Famous Neuropathologists - List of Famous Neuropathologists

Neuropathologists are the physicians who specialize in the study and diagnosis of diseases related to the brain, nerves, and spine. Neuropathology is a highly specialized field of medical science and modern neuropathologists are required to possess a medical doctorate as well specialty in the specific field. There are many neuropathologists around the world who have made important contributions to this field. Spanish pathologist Santiago Ramón y Cajal is regarded as a pioneer of modern neuroscience. He specialized in neuroanatomy, particularly the histology of the central nervous system. He was honoured with the Nobel Prize in 1906. Another early contributor to this field was German psychiatrist Aloysius Alzheimer, who is credited with identifying the first published case of "presenile dementia" or “Alzheimer's disease” as it is known today. Pioneering African-American physician and psychiatrist Solomon Carter Fuller also made valuable contributions to the study of diseases related to the brain and nervous system. Another eminent medical professional who is considered a pioneer in the field of neuropathology is German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin who is hailed as the founder of modern scientific psychiatry, psychopharmacology and psychiatric genetics. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous neuropathologists from all over the world.

The Most Famous Neuropathologists

Bennet OmaluJanuary 1, 1968AmericanBennet Omalu, is a Nigerian American physician, neuropathologist, and forensic pathologist
Bennet Omalu

Bennet Omalu

Bennet Omalu, is a Nigerian American physician, neuropathologist, and forensic pathologist

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