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Paul Zimmer's Personal Details

All about the American sensation& internet personality, Paul Zimmer; his age, birthday, girlfriends, net worth, family life and some fun facts.

BirthdayJuly 13, 1995
NationalityAmerican Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars, YouTubers
Birth PlaceMaryland
Sun SignCancer
Born inMaryland
Famous Star

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Who is Paul Zimmer?

We all have been following Paul Zimmer since he first took to social media in 2015!Breaking all records on the famous ‘’ app, he has gained over 3.7 million fans for his effortless entertainment. This melodious singer and his childhood friend Danny Edge initially formed the channel ‘ExclamationPointYT’ which earned them popularity on YouTube as well. They uploaded videos which had songs, funny moments and challenges. After gaining stardom from this collaborative channel, Paul created his own channel where he posts a fresh video every week. His channel is titled ‘Paul Zimmer.’ He has around 248K followers on his channel and more than 800K followers on his collaborative channel. But his fame doesn’t stop there; he is also a craze on Instagram where he has a handsome 804K followers and 300K followers on Twitter. With his excellent tenor vocals, he has the potential to be one of the best in the music industry. Considering that it has only been a couple of years since he introduced himself to the social world, he has managed to win umpteen hearts in a short while.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Growing up in a family of seven children has always been exciting for Paul. At a young age he had an audience that admired him. At the age of twelve, Paul had deciphered his career and he knew he was going to make it big through the art of music. As he grew older, his voice matured and when he took to social media to display his talent, he received great feedback. Along with his best friend, Danny, he posted videos of his songs along with other hilarious videos. He steadily gained subscribers and was able to gain a multitude of followers across all social platforms. He became one of the top Musers on the app and is presently working on his YouTube channel diligently, as both have been incredible mediums for him to put up seasoned performances.

What Makes Paul Zimmer So Special

With his luscious and thick locks caressing his forehead, Paul has stolen hearts. He has women all over the world, especially America, hoping that he lays his eyes on them. Teenage girls and boys are mesmerized with his charm and adore his good looks. He has a casual dressing sense, and fashion comes naturally to him. It isn’t only his attractive features that have gained him recognition; it’s actually his soulful voice. He has the perfect blend of both looks and talent. He is hardworking and has given it his all to be where he is today, and promises to continue to work hard. His motto is “If you never give up, you can never fail.” He hopes to inspire youngsters to live their dreams, just as he is doing.

Beyond Fame

Just like his online personality, Paul Zimmer loves living a life which includes his family and friends. He has always loved performing for people and would choose that above everything. He loves eating chips and Pizzas while watching television. He also loves playing videos games with his siblings and friends; his favorite games are ‘Call of Duty’, ‘FIFA’ and ‘Sims.’ He can spend hours watching movies, and dislikes being distracted when watching them. When he was younger, he used to record songs on his tape recorder and listen to them later. He likes hanging out with his brothers and his friends and is always stirring up new ideas for his videos.

Behind the Curtains

Paul Zimmer was born to American parents in Maryland, Annapolis. He has six siblings. He chooses to keep his personal life away from the camera. However, he has always received support from his family, who he claims arehis first mentors and fans. Paul had been a bright student all along his student years, but he always paid more attention to music when growing up. With time he has simply bettered his music skills and believes there is no margin to improvement and learning, and is dedicated toward his goal. He isn’t dating anyone, though some of his fans speculate that he is in love with the gorgeous Jamie Rose. He hasn’t confirmed these rumors and has tagged her only as a “best friend” in his videos. Thus, he is single and probably waiting for the right girl to come along.

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Paul Zimmer's FAQ

  • What is Paul Zimmer birthday?

    Paul Zimmer was born at 1995-07-13

  • Where is Paul Zimmer's birth place?

    Paul Zimmer was born in Maryland

  • What is Paul Zimmer nationalities?

    Paul Zimmer's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Paul Zimmer?

    Paul Zimmer's height is 170

  • What is Paul Zimmer's sun sign?

    Paul Zimmer is Cancer

  • How famous is Paul Zimmer?

    Paul Zimmer is famouse as Star

  • What is Paul Zimmer's twitter?

    Paul Zimmer's twitter is

  • What is Paul Zimmer's youtube?

    Paul Zimmer's youtube is

  • What is Paul Zimmer's instagram?

    Paul Zimmer's instagram is