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Ohmwrecker's Personal Details

Ohmwrecker is a gaming YouTuber best known for his Let’s Play videos

BirthdayJune 28, 1983
FamousGamer, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Gamers
City/StateChicago, Illinois
Nick namesMaskedGamer
Known asRyan
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois
Sun SignCancer
Born inChicago, Illinois
Famous asGamer, YouTuber

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Who is Ohmwrecker?

Ohmwrecker, also known as the MaskedGamer, is a gaming YouTuber best known for his Let’s Play videos and multiplayer gaming videos which he makes in collaboration with other gaming YouTubers. A highly popular online entity in the world of virtual gamers, he has somehow managed to keep his real identity a well-guarded secret. With over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, 353k followers on Twitter, and over 23k followers on Facebook, this guy is sure stirring up a storm on social media! He is one of the earliest gamers to have made their channels on YouTube. The early bird created his ‘OHMWRECKER’ channel way back in 2006 when few people were even aware of the video sharing site. Having uploaded his first gaming video in August 2006, he has covered one hell of an online journey over the past decade. With his skilfully made videos and interesting gameplays, it did not take him long to attract a huge loyal fan following. By 2012, he had become so popular that he decided to make a full-fledged career out of gaming and became a Verified Partner of YouTube.

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While there are many whose favourite hobby is to play video games, becoming a professional gamer is something almost unheard of in the “normal” world. However, that’s exactly what Ohmwrecker has done. He is one of those very few people who are able to make a well-paying and stable career out of their passion. He fell in love with video games as a young boy. As someone who grew up in a troubled household, he sought solace in video games and soon became quite adept at playing a range of games.

He first ventured into social media as a teenager and created a gaming channel on YouTube 2006. He started posting Let’s Play videos of various games like Battlefield, Command and Conquer, and Bioshock. Within a few months he gained popularity and soon he realized that he had accumulated a substantial number of followers. Eventually he expanded his repertoire of games and began covering a wider range of games, adding Dead by Daylight, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Garry's Mod to his cache.

As a famous YouTuber, he often collaborates with other YouTube gamers to make videos. Some of his frequent collaborators are VanossGaming, H2O Delirious, MiniLadd, I AM WILDCAT, Daithi De Nogla, CaRt0oNz, and Bryce McQuaid. With his increasing fame as an online gamer, Ohmwrecker also started getting other commercial opportunities. Today, he sells merchandise like hoodies, caps, and t-shirts which have become a fashion statement among his fans. Additionally, he is a Twitch TV partner with more than 190k followers on the network.

Personal Life

Ohmwrecker was born on June 28, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois. One thing that makes him very fascinating and enigmatic is his anonymity. While he has openly revealed his date of birth and some details about his early life, he is very guarded about maintaining his anonymity. We know only a few details about him. He had a troubled early life as his parents separated when he was quite young. Due to his distressing family life, he moved out of home as a teenager and also dropped out of school. However, he eventually resumed his education and graduated in 2013. By this time he was already an accomplished YouTuber, making lots of money from his gaming videos. He loves dogs and has a pet named Buddy. He once revealed that his real first name is “Ryan,” but did not offer his fans any other piece of information about himself. People also want to know if he is romantically involved with anyone, but again, he keeps his personal life a closely guarded secret.

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Ohmwrecker's FAQ

  • What is Ohmwrecker birthday?

    Ohmwrecker was born at 1983-06-28

  • Where is Ohmwrecker's birth place?

    Ohmwrecker was born in Chicago, Illinois

  • What is Ohmwrecker nationalities?

    Ohmwrecker's nationalities is American

  • What is Ohmwrecker nick names?

    Ohmwrecker's nickNames is MaskedGamer

  • What is Ohmwrecker's sun sign?

    Ohmwrecker is Cancer

  • How famous is Ohmwrecker?

    Ohmwrecker is famouse as Gamer, YouTuber

  • What is Ohmwrecker's facebook?

    Ohmwrecker's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/officialohmwrecker/

  • What is Ohmwrecker's twitter?

    Ohmwrecker's twitter is https://twitter.com/ohmwrecker

  • What is Ohmwrecker's youtube?

    Ohmwrecker's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/MaskedGamer

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