Sarai was just like any other teenager before getting introduced to one of the greatest social media game-changers, ‘YouTube’. But little did Sarai know how her life is going to take the most incredible drift to stardom; with the help of her relative, Josette, she created her first ‘YouTube’ channel called ‘Krazyrayray’. Even though the then 12-year-old was absolutely clueless about the kind of content she wanted to share with her audience, she was certain that in ‘YouTube’ was where her calling lied. One of Sarai’s earliest videos called ‘Pizza Ranch and Cherry Coke’ was the result of an idea that popped in an instant during the clueless phase. But soon enough, Sarai started browsing through different channels that offered a variation of content like lifestyle, beauty, and fashion, which later placed the stepping stones into her channel’s content creation. Discovering YouTubers like Michele Phan, who is now her biggest idol, Sarai was over the moon to finally zero-in on the kind of content her channel will offer. This beauty queen blessed with natural cascade of curls, was soon seen uploading her insights on hairstyle, and makeup tutorials. Like that wasn’t just impressive enough, Krazyrayray was also able to grab her audience’s attention with videos like ‘How to make your own lip balm’, which received over a million views! Loving her new found passion and being adored by her fans for her incredible talents, Krazyrayray soon found the golden ticket to fame. And her all-time biggest video called ‘Straight hair with no heat’ that gained a whopping 9 million views, is what skyrocketed her to all fame. Now with over 2 million subscribers, and 213 million views, Krazyrayray sure has come a long way! The now 19-year-old is no amateur when it comes to creating some top-notch video content, and her vlogs are way above impressive. Her videos are now watched by over 2 million viewers and her channel now caters to trending challenges and jaw-dropping tutorials about all-things-glam. Sarai has even created a secondary channel called ‘HeyItsSarai’ where she uploads exclusively vlog-related videos, which also contains behind the scenes from her popular videos.

Keeping her obvious ‘YouTube’ fame aside, Miss Jones is also a famous figure on other portals like ‘Instagram’, and ‘Vine’. With over a million followers, and over 1600 posts about everything from random to glamor, Sarai Jones has now stepped into immortal fame and there is no turning back!

What Makes Sarai Jones So Special

Though Sarai has world going gaga over her fabulous channel, her journey into fame wasn’t a smooth one. From being called out names for her ‘YouTube’ videos, Sarai’s initial days were full of discouragement from her school mates and acquaintances. But this brave teen goes on to share that she never let their words crush her spirits and would always go back and upload another video, proving to the haters that she won’t quit.

Beyond Fame

Sarai’s incredible fame story not only had the social media falling head over heels, she even had ‘Wall Street Journal’ going crazy over her channel! They soon released a column featuring Krazyrayray and all the enviable amazing things that she has achieved since the age of 12. Not just that, she even had news channels and talk shows asking if she could feature for them, which shot her to even greater fame!

Behind The Curtains

Sarai Jones was born on December 9, 1997, in Seattle, Washington USA, to Paul Jones and Nicole Jones. Her mother has also featured in some of her videos. Sarai has a younger brother named Neiko Jones. Sarai Jones is all about inspiration and her motivating success story is all you need to feel assured that good things do happen!

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Sarai Jones's FAQ

  • What is Sarai Jones birthday?

    Sarai Jones was born at 1997-12-09

  • Where is Sarai Jones's birth place?

    Sarai Jones was born in Washington, USA

  • What is Sarai Jones nationalities?

    Sarai Jones's nationalities is American

  • What is Sarai Jones nick names?

    Sarai Jones's nickNames is Krazyrayray

  • Who is Sarai Jones siblings?

    Sarai Jones's siblings is Neiko Jones (Brother)

  • How tall is Sarai Jones?

    Sarai Jones's height is 163

  • Who is Sarai Jones's father?

    Sarai Jones's father is Paul Jones

  • Who is Sarai Jones's mother?

    Sarai Jones's mother is Nicole

  • What is Sarai Jones's sun sign?

    Sarai Jones is Sagittarius

  • How famous is Sarai Jones?

    Sarai Jones is famouse as YouTube

  • What is Sarai Jones's twitter?

    Sarai Jones's twitter is

  • What is Sarai Jones's youtube?

    Sarai Jones's youtube is

  • What is Sarai Jones's instagram?

    Sarai Jones's instagram is